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Hello friends welcome back to my channel how
are you all…in monsoon season our lips get very dry chapped this home remedy I will be
sharing with you how to get rid of this dry chapped lips and make them into pink and soft…
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to never miss any video first ingredient is sugar crystals here I am using 2 teaspoon
of sugar crystal along with 2 teaspoon of honey sugar is a natural exfoliator which
removes the dead skin cells and grows new cells honey makes lips soft smooth and
pink next ingredient is Indian gooseberry or emblica also called as Amla….Grate the emblica with
the help of a grater and extract juice out of it If you like my content then please do
share my videos with your family and friends through Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram Amla is a rich source of vitamins minerals and antioxidants and especially vitamin c which
is very much beneficial for skin Amla when combined with sugar and honey acts as a great
exfoliant and scrub add amla juice into the mixture and mix it well and then scrub onto your lips this home remedy is very much easy but it is very much helpful to try it
at home if you like this video please give a like underneath this video.. apply a thick
layer of this lip scrub on to dry and chapped area of your lips massage gently keep it for
about ten minutes and then wash off with water please do subscribe to my channel and also
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skin and hair care the videos are given on the screen can check them out I will be back
with amazing home remedy bye for now

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