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Hello everyone ! Its me toocoldnow ! Today I am going to update my acne problem And recommend some products for ur acne skin and scars Without further ado lets get started ! First start with cleansing/ clarifying ! I am using this Skin Laundry Clarifying Toner Wait, y it isn’t focusing I feel like I am a real beauty youtuber now This toner contains Aloe Vera and Citric Acid When I first start using this product by tapping the solution all over my face And it is completely WRONG because my face feel burning after it Rrrr…….It dries up and irritates my skin So do not tap the solution on your face You should pour the solution on a cotton pad wipe it on your face for 4-5 seconds only And it turns out so WELLLLL The cotton pad became yellowish And reduced a lot white head and exfoliated my skin You can bought this in Lance Crawford or join their facial package to get a discounted price for this i strongly recommend this kind of clarifying toner Helps reduce my white head and black head It will change you life trust me So lets move to toner ! This is a soothing toner from Pure Organic It contains Chamomile which i have recommended in my travel essential video This toner give me a anti redness result Super moist You just simply spray it all over your face You can feel how relaxing it is ! The herbal scent is so good So calming You can also spray it on cotton pad put it on some inflamed area It will instantly reduce the redness Thats why i stongly recommend it ! Its ~USD12 for 100ml I have 3 bottles of serum to suggest Start with a Renewal Serum from Dr. Wu it contains Mandelic Acid You need to apply this serum before anything else Just put a little on affected area It helps removed acne scars effectively Everytime i use this, the scars will fade a bit next day So I am obsess with it Its around USD40 for 15 ml Trust me you won’t regret it Although it contains acid , it wont irritates you skin It also helps removed my acne scars long long time ago Second bottle is a Chamomile serum This can help recover your acne and moisturize This can also help reducing dry patches on your skin Simply use 2-3 drops for your whole face It absorbs pretty fast I will also use this serum with my chamomile serum as a combo This b5 gel moisturize your skin so well I received this from a company called Loveisderma and I have repurchase it This winter i have use this combo a lot I will also drop some B5 serum to my foundation It keeps your makeup all day long and stops cakey Talking about face cream I have been using this You can bought this cream in Watsons and Mannings Around USD15 for 40g This cream contains these two ingridents Helps reduce face irritation happening This cream is suitable for super dry skin and pass the sensitive skin test which I am really concern about my face cream It really helps improve my skin and reduce redness the cream may looks thick but it wont burden your skin For day cream ,I will use Simpe This is so so so so so gooood This is cheap and contains B5 and Vitamin E This can help moisturize my face all day long It claims works for 12 hours as well I will also use this as a primer It helps your foundation sits pretty well It wont dries up your skin even you put foundation and concealer on top So i will use it as primer This is just around USD 7-8 I am sure you guys want to hide your acne and scars but applying makeup on your dry n sensitive skin is disaster So I will apply this Acne tinted milk instead it actually a tinted sunblock this is tailored for acne skin It contains Vitamin E & C Can help lighten up my acne scars and give me slightly coverage Without applying concealer you still look good with this and it is Skincare products which is good to your skin so if you want a bit coverage without applying makeup , you should try this ! I know you are having a hard time coz i have been suffered past 6 months I was so upset and depressed I ve always wanna hide myself But I can tell you now all you need to do is to keep a positive attitude do not let the negative mood affect yourself otherwise the acne problem will be worsen Trust me , you will be alright after certain of time Doing workout and drink more water will definitely improve your skin the most important is to sleep early it will help boosting your metabolism TBH, applying tons of products aint helping you stop having acne its about your habits ,although it looks like normal concept but your habits are affecting your health and acne directly I hope this video can help you And i truly wish you recover from your acne problem Don’t forget to click the bell button , so that i can notice you for new video Subscribe and Share this video ,See ya !

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