Dr. Pimple Popper Answers: Blackhead, Mole, or Cyst!

Join us today is our good friend dermatologist, Dr.. Sandra. Lee It wouldn’t be a show with our friend Dr.. Pimple popper. We didn’t show some glorious popping but But today, we’re [doing] things a [little] differently you get to help us decide What popping is going on I want you to look at this? Based on the picture. Do you think this is a blackhead or a mole blackhead or a mole? What do y’all think? Oh, I’m here blackhead. I’m here in mole Dr.. Pimple Popper, what’s the verdict? I think [you] guys are pretty darn smart, it’s a blackhead This is the particulars as a special kind [of] blackhead. It’s actually a gigantic blackhead and in this case We call it a dilated pore of whiner because it essentially dilates a pore And it keeps it enlarged, whoa. This was a quite an amazing one probably one of the biggest I’ve ever seen on a Gentleman’s back, and you know it could get that Yeah, and see how it dilates it acadia nice Yeah, and it knocked on the table like bit like a rock it was it was like a rock I mean I knocked it on the on the table it is that that just dead skin right? It’s shit Yeah, it’s just skin that’s collected there and compacted It turns black because of oxidization you know oxygen comes in contact with it, and it’s really [just] really dead skin cells there That’s just really compact it has to give you props for bringing that one that was We have one more mystery bump to uncover. Take a look at this based on this picture everyone you play along at home as well Blackhead or a cyst [wow], I am very proud and in rest you guys They’ve been following the buddies. So [they’re] [both] right you know what let’s just show them the video [let’s] see what’s inside of this hold of the tape tell us what we’re looking at I think that it’s misleading here because you see that center little dot that looks like a blackhead That is actually a Pom Pom which is the opening to assist This is quite a large cyst as you can see it’s like a softball size and all that is [just] Skin that would have shed it off his body, but instead it. [it’s] shed into this opening into the sack In these cases the cyst is different because you have to remove this sack You have to remove this casing because it’s shedding into this area and if you don’t remove the cyst sack it can come back At the beginning of the segment [I] tell everyone at home to look away if you have trouble viewing sir I meant to say that yeah, I Need to ask you do they get emotional when you pop something and it goes bye-bye? Or you remove something is there a bit of an attachment? Yeah? I actually give people moments with their [there]. Whatever I ask them if they want to hold it I ask them if they want to touch it. No. It’s not like that like I putting a baby hat on I’m just saying cuz you this is something that was living on that portend may Wanna it kind of gives You control to say oh this other thing that drove me crazy I’m curious as to what this looks like I’ve never seen it. It’s on my back I’ve never seen what it looks like [wow] it’s crazy. This is cool [and] if it’s a cyst if they want to cut it open and they want to squeeze the contents out they can do that I just think it’s most people almost everybody says yes And there and they were excited about can they want to take off the Doc keep on popping doctor extraordinaire votes

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