Dr Deniss Gross Alpha beta Peel review | acne prone skin | Black skin | #Ipeel #drdennisgross

from the company dr. Dennis gross
so dr. Diaz gross they have this resurface be servicing look appeal it’s
two steps so the first step you’re going to be doing the alpha-beta assets pH 3.5
lactic acid glycolic acid and anti aging neutralizer
scintilla green tea extract and colloidal oatmeal so it gives you the
steps on the back of how to use it Uber’s we’re gonna get our skin nice and
clean huh my head seems once it Oh fucking all your
was in such a man control it stays from my server I’m done
washing my face I will go in with the facial toner witch hazel only their
formula cucumber alcohol-free time not because after I go in with this
I let my face dry and I go in with the coconut oil and then after my coconut
oil I spray and mr. which is also a libero and cucumber so while we are
waiting for this to dry a little glitter from them and the letter basically says
that we are excited to have you in our hashtag eye pill campaign visible
results with medical grade formulas and no downtime I actually didn’t want to go
outside guys it was really really difficult I don’t go into school because
people are always looking at you because your skin is thought that was the cutest
thing ever this was inside that can switch so it is
the dr. Dennis gross clinical brain resurfacing look good peel and for my
understanding this is going to be sold on dr. Dennis gross website and also at
Sephora it’s all dry so we’re just gonna go in with beef first step which was
prepare step one replacing cotton ball firmly over bottle opening and making
two three second turns to dispense the proper amount so this is step one to get the amount
that you need and massage cotton ball on to clean dry skin so let’s try to come
back from the two minutes we are going to go in with be liquid peel but
scintilla the second step the first step off you’re going to repeat the process
with the step two and you do not rinse that as well so are you going to tilt
the bottle this way in three seconds I don’t take nothing from nobody I know it
so hard we’ll come in with all these chicks around you act so different with
your poison oh yeah so I’m really really excited because as
you guys can see I have discoloration and acne scarring here so let’s see
using the products I did experience a little tingling with the first product
and they say that that is normal it should go away if it doesn’t go away
then to use water to rinse it mine did go away I had no issues after that then
using the second step I actually really like the second step I felt like I was
putting nothing on my face it was really really soothing like I really liked this
second cool it down I really like that aspect went to YouTube and I searched in
dr. Nunez grows dairy surfacing liqui peel and I actually saw a lot of great
results so hopefully morels will kind of kickstart there’s a lot of people that
say they noticed a difference their first day for their experience with the
peel and how their progress was already going so hopefully hopefully hopefully
hopefully my skin shows some kind of progress with this but thank you guys
for watching and leave a comment down below bye guys

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