Easy Waxing at Home

you guys want to know how to do easy
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why do you watching though waxing is actually a really good option as opposed
to shaving or anything else because the benefits of watching is that when you
wax yours it slows down your hair growth and so it’ll take about 3 to 4 weeks for
my hair to grow back the way that I do is really easy and then you don’t have
to worry about it for the next one as opposed to shaving what you have to
keep up with regularly every day or maybe every other day so this is
actually saves in your more time and it’s actually better for you because it
thins out your hair and it makes it grow slower and I’ve seen a lot of people
that it actually stops there and ever all together so why not just go for
waxing then especially if I can make it easy for you so I’m in the bathroom
right now so I apologize for the lighting it’s not the greatest it’s
about the life but I’m not sure you guys the white strips that I use they’re
called these nod strips and you can get them at all-time you can get them at CVS
you can get them for the plaintiff basically any grocery
store or any pharmacy store or all time I don’t think Sephora has it but anyway
so it’s only like ten dollars it’s not even expensive and you get 24 whack
strips so what this does if you have this and the wax have already pre built
in so you don’t have to go warm up your wax which is actually a process that
part I don’t like because you have to like go warm it up come back upstairs do
your waxing and then of course it cools down so then you have to go really warm
it up when you’re done so it’s just a very long process so what
I’d like to use is I like to do use these now I have tried another one that
I did not like it’s the first boxing strip so this is what they look like is
actually a very good brand one will you let their wax but in this particular
case with their pre-built wax strips I don’t like it because they
put it on plastic and a plastic kind of makes it hard to really get anything off
so I don’t really recommend it for her so white strips so I actually like the
nice ones better now I’m going to show you how I use it so you just take it off
just like that right there and see that’s the wax right there you don’t
have to warm it up you’re off or do anything and then you just put it like I
have my arm here you can see you just put it like that and then boom see and
it’s all off right there now you’re going to do that all around your arms
you can use this multiple times a good two or three times even more than that
before you stop using it when I go straight it comes with these
or wipes that you use afterwards because it does have a little sticky feel
afterwards so you’re gonna do your waxing and then you’re gonna take this
out and then wipe it wipe the oil all over so that that way and you’re not
sticky anymore that’s the last of it it took me five strips I use literally five
strips so that’s not bad so that a martial arts a long time now I’m going
to use one of these oil wipes to wipe down my arm so it’s not sticky take one
of these and you just wipe it here so that’s it I’m done with my waxing I’ve
only used five strips so I know he took me like literally five minutes to do
that so it’s a real big time-saver you just do it right before you get in the
shower you just do a quick waxing take five minutes and then you can go do your
mom thing or whatever it is that you want to do and then afterwards you’re
going to wipe it down with these oil wipes and you can also use coconut oil
olive oil or any oil you have at home if you run out of these if you don’t have
one then it does the job it basically just takes out that stickiness and it
calms down your skin in case that you’re sensitive to Watson and that is how you
do easy watching at home it’s just easy takes five minutes and doesn’t really
take much time out of your day you can go to your mom thing go work do whatever
it is that you have to do all you did was took out five minutes and you can
apply that anywhere you can do it on your arms on your arms whatever it is
that you want just use those or web swipes afterwards and any lotion just to
prevent any type of rash or anything and you don’t have to worry about it for the
next three to four weeks because it really doesn’t take that long to go back
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