(ENG CC) Young’s no chemical natural skin care II Rice Facial Mask 화학성분 걱정없는 자연 홈메이드 천연 쌀 마스크팩

Hello everyone. This is Young’s Beauty Life. Today, two rounds of rice skincare. Today, I will share a FACIAL MASK that can give you whitening and soothing effect on your face. Why don’t you make it at home? After eating the rice paper rap, you will have left over rice paper at home. I’ll take out a piece of rice paper from there. Put this on your face after dip in to water. We can eat rice paper. I’ll show you how to apply the ultra-simple rice paper FACIAL MASK now. The preparation is a bowl with room temp water, rice paper, and scissors. Wash your hands clean before you do it, and use a kitchen scissors. Cut this paper roughly into the shape of your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Put the paper cut in to the bowl. Just put them all in. I’m sure we don’t have to worry about the chemical because we can eat them. Until the rice-paper get some water, I’ll soak it for a while. Can you see this glimmering? It feels like a thin rubber. Now, put it on your forehead first. It’s just… When you soak this rice paper, it’s better to use filter water than tap water for your skin. I boiled tap water and cooled it until room temperature. too hot water is no good! Rice paper will become mushy and thin so quickly If you think it’s a little bit big, then cut it. You have to put a long cut on your nose. It doesn’t matter if you overlap. It’s a FACIAL MASK that creates another layer on the skin anyway. by virtue of his virtue It helps the rice work. Put water on your fingers and put it on like this. My mom said if you put on a FACIAL MASK for more than 10 minutes, your pores are getting bigger inside. So, She told me not to use the FACIAL MASK for more than 10 minutes. I’m all set. I’ll come back in a minute. It’s time to take off the FACIAL MASK. I was shooting this video when my baby was asleep, but now He woke up and make some noise. sorry. I think I had this about 15 minutes. But this side is still moist. But the front of the nose dried up.
I think it’s better not to exceed 15 minutes. I heard the pores are getting wider. I’ll take it off. Even if you put the pieces together, they fall into one when you take them off. And when I take off this,
The dirty stuff on the skin stick to the FACIAL MASK and come out together.
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And then my skin got a little bit white. More than the first time… And You can feel moist and refreshed while you put this on your face.
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I love it. Do you think my skin is getting better? whiter? Today, it was easy way to do skin care with naturalism. I’ll come back with more useful information next time. Thank you.

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