DIY II Facepack For Sun TAN II धूप में चर्म – शोधन II By Beauty Expert Namrata Prasad

Hi guys, how you guys doing? see, i always ask you that how you guys doing? why don’t you ask me ever that Namrata how are you doing? You must ask me, comment me or inbox me. But,today i have come to discuss something with you. Tell me where do you like to give in the vacations. I personally like beaches. I personally like visiting beaches, sun sand tanning and all that . but coming back what is the most problematic thing ? like we had fun with family and friends but coming back your vacations are over and you have to get back to work but with the tan , what would you do with the tan and you don’t have the time Nothing, just use my tip which will instantly gives you bleach and natural glow of course. And , don’t waste your time so, this bleaching facepack will help you to have fairer skin And you just bring any type of tan, this will remove that. and that’s my guarantee and here we only talk about the things which have guarantee. So less time, more effect and no tan. So, lets have a look that what you require for this facepack. for this you need 1/2 red tomato not the raw or green one. then take small piece of potato, not the cooked one , just the raw and peeled small piece of potato. crush the tomato and potato together now how will you crush them? either you mash it kitchen hammer or if you have food processor then grind it in the food processor. Don’t make its paste or take out its extract , just crush it so that you can see the granules of it. now take out this mixture in the bowl and apply this on your face. until it gets dried up leave it till then or you can leave it for 15 min. normally in summer time it gets dry very soon. or the winter or rainy season or you can come back from vacations then leave it for 15 minutes only and then wash it off with warm water. lukewarm water not the hot one . with almost 1 mug of lukewarm water is enough for your face wash. and then you will see the tan wile go quickly. less time, less tan, more glow tan is low in this, more tan will get reduce in this with lesser time. you try this after your vacation from beaches, sand and sun. go tension free, come back and try this remedy. its simple. but there is another thing which is very simple. comment below, share it on whatsapp, facebook and twitter And then like the video and subscribe my channel. Simple. Bye-Bye.

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