Effective Home Remedies for Bartholin Cyst Treatment

effective home remedies for birth holy cysts assist the following treatments may help treat a small bar tholins cyst without the need for medication or surgery hurry vitamins C and D making sure that you are eating good nutritious food with plenty of vitamin C and D can help a great deal both of these vitamins are natural antioxidants which can help boost the immune system and fight off free radical damage they can help to get your body in the shape necessary to fight off the bacteria that may be responsible for any infection to your cysts turmeric turmeric has excellent medicinal qualities because of the presence of its main active ingredient curcumin it has excellent antibacterial and antiseptic properties and when applied to your sis can help heal the infection and relieve discomfort combine some turmeric virgin coconut oil to make a smooth paste and apply it to the cyst after you have taken a bath d tree essential D tree essential oil has outstanding antibacterial properties and is one of the most effective and diverse of all essentials as with apple cider vinegar the internet is full of anecdotal evidence from women who have successfully treated their Bartol insist with tea tree oil it is very important that you dilute your tea tree essential in a carrier oil like coconut oil before applying it to your cyst so long as you dilute the oil it is unlikely to cause any adverse reactions when applied topically it can ease discomfort and irritation and can help kill the bacteria responsible for any infection you may have

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  • I highly recommend trying food grade Diatomaceous Earth (which is high in silica). After taking a spoonful in water twice a day for a month or so, my Bartholin cyst has completely gone. It's amazing! It was my third cyst, and I wish I'd tried food grade Diatomaceous Earth before… It might have saved me two hospital visits!

  • We have to mix tree oil with coconet oil and than apply?

  • Some people Also recommend to try to use Vicks vapor rub

  • Hie
    I am undergoing treatment right now… i was advised to take ceptum 500… its been 3 days now.. can i apply termeric and coconut oil while undergoing this treatment

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