Edie Falco’s Therapist Got Her Hooked on Dr. Pimple Popper

-Welcome back!
-Why, thank you. -You, being a New Yorker,
we’ve been very lucky to have you on the show over the
years, quite a few times. And the first year
you were on the show, your kids were 5 and 9,
so they’re teenagers. -Wow. So that was 10 years ago.
-Yeah, yeah. -Maybe I got it wrong, then.
-5 and 9. Oh, then, that can’t be.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. -I did a math…
-Oh, good, whew. ‘Cause I was like, “I have not
been doing this show that long.” [ Laughter ] I was like, “Oh, my God! You must’ve been with
Jimmy Fallon at the time! How dare you.”
-I’m so sorry. -How are the teenagers
treating you? -You know,
exactly as they should. -Yeah.
-You know, I guess it means I did a good job,
but it’s awful. [ Laughter ]
-They’re their own people? -They’re not nice.
They’re just not nice anymore. And I have to remember,
people say, “They come back.” You know, I’m like, “At this
point, they can stay away.” [ Laughter ]
-Do you remember, like — What does the age
that they both left you? ‘Cause you have
one boy and one girl. -One boy. My boy is 15,
and he left me a year ago. -Okay. Gotcha.
-It happened at 14. -Gotcha.
-He had his huge growth spurt, and then he stopped talking.
-All right. -I don’t know how that worked.
-And then the daughter, she left even sooner then.
-She’s been in, like, pre-puberty since
around 3 years old, I guess. -Okay, gotcha.
-She’s gonna be 12 in — Gosh. Gosh Almighty, very soon.
I gotta get her a present. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -Or not,
based on her behavior. [ Laughter ]
Maybe — -No, I keep getting
the presents. That’s the problem.
-That’s the problem. Your daughter and you
watch a show together, which is very nice, a show that
I did not even know existed. -Yeah.
-Will you please explain the show I’m talking about?
-Well, the weirdest thing is, my therapist told me about it.
-Really? -Yeah, it’s called
“Dr. Pimple Popper.” Anybody? [ Cheers and applause ] It defies explanation.
There are the people who can watch it and the people
that absolutely cannot. -I barely could have it
described to me. But it is —
[ Laughter ] I mean, it is
what the title says it is. -Yeah.
There’s no subtext there. -Yeah.
-But it is a little bit like a car accident.
You really — You can’t turn away,
in some weird way. -Yeah.
You know, it’s interesting. Was there subtext
in your therapist telling you to watch it?
Like, just how cathartic it is to watch a pimple —
-I don’t know. It was like 45 minutes
of my 48-minute session that I’m owed money for,
I think. -Yeah, exactly.
-She had found it on YouTube. -Okay, gotcha.
-It wasn’t quite a show yet. And there’s something about this
woman not being horrified by these horrifying things.
-Yeah. And there you go.
And you watch it together. -And that’s a TV show.
-There you go. That’s a TV show. -Another — You know, obviously,
I’m very lucky. I get to see people
all the time, like you, that I was first introduced to
on television, and it’s very exciting,
but your — The big celebrities for you
are CNN anchors. -Yes.
-That if you saw in the street, that would make you
just drop your jaw. -It’s like — Yeah.
I don’t know what that’s about. I mean, I watch them every day.
-Yeah. -I’m aware of their clothing. Like,
“That’s a good color for her.” -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] They’re very, very, very smart.
-Yeah. -They have to know
all kinds of stuff. There’s very little
that you can catch them on. -I do enjoy — because, you
know, even when we’re working, we have it on in the background.
So, it’s — That’s how I know
an hour has passed. You know?
When a different one’s on. I’m like, “Oh, it’s 3:00.”
-Poppy Harlow’s on at 3:00. -“Oh. I’ve stayed late.”
[ Laughter ]

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