first and formost wehave to clean our face, n for that i am going use an organic way completely shall be using milk cream n gonna glide it on my face (massaging) using some luckwarm water put the milk cream on your face as shown my daughter is making faces she didn’t like me puting milk cream on face it seems start massaging your face as shown start massaging your face like this Milk cream as an instant pick-me-up. As is the case with milk, malai too works wonders for dry and dull skin. … Malai or cream milk has smooth textures and it also can soften your skin. You can just apply the malai on face or skin as mask Regular usage of malai can make your skin smooth ans supple Malai can help the skin to maintain the liquid inside the tissue. Not only nourish the skin with it nutrients content, malai can help to moisturize dry skin. Cream milk or malai contains some liquid that works inside the skin layer and it can absorb into the deep skin layer to nourish the tissue and prevent it from dryness. milk is an ingredients that can make your skin look fair. Malai as milk product also has same effect with milk. Cream milk or malai can be an effective exfoliator that can get rid of dead skin cell. If your skin get dirty because of dust, dirt or make up and you run out of skin cleanser, you can use malai cream as milk cleanser dont forget your ears i am not gonna wipe it out just going to retain the same on my face and gonna take steam for 5 minutes taken some curd + egg white is gonna be my massage cream all natural n organic you guys what is this mamma what are you doing??? my daughter is saying mixing egg white n curd it takes a little bit of time but worth doing this is a pure egg white which is gonna be our pack becuase today s facial is meant especially for skin tightening you can add in vitamin e but today i have used maximum protein in the form of milk cream so i am not putting the same i have sanitised my hands so using my hands only to apply the massaging cream thats it the massaging part is done now now you can wipe it off using luckwarm water this clip was after i had done massaging with milk cream just got in the wrong sequence here sorry guys i can actually feel the tightness in my skin compared to before applying egg white on my face egg white mixed with curd has actually helped in lifting my face to make it more tighter, now i shall put the egg white mask i prefer to use my hands retain the pack on your face for 15 minutes especially after 25 yrs of age, you will have to do things for your skin to maintain its elasticity n youth you need to pamper it to keep it dewy you can actually see the tightness on my face i can barely talk you guys just cleaned my face n can feel that my skin is much more tighter that before applying of this mask put a moisturiser of your choice after that n thats it for this video guys do try this egg mask facial guys it has immense benefits that you can rip n do not forget to subscrbe like n share this video this is trupti signing off byeee for now loads of love

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