Egg yolk face mask

Hi Everyone This is Brazilian Girl. The mask of today is an Egg Yolk Mask for your face. This mask is amazing for anti-aging and anti acne. All you’re going to need is 1 Egg Yolk. So let’s get started. How to apply the Egg Yolk Mask. Stir up the Egg for easier application. To apply the mask you can use your fingers or you can also use a clean small makeup brush. Make sure to remove all your makeup & wash your face After the mask dries it out in about 10 to 15 minutes wash it off followed by moisturizer. I love this mask and I used it at least once a week. For more information about all the benefits of Eggs for your skin. You can check out my other video on the description box bellow or click the link right here. Hope you enjoyed the Egg Mask of today. Thumbs up and subscribe if you liked the video and make sure to leave a comment bellow. I love all your comments and I really appreciate your support. Thanks

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