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  • Hello doctor, I believe I have pilondal cyst and it came from no where. Its been a week and from that time I thought it was tailbone pain and did some stuff they said to do online to help treat it. It didn't get any better so I went to my doctor and he told me the same thing I read online and to get a cushion for sitting which I did, I also take ibuprofen for the pain. I did see a small bump but I thought it was just swelling which I read could be a symptom of tailbone pain. Until today I noticed a yellowish, funky smelling, gooey substance on that area and immediately looked online on what it could be. I'm pretty sure its pilondial cyst and that it just popped, so I was wondering if there's anything I can do to keep it from getting infected and to go away. I read some homemade remedies and tried the one where you dillute apple cider vinegar and dip a cotton ball on it then apply it to the affected area. Is that good and will that help? My bump is not that big but I dont really know what to do. Please help.
    Thank you for your time

  • Thank you professor for helping me to understand the cause of my pain.

  • Effect of pilonidal cyst is harm to body pain or born?

  • I fucking hate my life my tooth hurts and my coxis hurt …

  • Thank you so much, doctor! Now, I'm pretty sure I've got a pilonidal cyst.

  • I can move it
    Its small and it hurts
    When i sit on hard surface hurts like 100 time being stabed
    My doctor didnt tell me anything after seeing Report MRI
    Just wrote some meds and said
    " You done !"

  • Do both of them give leg pain?

  • Is it better to have an MRI or a CT scan done? To rule out anything serious?

  • I have pilondal sinus but I don't think it is infected do I need surgery?

  • Is there anything about a cyst on the cheek?

  • Six years post op removal of very painful tailbone. Have been pain free and now I am experiencing bone pain again. I do not have a Pilonidal cyst as there are no visible signs or symptoms. Could you tell me why I am feeling pain when I have no tailbone there?

  • I have a cyst and it is so painful

  • Omg thank you so much. When I first got mine I thought i had dislocated my tailbone, every time I sat it felt like I was sitting on a golfball. Its much better now that I have been putting a heat compress on it.

  • How can I treat the cyst at home? I've had it for under a week, I don't want to have to go to a doctor and have them poking at it or doing surgery on it

  • Thanks doctor! I had coccydynia first and then a pilonidal cyst emerged above the area of the coccydynia related pain. I haven’t gotten the pilonidal cyst checked out yet but my question is can the two be related somehow?

  • Its not tailbone pain its not lower back pain but i dont have a bump or red skin it really hurts and its above tailbone a little to the left its in one specific spot i don know what it is iam 12 and i do gymnastics i was lifting my partner and it started hurting plss anwer

  • I had one of these on my tailbone about 3 years ago I had it for a few months then it bust and went away now it’s come back feels like it’s going to bust again 🤮 how do I make sure it doesn’t come back when it does?

  • Dear doctor i am from pakistan
    I have surgery pilonidal cyst but its again same position like pain discharge pus
    I am worrying that position please help me

  • coccyx pain while passing a stool? Extremely painful. I have hemorrhoids with an anal fissure. Hurts to lay on back. Bend over. walk or stand for too long.

  • Dr, would a reoccurring pilonidal abscess be okay if left untreated?

  • Hi i have a lump that is movable but hard on my coccyx and it scaring me a bit about what it is could you help its hard ish but fleshy and is under the skin it moves a bit putting any amount of pressure on it is a bit painful it is a bit lateral to the left of the coccyx please help

  • I broke my coccyx when I was 12. About a year ago, my roommate spilled water on the floor and was too lazy to clean it up. I slipped and landed right on my coccyx again. It’s been a year and I work in dentistry. Sitting in those chairs is making the pain UNBEARABLE. IDK what to do bc doctors are STUPID these days.

  • I don't know doctor my pain tailbone or pyilonidal going to bike my butt pain fully in tail bone side but skin is pain long drive in bike extra pain affect place

  • My wife is in so much pain and I guess we are going to the hospital. My wife has a bulge on her tailbone! She can not stop crying.

  • You helped me alot Doctor, thank you so much, lots of love❤️

  • Thanks professor I appreciate your knowledge. I'm a medical student .as it require to site for long time on a wooden chair . I suspect that I got pilonial cyst.. I'm gonna follow ur therapy to recover

  • Thanks for the info

  • What kind of doctor treats tailbone pain? orthopedist?

  • I think it's a nice video, I will consult my generalist in France for him to tell me what I have. I have some radios, but they are of hole vertebral columna, so I can't see well the part that gives me pain, and it's impossible to tell if it's damaged. And I'll see my ostheopath at the end of the month. Could also be a kyst. But I can't locate the pain. But it's seems upper left, not down. It has been long time I have back pains, but this one is the most painfull and the most long lasting, and never stop. I have mostly pain when I stay up. Not when I sit. Unless I sit where the pain is, aka on my back. Could be the coccys. I will have to look further then. But as a patient unless the doctor finds it, I don't think I can find it by myself.

  • I got scared i was thinking it was cancer

  • its been 2years now im experiencing this kind of cyst. very painful. i do take 2000mg of vit.c a day so that my immune system will get stronger. doc i neee ur help on how to prevent it

  • I have a cyst all my life not sure what it is, anything physical i do it swells and feels most uncomfortable..please advise?.I have to use a coccyx cushion now while sitting…

  • I knew that there often is hair within a pilonidal cyst but I didn’t know the medical term of pilonidal meant a nest of hairs. Thank you.

  • hello! i’ve had tailbone pain for almost 5 months now and i haven’t fallen or hurt my tailbone in any way and i don’t know what to do. i went to the doctor and i had 2 xrays and everything seemed fine with the bone itself. i recently went to the chiropractor but that didn’t help. i was wondering if you have any tips or know what to do with my tailbone. it only hurts when i sit or go from sitting to standing. no one has any idea what it is. thinking about getting an mri but i am not sure? thank you!

  • Hi doc thank you for the info
    And don't understand eng very well

    I think I have a pilonidal cyst
    So can I open it by my self an clean it carefully with alcohol
    Plz reply doc ?!?!

  • I am currently going through my second cyst in my life. First one was when I was 16. I really don't want to go to a doctor but since I can't operate on my own tail bone, I doubt I'll get out of it lol.

  • I have a red line in my crack and red skin around it

  • Iv been taking Motrin and cleaning the area and it's been helping

  • I had fallen and hurt my tailbone I went to the hospital and they did and X-ray and said my tailbone was fine and it’s just sore . But then I realized I had this weird bump and I figured out it was a pilonidal cyst I’m very scared of getting surgery but I’m also aware that getting it drained doesn’t ensure it won’t come back again . How can I take care of it on my own at home ?

  • I have a massive pilonidal sinus above my buttocks, I fell down the stairs and my coccyx was bulging nearly piercing through the back of my anus , my buttocks get itchy nerves in the muscle and squashing them on a hard chair is the only relief, but now it has caused my coccyx to bulge at the right side of my anus it is not a hemmaroid it is my coccyx bulging really hard pushing my anus out really massively

  • Can these cyst be seen with MRI(?) test ?? .. moi, canada 🇨🇦

  • This pain is the worst!! It drains on its own but I’m so scared it will get infected 😣 my dr told me a few years ago to soak it in warm water or compress let it drain, is there anything I can put on it to heal faster? Relieve the pain

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