Drummer For Hire

(drums thumping) – For me, repetition is
the most important aspect of my life, and that was something that
I sort of stumbled upon. Finding a very repetitive
groove is both effective for being a studio drummer
and is very effective for me as a person.
(drums thumping) A session musician is
someone who in an effect is being hired for a role to play a specific piece to the puzzle. I played on records of
hundreds of artists, and I played on hundreds
and hundreds of songs, and I’ve built a really great career being a very in-demand session musician. I wanna be in the studio
as much as possible. I wanna be the person who’s
sort of behind the scenes. In the way that I play drums
and the reason that I do this is to not be the center of attention. (drums thumping)
I went to Northeastern twice. I went back for my
masters in digital media and digital photography. I mean, I’m selling that I’m a drummer. That’s a really weird
product to sell considering (drums thumping) how many people need a drummer? Marketing yourself is
such a fundamental piece to being successful, and if you don’t understand that concept or how to do it effectively, your skill set, the thing
that you just wanna do which is play drums, may never get to see the light of day. (drums thumping) I think one of the aspects
that I’m most proud of, having a very successful career, is being able to find time to be home and watch my daughter grow up. I know a lot of people who
are very successful musicians, and they’re on the road an awful lot, and they watch their kids grow up you know, on the phone, on FaceTime. I don’t look back and say
that I’ve missed too much. I miss some things, but
I know that I’m doing my very best to make
sure that I don’t miss a lot of important moments. (cymbal clashing) When you look at my career, I want people to go wow, this kid played on an
awful lot of records. That’s what makes me the most happy. I can go throughout my day and know that I’m contributing
to a lot of great music that’s out in the world.
(drums thumping) My name is Jonathan Ulman,
and this is my narrative. (drums thumping)

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