Dr. Nick’s reply to Josh Axe’s “4 Secrets to Get Rid of Acne Naturally”

a YouTube video reply to four secrets to
get rid of acne naturally and I have some agreements and I have some big
disagreements and I want you to hear my viewpoint let’s drop in on dr. axe and
see what he has to say he’s got several million views and I think we need to
correct this information properly you ready draxe.com today I’m going to share
with you my four secrets to get rid of acne forever and I’ll tell you this is
probably the most effective acne treatment plan you will ever hear in
your life I’m gonna break down the top foods to get rid of acne the top
supplements to get rid of acne the top face wash also the top foods you must
get out of your diet immediately if you want to get rid of your acne for good
one of the main causes of acne today is the buildup of bad bacteria yeast in
Candida in your gut and digestive tract so if we’re gonna cure Candida forever
if we’re gonna cure acne forever there’s a few things that you must do and let me
also say this what are some of the cause of this you may say to yourself well I
don’t know what caused my acne I don’t know what necessarily caused bad
bacteria to grow in my body which again is a major cause devfactor I can tell
you this right now if you have been exposed to or taking antibiotic drugs in
the past that can be a major causative factor if you’ve taken birth control
pills if you’ve drink and chlorinated and
fluoridated water even if you’ve consumed too much sugar all of these
things can increase the growth of bad bacteria yeast in Candida within your
body okay so first he’s saying that
chlorinated water antibiotics birth control pills these issues can cause
disruption and cause Candida or yeast to grow and then that can lead to
inflammation and indirectly or directly cause acne that is a known cause and
we’re going to go through this certainly because many people watching the show
might have at some point in their life been exposed to high dosages or various
types of antibiotics or some of the ladies have been taking birth control
pills not so much to control the birth process but
or to try and control acne and that can worse in this whole situation and of
course this whole issue of chlorinated water and some toxins that that can have
an effect as well so let’s go further and see what he has to say talk about
our number one secret for getting rid of acne for good is remove these three
foods number one you’ve got to get sugar out of your diet you know sugar feeds
yeast and it feeds Candida so we’ve got to get the sugar out of your diet I
recommend getting sugar out replacing it with stevia stevia is an all-natural
low-calorie no-calorie sweetener that you can use instead
so you stevia and if you want to use something that actually has sugar and
you’re baking your cooking use raw honey raw honey is gonna be your best overall
sweetener with sugar if you’re trying to get rid of acne the next food you must
get out of your diet to overcome acne is reducing your grain intake especially
gluten you know gluten can cause inflammation of your intestinal tract
and when you have inflammation of your gut that actually shows up on your skin
you know a lot of people think when you have acne or a problem like eczema that
that’s just a skin issue no that’s an intestine issue that’s a gut issue if we
can heal your gut if we can kill off the bad bacteria your acne and problems like
eczema will disappear forever so number one food wise get rid of the sugar out
of your diet and I’m also talking about really lowering your fruit intake as
well really only consuming berries in moderation for a time being he’s saying
that to get rid of acne to cut sugar out but he’s also saying get rid of sugar
from fruit I don’t agree with that whole fresh fruit is good for the body it’s
good for the skin it actually controls blood sugar levels because of what’s
called polyphenols we don’t want to exclude fruit from a diet when we’re
trying to control the skin and improve the quality of the skin he also mentions
about getting rid of grains and gluten and I wrote a book simply healthy
cookbook which is oil free gluten free dairy free this is a great way to go I
totally agree check out the recipes over 200 recipes it took me nearly 15 years
traveling looking for incredible cuisines around the world finding what
was tasty what was healthy what was good and that’s all in this simply healthy
cookbook you definitely want to get going on this to help clear up this acne
problem acne be gone for good of course that’s gonna make a big difference now
let’s let’s go a little bit further because he’s saying some things that I
disagree with so grains or lowering grains or at least going gluten free
with your grains and then last thing here is staying away from hydrogenated
oils obviously bad fats increase the amount of oil your sebaceous glands on
your skin really start to produce so again getting those bad fats out but if
you can do those dietary changes get the sugar out rather than using grains using
products with like with coconut flour and almond flour are good options and
the right rather than hydrogenated oils switching over to coconut oil is a great
option for getting rid of acne now let’s talk okay so he’s saying that switching
over to coconut oil is a great option don’t do that the coconut oil if you’re
consuming it is going to cause thickening of the blood increase blood
viscosity it’s okay to eat the whole fresh coconut like the populations of
the kits have been islands where they do eat fresh coconut they don’t use coconut
oil and if you’re going to use coconut it could be a little bit on the skin but
don’t consume it it’s not good and all these hydrogenated oils even if it’s
monounsaturated polyunsaturated fat oils the separated oils cause a lot of
hormonal imbalances and those hormones will rage and that’s the leading cause
of acne it’s called hormonal acne not just caused by Candida and fungal forms
so once again I agree to get rid of the sugar get rid of the glutens go more to
sprouted Kinyua whole grain if you will certainly sprouted brown rice would be
fine get rid of all oils not just the item and then replace it with coconut
oil and heat the fruit in the in the diet that that’s gonna be a much
healthier way to go so let’s continue talk about the top food you’ve got to
start eating to get rid of your acne for good three
main food you want to be getting in your diet
number one foods that are high in fiber you know fiber can actually reduce acne
and actually kills off bad bacteria in your gut increases the growth of good
bacteria known as probiotics which is very important so fiber is really
important to get in your diet your best sources of fiber are gonna be seeds like
chia seeds flax seeds also nuts like almonds those are some great options and
then vegetables vegetables and sprouted nuts and seeds will help you get rid of
acne and okay so I’m total an agreement with increasing fiber fiber in the diet
from nuts seeds vegetables and certainly legumes they’re so good for you they’re
so rich in fiber lentils garbanzo beans black beans they have a nice natural
antioxidant property certainly Nutrition Facts org has shown recent studies
proving the quality and the importance of including whole cooked beans make
sure they’re cooked long enough so they’re free of the lectins there’s a
little bit left in there they almost have a natural anti-cancer effect but
the natural anti bacterial affect the natural anti-inflammatory effect of
beans is tremendous plus all that extra fiber that you need about 60 to 120
grams of fiber a day goes into the gut and it sucks up all the harmful microbes
and bacteria and particularly it soaks up a lot of excess hormonal issues
metabolic hormones such as excess estrogens and the metabolites of those
estrogens which we’re going to know the importance of this as we proceed so yes
get more fiber and you want to follow exactly what I’ve outlined in the simply
healthy cookbook and this is a popular tasty whole natural foods cookbook that
will definitely make a profound effect and as I described some of the foods to
eat and acting be gone for good you’re gonna get a good clearer understanding
here let’s go further another important aspect of getting rid of acne for good
is balancing out your blood sugar levels if you’re consuming a lot
of sugar it’s going to cause your blood sugar to go up and down that causes bad
bacteria to grow also causing acne so the next nutritional step is consuming
more protein getting good quality protein sources like organic chicken and
turkey grass-fed beef wild caught fish organic eggs these are all great sources
of protein even sprouted okay he’s totally wrong he’s saying eat more
protein to balance out the blood Sugar’s okay but that should be plant-based
proteins not animal-based proteins for several reasons if he’s saying to eat
organic chickens so what that it’s organic the fact is that the chicken has
menstrual cycles and you’re eating all of their hormones all of their toxins
and chemicals it is not good there’s no fiber in chicken why would you eat it
he’s also telling you to to eat organic eggs eggs are a disaster studies now
show that the recent since 1994 over twenty different studies came out indra
industry sponsored by the meat and egg and dairy board and the fish board
trying to promote animal product as the best source of protein and it won’t harm
your cholesterol it’s so false it’s so wrong
that’s for another video discussion but worse people with acne they’re eating
animal products and particularly eggs cheese meat chicken whether it’s organic
or not and it’s the leading cause of excess estrogens and androgens and
imbalances which we now know that plant-based proteins help to reduce
these harmful excess hormones and get them to safer levels and we also know
that plant-based proteins increase what’s called sex hormone binding
globulin and look up in my book acne be gone for good and I explained in very
clear detail how sex hormone-binding globulin when elevated by plant-based
proteins particularly foods low and loosing the particular amino acid from
fruits and vegetables and whole natural beans and peas and and yams and so forth
these foods are going to be because there
Lucene lower an enzyme called mTOR that’s mammalian targeted on rapper
myosin and that we know that enzyme when you’re eating meat goes up and that
increases the risk and the concentration of acne and abnormal growth in the skin
so for several reasons animal products are very harmful to people with acne
they’re going to promote and continue to cause acne particularly the dairy
products which are highly inflammatory and also they are foreign proteins to
the human and they cause gut disruption and many many problems so really dr. axe
lose the animal protein guys get in the organic whole fruits and vegetables
beans and peas and you’re gonna see your skin starting to clear up month after
month and let’s let’s just go a bit further because again he’s saying
something about healthy fats I don’t agree to add coconut oil I don’t agree
to add olive oil or any kind of oil go to the whole nuts and sees the whole
coconut avocado oils those foods are okay
I don’t brown rice protein getting some good protein in your diet will balance
out blood sugar levels and help you get rid of acne and last but not least okay
so he’s saying brown rice proteins I’m fine with sprouted brown rice some of
the sprouted Kinyua and so forth we use a slim blend protein with 20 whole
organic fruits and vegetables a great mix so if you’re concerned and you’re
eating very few calories for whatever reason maybe we’re trying to lose weight
then have a scoop or two of that in in a smoothie I think that’s fine or just
select the foods within the category that I’m suggesting you do I think the
important thing though is to know that eating more protein does not balance out
blood sugar levels in fact more animal proteins tend to be high in fat and it’s
actually been now proven by several clinical studies that excess fat
desensitizes the insulin and according to dr. Jenkins who wrote the books about
glycemic index we know that animal proteins worsen that blood sugar level
and we indeed want to cut out the oils because that worsens blood sugar levels
we want to get on to a Whole Foods diet of whole nuts and seeds avocado
beans and peas and fruit I have a great video is olive oil healthy and I go into
a section where how to become diabetic in six hours and you watch me drink a
glass of olive oil under the microscope I want you to see what’s called blood
viscosity under the microscope Danny and as we see the blood microscopy here let
me just show you this for a moment and let me bring the microphone down to me
here a little bit so here we’re looking at actual red blood cells under the
microscope and if you can see here let me just take it to the side I’ll
increase the okay here we go yeah so see these red blood cells this this is right
here in the corner an example of the red blood cells and here just trying to su
MIT in a little bit but okay so these red blood cells this is the white blood
cell and you can actually see this particular white blood cell breaking
apart due to probably some animal base inflammatory protein but in most cases
though red blood cells and the white blood cells will function very well so
let me just screen around a little bit here so now you can actually see
something very interesting in this sample and that is that the red blood
cells are round and uniformed it’s showing good absorption that one oval
one shows that it could do with some more b12 folic acid but here’s what
candida fungus looks like which was talked about earlier these little whites
like globs on the side they’re that little white spots oh splotches that’s
actual Candida if you look over here that white blood cell in the in the
corner there is eating some Candida white that white fungus so we want to
reduce candida fungus and we can do that by getting more coconut caprylic acid
which is in coconut but not from the coconut oil okay I hope you understand
how important that is everyone so I should be looking at this screens sorry
but the reality is if we’re looking at whole blood i’ve been looking at whole
blood analysis for 40 years and i see these people talking about the foods you
should eat you shouldn’t eat and they’ve never hardly even taken the time to look
under a microscope let alone at tens of thousands of people like I have so let’s
let’s kind of continue here with our next portion of what axe has to say so
let’s cut back to the segment on the video here ok I don’t quite hear it yet ok ok here we go let me know and we’ll
go back to the video second I would get all other oils out of your household I
really even wouldn’t use olive oil in large amounts I would use coconut oil
for all of your cooking and for almost everything you’re doing coconut oil also
has antimicrobial properties which means it’s gonna kill off ok so he’s saying
get all the oils out of the diet except for coconut oils and it’s antimicrobial
antibacterial then it kills bacteria ok you can rub coconut oil in a lotion as a
base I have a cream called annihilate acne and it actually has the particular
ingredients that allows us the active ingredient SIA silic acid to say it’ll
clear up the bacterial concentration of acne and Plus this product has the
probiotics acidophilus it has dim and some ingredients that help to control
the hormone levels it’s a great cream that you just put blotches of little
patches wherever the acne is the hormonal acne and it’ll start balancing
the hormones help clear up the the bacterial area and plus we have a
product called the ultimate antioxidant with some molecular hydrogen tablets you
just drop it into water it bubbles out you spray it right right on the skin
wherever the bacteria is and that that’ll help to clear up the
inflammatory bacterial issues with the skin that’s a much better way to go than
him talking about consuming oil that goes through your digestive tract and
then gums up your entire immune system and it causes agglutination of the blood
cells elevates triglycerides this is not a good thing so don’t use any
more than a teaspoon of coconut oil or any kind of oil once again so let’s
watch the rest of this bad bacteria in your body which is gonna fight off acne
so again remember this top foods you beginning make sure you’re getting
healthy fat fiber and protein in every single one of your meals and what this
would look like is for breakfast doing a smoothie where you put in coconut milk a
couple tablespoons of flax meal or flax seeds or chia and then getting a good
quality source of protein like an organic protein powder and doing that
for breakfast you’re getting your fat your fiber your protein and that’s gonna
help fight acne now let’s talk about the best supplement okay so he’s saying get
a smoothie I would suggest you check out our Delgado slimband protein it’s got
all organic nutrients high in fiber vitamins and minerals with no added oils
everything’s whole and natural and so I would go that direction if you’re gonna
do it and then don’t have oil into the smoothie that that’s not a good idea you
can actually take the drink blend it up with a beat vitality product we have and
then add that into a Vitamix with whole beets yams or sweet potatoes you can
blend up carrots and get all that added fiber tremendous way to go with added
greens from Omega juicer or cold-pressed greens all this is very good for the
bacteria the good bacteria to get rid of the bad bacteria and anytime you eat
animal product the bad bacteria comes back and stays for 10 days so you got to
be animal free for at least 10 days but most people eat animal product breakfast
lunch and dinner so I know you don’t want to hear what you have to give up
and it’s one of those issues that people have to struggle with but I can tell you
in the over 50,000 young people that I’ve coached over the years with our
book acne be gone for good or online courses acne bootcamp and the
information of doctors and educators I can tell you working with dr. Sonia
battery Savannah cell that she’s one of the top dermatologists in the country
and dr. Sonia battery Savannah so by the way is a physician that I’ve
co-created this course and program so that’s why her and I disagree with dr.
axe he’s not on track for fighting acne number one is taking a good quality
probiotic supplement probiotics kill off the bad bacteria in your gut and really
also help boost your immune system okay so I agree with taking a good
quality product that is rich in probiotics so we have a product that has
the acidophilus it also has bourbon bergamont a lycopene it has about twenty
different ingredients that stabilize blood sugar level very important plus it
does have the probiotics to ensure you get enough probiotics you can get our
product Pro d3 so it has the probiotic with vitamin d3 five thousand
international units and this is a good thing to take for those people who are
concerned about their skin if you’re concerned about getting a probiotic keep
in mind there’s what’s called prebiotic and probiotic and make sure they’re a
dairy-free base because some of these probiotics are actually made in a dairy
culture you don’t want inflammatory proteins like dairy in the diet one of
the leading causes of acne is dairy products yogurt and so forth so if you
do get yogurt get like coconut yogurt or almond yogurt that kind of thing so
let’s go a little bit further here part of acne can be caused by and intestinal
problems and eighty percent of your immune system is located in your gut so
if you can be consuming probiotic rich foods like cultured vegetables kefir
yogurt amasi different products that are higher in probiotics that’s gonna help
big-time okay so kefir be sure it’s a dairy-free
kefir be sure if you’re eating yogurts dairy-free fermented vegetables that’s
fine to get probiotics that that’s good but
let’s go further her I mean taking a good quality probiotic supplement about
50 billion IU’s daily is what you want to look for in a probiotic supplement
the next supplement that will help big-time is zinc
why does ink work well zinc helps repair your gut lining and naturally boosts
your immune system so taking about 50 milligrams of zinc a day okay
so back to this product that’s designed to help improve the skin it does have
zinc very important for the quality of the skin
I would agree I think one thing that he needs to keep in mind is what’s called
live detox tumeric a straggler Cypress these are the ingredients of a live
detox product that helps the skin to reduce inflammation helps to balance out
the hormones absolutely critical and I would also include a dim product dye
endl methane which I was the first to discover that it helped heal heal up the
skin I had so many people and bloggers talking to me Fran Kerr and Tracy of
love vitamins talking about how taking our product that’s become world-famous
called Esther block helped to reduce the harmful estrogens and balance out the
androgens and and increase what’s called sexual REM binding globulin all these
three steps within that one product was like eating two pounds of rock
cruciferous vegetables a day which is so healing to the skin so we’ve also added
a newer product called DHT block which helps to modulate the
dihydrotestosterone that tends to get inside the skin so whether you’re
challenged with piece us or the hormonal acne or DHT related acne or the
combination of too much androgens and issues regarding being overweight or
even if you’re at a good weight we have to get the quality going in the right
direction so let’s see I think you had a few more things a very effective in
fighting acne the third nutrient and vitamin supplement you want to be
getting in your diet to fight acne our antioxidants I believe the one that is
most effective is elderberry you can buy elderberry syrup or elderberry extract
put a tablespoon of that and okay so he’s talking about using antioxidants
and using elderberry syrup no don’t use elderberry extract if you want to get
elderberry or you want to get various whole plant foods go with that but I
would if you’re going to reduce the free radical damage and so forth you go with
molecular hydrogen that’s a selective antioxidant you don’t want to suppress
the overall free radical damage too much and you
don’t want to increase allow it to be so high when you look under the microscope
you can see the evidence of free radical damage which I’ve been studying this
field for nearly 40 years so I just want to say again move further away from you
your smoothie every morning for breakfast that I just mentioned if you
do those three supplements those are very very effective at fighting Candida
and last thing here you can even also do one other thing to consider is doing a
candida cleanse that’s basically where for about a week straight you basically
get all sugar out of your diet all grains out of your diet and really
consume a diet high in probiotics high in certain other foods like fiber but
really this is how you should be eating on a daily basis in general and last but
not least when you’re using a faith okay so I his statements were a little bit
more clear here and getting the sugar out of the diet but I would go further
get the oils as separated processed oils out of the diet get the animal proteins
out of the diet and really embrace a whole plant-based foods diet get the
right supplements into the diet as I’ve discussed with you and make sure they’re
rich and antioxidants and vitamins and minerals and of course I think the whole
idea of exercise is good for you and the cleansing effect of the lymphatic system
he hasn’t mentioned anything about that but you know overall I think you know
we’re going in the right direction now he’s talking about base wash going by
tea tree oil face wash tea tree oil is completely natural it’s an essential oil
and it kills off bad bacteria on your skin and moisturizes at the same time so
going okay so I think it’s fine to use the tea tree oil and just be very low
dosages because they’re gonna be a little bit strong and scent and and on
the skin the best recommended lotions and various supplements and whole food
approach is co-written again with dr. Sonia battery see bana sell we gave all
the examples in the book of exactly what to do how to go about this and if you
want more help and information please click on the the links that takes you to
our basic connection about whole healthy
ways to basically get the key for secrets the real key for secrets to get
rid of acne naturally and this is dr. Nick Delgado be strong be well and
please subscribe and engage thank you very much

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