ENG] [몰카] 생방송 도중 채팅창이 악플로 도배 된다면?!!! (feat.비고라이브) – [동네놈들]

~Hood Boyz~ Hello everyone! We are Hood Boyz!
Nice to see you again! Few days ago, we made a collaboration with BIGO,
a global live streaming video app! YEAH!! X 3 We have recently done a live streaming too! We did it on Sept. 9th For those who watched the live video,
Jung J found his first intention back! I’m really hurt by the bad comments So, we’ve prepared bad comments prank cam for those who are curious about this subject! Are you ready for the prank? YES! YES! YES! LIVE PRANK CAM
– BAD(MALICIOUS) COMMENTS- Boogie and Jin ho are communicating with people
on a live streaming channel over 100 people entered to our live channel! – Where is the tallest? Jung.J is stuck in the middle of the road
due to a traffic jam Jung.J got the spot for a TV advertisement! Jung. J is on his way after shooting the ad (Jinho obba, I’m envy your fat lip) !!!!!!! – (Are you guys doing a prank today?)
– Since, Jung J is not here… – I think we can do a prank without him
– How about we do a prank on Jung.J? Does everyone want a prank? (YESX100) Let’s see…
What kind of prank can we do..? Everyone is getting interested in making idea for prank
HAHAHAHA What does Jung.J hate the most? Please throw your good idea! Since Jung J is watching a navigation on his cell phone,
he is unable to see this live video (How about a prank cam – fighting with viewers?) I think that is good idea too! Let’s disguise Jung.J together! (How about doing this live as like Jung.J is not around
even after Jung.J arrives) (How about getting pissed off due to bad comments!) Oh, that is good idea! (Let’s do bad comments prank cam!) Jung J really dislikes being heard that he is not funny Let’s keep saying Jung.J is not funny at all You guys should say Jung.J is not funny at all no matte
what Jung.J is doing – Jung.J will be arrived 9 sh
– He is about to be arrived! When Jung.J is going to say something,
you guys should keep saying “Jung.J you are not funny” On the other hand, you guys should say to us
“Boogie and Jin ho are so funny and hilarious!!!” This prank is made up all of the sudden
hahahaha So, this time we are going to disguise Jung.J
Let’s start! Let’s practice first! Let’s say I’m Jung.J
(Jin-ho is mimicking Jung.J) (Jin-ho is mimicking Jung.J) (viewers are typing bad comments on Jung.J)
“Jung.J is not funny at all” That’s good!!
Well done everyone! When we are saying something
please make good comments on us (Boogie is acting something) (viewers are typing good comments on Boogie) That’s good!!
Well done everyone! That’s good!!
Well done everyone! Let’s start everyone! Today’s prank will depend on viewers! If this succeed, this video will be uploaded on YouTube! Jung.J entered! Hello, Ji-eun It’s started! Yes..right!
Welcome Jung.J! Have a seat! Finally, a super star Jung.J join with us! I’m really sorry for being late! – Did you do it well?
– Yes, I did it well – He had a schedule
– I’m really sorry guys Well, you are busy
We understand it Finally, Jung.J is here everyone! Let’s do this everyone!
Let’s start! (He is working so hard) HAHAHAHA (..Jung.J is spoiling the mood…)
(Jung.J is not funny at all…) Am I not funny …??
HAHAHAHA….. Hello everyone!
I’m sorry! I’m Jung.J! (Viewers are typing bad comments on Jung.J) Jung..J I’m sorry to say that..
but there are too many bad comments on you (It’s too cliche…not fun at all) I’m sorry everyone on behalf of Jung.J Sorry bro, but everyone keep saying you are
not funny at all Bro do like this,
“hello everyone ~ I’m really really sorry” (viewers are making good comments on Jinho) “I’m really really sorry” “I’m really really sorry” (Jinho, you are hilarious! you are
the best comedian ever!) Bro, try it again! Hello, everyone!
Did you wait for me?? (viewers are typing : what the…. sigh….) ((viewers are typing : go away Jung.J,
you are nothing but tall..) I’m sorry to say that
but Jung.J is screwing up the live video! No, I’m not! Bro, you sit here and see the screen! What can I do…
What’s wrong with me today..? Wake up Jung J! Go Jung.J!
You can do it! (viewers typing comments : please go away Jung.J) Do you have any other things? I’m will have good comments after all I’ll show you a shower with cold water! (he is a disaster..he isn’t funny at all)
(what’s wrong with him..?) (what are you doing again?) (are you a robot?) (you’d better go home today!!)
(are you a robot?) – oh!!!!!
– The viewers are saying you are the hell.. I’ll show you another one! The viewer is saying you’d better to stop it Bro, take a rest (Jung.J, go home and wash your face first) Bro, go to the washroom first! Go, go! Jung.J loses his mind When Jung.J comes back,
please give him more hearts imoji He does like having affections from the subscribers I think you guys are doing a prank cam, right? No, we don’t! You guys are doing a prank cam!
I’m sure about this! Bro, its not possible to do a prank since
we are making a collaboration with BIGO live (viewers : don’t make excuses Jung.J
you are just not funny) I can’t believe it!
What’s going on.. Bro, don’t you have anything left
to turn viewers’ mind? (veiwers : this is really the last chance Jung.J..) I will speak out with two different voices
Listen carefully! Hello, I’m Jung.J Lankai Funkai~
Lankai Funkai~ (viewer : hearts x 100) Yeah!! x 3 Prank cam on Jung.J!!! Gosh… (viewers: sorry Jung.J! We love you!!!) You are the best!!
Well done everyone!! I can’t take someone saying that
I’m not funny at all This is how it started You’ve been shooting tv shows since early morning
and you were stuck in the road due to the traffic jam All the sudden, there were recommendations of doing a prank cam to disguise you! But…I hate the most when someone saying
I’m not funny… gosh…. This prank cam is invented by everyone out there! Thank you very much!! I didn’t exepct this does really happen! When Jung.J did something,
everyone typed bad comments on him hahaha When I did, everyone typed good comments
lolololol Say hello to everyone and
you should thank to viewers too! Please warning to me,
if you do this kind of prank next time Cutting the slide
(Thanking for 10mins too long…) Let’s explain what BIGO application is! There are many host
when you enter the app When you press the planet icon coutries and regions will be shown when you press Asia You can see India, Thailand, Iran
You can find related information When you do a live streaming you can press the button in blue then it’s ready! There are many functions! When you press the a gril with short hair icon The filtering function will be shown! You may adjust your skin too Looks prettier!
No acne scars! When you press the smile icon You can do like this! You can use fun frames and stickers on your face! (They are immature…) When you pree the live button Live streaming will be started There are games you can choose When you want to make a notice,
you can’t keep making a notice right? Then, you can use this stickers types the notice then it will be up here There are more functions that we can easily use! Turn off the notice..please We will be appreciate your love and interest in
BIGO and Hood Boyz! We are going to come back with
more fun and new prank cams! Bye everyone!! -English subtitle by Amy H-

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