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(smooth electronic music) – What a long day! I am ready for bed, so why
don’t you come to bed with me? As a board certified dermatologist, I am trained, you know, we
are trained to be the experts at all conditions of the
skin, the hair, and the nails, and so, we know a lot about these products that are out there, the skincare products, and know about the
ingredients and what they do, but we definitely, certainly, have levels of how much we care about it. Some people have really
deep interest in it. I am definitely, am always aware of what I’m putting on my skin, but I am not crazy about it. I don’t have a lot of steps to my regimen, but I do know my skin type. I am dry and I’m on the sensitive side, so I like to keep things to a minimum and I don’t like to do things
that aggravate my skin. The first step I’m gonna do
is take off these eyelashes. I don’t wear eyelashes everyday,
but I had to do it today, of course, ’cause you know,
we’re gonna be on camera, and I want to use a really
good oil makeup remover. I’ve used this four years
since I’ve been a teenager. It’s Bi-Facil by Lancome, and I like to use, I found these really, amazing, actually, cotton remover pads. I don’t know, I’m a dork, maybe
everybody knows about this, but I don’t like the ones
you can buy in stores ’cause they get like very linty, and I don’t like Kleenex
’cause it will tear. This is like Kleenex with a pad in it, and you can really soak them really well with these oils and just like
dab them across your face. I don’t like to rub ’cause
again, I’m very sensitive so I like to just dab and let it soak up, and remove my eye makeup, so that’s the first thing that I do. So the next step is using
my SLMD Cleansing Wipes. These are my favorite wipes
and also I dab at my face. I try to get off the excess
makeup and I don’t rub because I’m more prone to
getting rashes or irritation, and when you do that,
you get more wrinkles ’cause those change your skin and make you look more wrinkled and older, which we don’t like. I mean, even like a washcloth
is gonna create micro tears, so anything that’s kind
of abrading your skin, so you just need to be gentle. I use a hydrating facial cleanser and I alternate it with
a salicylic acid cleanser because my two issues
is that I’m really dry and it’s because I’m darker complected, I’m prone to brown spots. So I like to use my SLMD
Salicylic Acid Cleanser and switch it out every other day with just a hydrating facial cleanser. This one’s by CeraVe. And salicylic acid is really great because it’s an exfoliant. It’s gonna exfoliate and get rid of those
dry, dull dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, so your skin is more radiant. It’s gonna actually settle
down within your pores too and help prevent new acne
or blackheads from forming. And the trick is with
salicylic acid cleansers is you can actually leave it on your face for a couple minutes if you wanted to, and really that can help to
increase the penetrance up, and I mean, I think, in a cleanser, you’re gonna wash it off
ultimately, obviously, but it’s gonna really help to get off any of this extra gunk that
I missed with my wipes or with my eye makeup remover. So one thing that’s really important, I think that’s very
important about washing face that I know from a
dermatologist perspective is when you’re washing your face, you’re actually getting rid
of moisture on your face. so you really want to not go really hot and you don’t wanna go really cold either. You don’t wanna shock
your your system, really. You don’t wanna shock your skin. Lukewarm water is the best and
I don’t rub my face either, just wash off the salicylic acid. So again, I dab and I also, what’s so important at this point is when your skin is still moist, that is the prime time to
moisturize your skin actually, because if your skin is wet, the, just out in the air,
the moisture evaporates and it actually pulls that moisture, the air pulls that
moisture out of your skin and you get drier. That’s why you kind of
get that tight feeling after you wash your face, and you sit around for a while. So this is the ideal time
to put a moisturizer on. I like my SLMD Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Hyaluronic acid, you’ve probably seen it in a lot of products these days. Well, hyaluronic acid is hydrophilic, meaning that it draws in water. When you put it on your skin, it’s really gonna seal in that moisture and minimize what we call
transepidermal water loss, and I’m more prone to that than others because I have dry skin. I actually actually have eczema, which is, means that my barrier on my skin is not as good as other people’s, so I tend to lose moisture more easily, so I really need extra moisturizer. In fact, I can put Vaseline. I could put like petrolatum on my face and it won’t break me out; I’m so dry. In terms of things that I wish that I had not done in the past, I wish I didn’t rub my eyes so much. You know, I love my cats. I have cats and I can’t give them up, but I probably shouldn’t have
had cats in the first place ’cause I’m a little allergic to them and any kind of inflammation that you get, any irritation, any kind of like rash that you get can really age you, actually. It’s cumulative and it
really increases the wrinkles and increases the aging, but I also feel like “Thank goodness, “I have good genes from my mom,” so hopefully, I’ll balance out somehow. So at this point, I like
to take a little break and let all of this soak in for a moment, and I like to put on my deodorant. At least, it gives me a little break because this is a little
secret that I have for you. Deodorant is best applied at night. It is most effective at night because you’re putting it on when your sweat glands
are the most dormant, so it’s going to make it more effective, so this is the time
that I put on deodorant. And I can’t believe I’m
doing that on camera, but here we go. The reason I want this to settle in is because I like to put my moisturizer on before I put on any retinol or retinoid. These are products that
we know as dermatologists, they’ve been around for generations and we know that they help
to minimize fine lines and wrinkles overtime. Retinol is an over-the-counter
version of this product. There’s a prescription variety as well, but they are a little bit
irritating to the skin, so I like to put moisturizer on before and I like to let it sit for a little bit. There is some question
as to whether retinol or retinoids interact with a moisturizer or lose their effectiveness because you apply them the
same time as moisturizer, and I think there is some truth to that, and some people might
actually put a retinol on before they put on moisturizer on. I just like to put the
moisturizer on first ’cause I really wanna keep
that moisture in my skin after I wash it and I
like to just let it sit for a little bit, and
then apply the retinol, and that makes me feel like it’s gonna be pretty effective now. This is something that I
actually, I live by as well, the healing ointments. These are really important for me, again, ’cause I’m saying I’m super dry. I put them everywhere. I put them in around my lips
and around my eyes at night. And some people, be careful
putting them around your eyes. They could promote milia, which are like these little
baby cysts around the eyes. So some people can’t tolerate that, but I can ’cause I’m very dry, so I put them there to
protect those areas too because you don’t wanna put a retinol close to your eyes, the
skin there is too sensitive, and it will irritate you. I get acne bumps every now and then. It’s sort of like a hormonal thing, which is with most of us
when we get hormonal acne. Usually for that sort of thing, I’m gonna put a benzoyl
peroxide spot treatment on the area. So, I usually just, benzoyl
peroxide is really great because it’s antibacterial and I just will usually
just spot treat the area. That works in two ways. It’s gonna help destroy bacteria that are really thriving in that area and also it really keeps
your hands off the area. The other thing that I can do that I’m sorry most of you guys can’t do, just because I’m a dermatologist. I inject my own pimples if I have one that I feel that’s under
the surface of the skin. If you have a dermatologist that you see, you can potentially see them and they can give you a little shot of low potency corticosteroid in the area, and it gets rid of the
zit within 24 hours. So, in general, I can get big ones, but I usually get rid
of them within 24 hours. But what sucks for us
because throughout our life, we think, “Okay, why am
I not done with acne? Isn’t this supposed to
be a teenage condition?” But throughout our life, we’re
still getting adult acne. While it’s really common and it is completely driven by hormones, but remember, it’s a good thing in a sense because it shows that you have hormones, that’s a youthful thing,
and to have oil in your face to get acne is a youthful thing. So, try to remind yourself of that. The problem is that people will try to pop a pimple too
early ’cause it’s there and you can’t keep your
hands off of it, I get it. If you just squeeze a
pimple when it’s too early, it will just get bigger, and redder, and angrier, and end up worse. The ideal time to really extract a pimple is when they are as close to
the surface as they can be. You wanna make sure any
kind of pimple comes as close to the surface as you can because then you can just gently nick it, if you do anything at all. Like, I’m a dermatologist, I’m gonna tell you to do anything. I don’t want you to do anything. I can’t ’cause I don’t you to be unsafe, but I know people are gonna do it so that’s my best advice for you to just know that the more
superficial something is in your skin, the less risk you have of permanently scarring yourself. A lot of blemishes that are red or brown, they’re gonna go away, but that’s probably from a lot of pushing and manipulating, so, trying to leave things alone
is the best thing to do. So, I have a little zit here on my chin. I usually get them around my chin certain times of the month, and so, I actually have my own stock of low potency corticosteroids at home. I take them with me on vacations ’cause that’s usually when you get a zit. So, I usually pull up a little bit of my little syringe here and
I use a baby syringe needle, and I just take my alcohol
and clean the area off. Don’t learn from me, okay? I just inject; that’s it. But I’m done doing that ’cause I want you to like learn from me. I mean, that’s what we do in the office and you can see how easy it is. And so, a dermatologist can really do that and can, especially if
you have a big event like you have prom, you have a wedding, your photo is being taken. It’s really great to
have your zit injected ’cause it can may get rid
of them like so quickly. I’m gonna get nice and comfy,
and cuddle with my cats. All right, I’m ready for bed. I’m gonna go cuddle with little dim sum, so good night.

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