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if you want to know what I ate in a week to loose almost 2kg without doing exercise watch til the end of the video hello welcome back to my channel Gaining and loosing weight has become a part of my life I’m 1m60 tall, weigh 49kg This weight is not considered overweight but my body looks chubby my goal is to achieve 45kg from now til Lunar new year As I mentioned before I have a pear body shape Therefore, I want to try to reduce body fat loose weight to see whether my lower body is improved it’s just my initial goal If i can loose more weights, it would be great this video is a journal recording my meals in 1 week but also motivates me to loose weight faster I think we should reduce weight gradually the faster weight loss is, the more negative effects on your health I had tried lots of weight loss diets for ex: low carb, eat clean I used to fast and have negative weight loss methods I know it can harm my body a lot our health is the most important thing so i will take it slowly This eating plan is designed by myself I don’t want to follow any other diets However, my meals depend on my schedule Therefore, you guys can rearrange it to fit your timetable now let’s go to weigh to see my exact weight As you can see I weigh 49.55kg Let’s see the result after 1 week Now let’s start with the first meal of the day I eat 2 boiled eggs and 1 sweet potato I’m gonna use an app to control my calories input These are two apps I usually use this time im gonna use this one At first, you need to register, fill your height,weight, goal weight etc This is how I input data Firstly, I will add my measurement today 49.5kg I will enter what I ate i will add my lunch 2 eggs (btw the app does have english) around 150 calories you can also add your calories out exercises And how many steps you walk a day is also connected with app “health” it counts how many steps you walk For the next meal, I ate yogurt with cereals, bananas, avocados and chia seeds I’m preparing my tomorrow breakfast I made overnight oat consisting of oats, milk, yogurt, chia seeds, cereals and avocados I have two eggs and 1 sweet potato for my lunch hello, how is your second day I’m having a pre-dinner meal or maybe dinner I’m eating a bowl of papayas if you’re watching this video and following this diet you can watch this part to get motivated Let’s consider yourselves not to be alone I’m going on diet with you guys so let’s make it together I’m preparing tomorrow breaksast it’s a glass of avocado banana smoothie I’m gonna drink half and bring to school half for a whole day if i feel hungry I eat this matcha granola as a snack I keep preparing breakfast the same recipe but i added some oats It’s time for lunch I have a toast with avocado, breast chicken and an egg oops, the egg was overboiled a little bit so it’s not soft enough let’s take a bite not too bad :)) it’s good I also have a bowl of chicken and a glass of milk I bought a salad box for lunch it contains breast chicken, sweet potatoes, pineapple, many vegetables I’m super full this is banana dragon fruit smoothie for breakfast Those were all what I ate last week I think you might know that diet counts 70-80% of weight loss result Doing exercise push the process go faster and helps your body toned, lean My diet is arbitrary sometimes I have 2, sometimes 3 meals per day My last meal ends very early at about 3,4pm You can also alter the meals and frequancy of meals to not get bored of try to use an app to control calories in If you feel hungry when eating 2 meals a day you can eat a liite of fruits before 5pm my eating schedule is not fixed you can choose time that fits your schedule most In near future, I’ll keep eating clean and combine with taking exercise to achieve better result I think if you do have time you should spend some to work out It will benefit your weight loss process I wish you would reach your ideal weight Ok thank you for watching Don’t for get to support me give me a thumbs up as well as subscribe my channel and follow me on instagram, facebook fanpage to keep update with my new videos see you in my next videos

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