EFFECTIVE FACE PACK FOR SPOTLESS & GLOWING SKIN II निखरी और दागधब्बों रहित त्वचा के लिए फेस पैक्स II

Rubina is here just for you with an another fresh episode of F3 healthy life. Today I’m going to share some face packs with which you can get rid of sun tan. And can make your skin spotless and glowing. Let’s move on towards our effective face packs Take 3 tbsp Gram flour add 1/2 tsp turmeric powder ‘& little bit of milk to make a fine paste Now apply this face pack on your affected area, especially on sun tan area. Our exposed skin like our face, neck, hands Apply the paste over there, let it dry and then wash it off with normal water. Follow this remedy for alternate day & within 1 month you’ll notice You are free from suntan and your skin turns glowing and spotless Let’s move on towards our next face packs Take 1 tbsp Tomato (either grated or grind in mixer) Add 1 tbsp Curd & 1 lemon juice Mix it well & now your face pack is ready to use. Apply a thick layer of this face pack over your face, neck & hand. Let it dry and once its dry wash it off with either mild soap, face wash along with lukewarm water. Use this remedy on alternate day. within 15 days you’ll see the results Let’s move on towards our next effective face pack i.e Aloe Vera Take an Aloe Vera Leaf, cut it into the centre & you have to use the gel inside. Take out the gel, put it into mixer jar and make a fine paste Apply this pack on your sun tan area also if you have marks, pimples then do apply this over there also. If you want you can apply this over entire face as in it has no side effects. Let it apply for 30 mins & then wash it off with normal water Use this remedy daily & within 15 days you’ll see the best results You’ll feel that your skin is free from suntan and your skin turns fair and spotless So these were very effective home face pack for removing sun tan and also you can make your skin glowing and spotless Do share you feedback’s and comments. Do like and share my videos on YouTube, Facebook,whatsapp & Twitter. Do subscribe our channel, So that you can get more and more health benefits from us. Take care of the health of yourself and loved ones too. I promise that I’ll be back with such effective home remedies & face packs for you. Till then take care.

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