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Hey everyone welcome back to my channel if you saw my video from yesterday Then you know that I showed you how to make a very easy but effective face Exfoliating scrub, and I’ll put that up in the cards for anyone that’s interested, but today is going to be just a little different I’m going to show you how to make an aloe vera face mask for dry and flaky skin so today We’re looking for something hydrating Moisturizing yet simple and effective to make that’s my motto So we’re only going to need three ingredients you’re going to need aloe vera gel almond oil and one ripe banana So let’s get started we will start with a small piece of our ripe banana one tablespoon of aloe vera gel and two teaspoons of almond oil You will then mash and mix all your ingredients together and this combination is so good for your skin because You have the aloe vera for hydration Almond oil for moisture and the banana for all its nutritious vitamin packed properties And I’ll be sure to put in more details in the description box so feel free to read that for more information Now we are ready to go ahead and apply our mask to our face And yes this can get a little bit messy, so you know try to do it over a sink and Now we just wait for our masks to dry out and do its work Okay so after about thirty minutes You’ll have something like this you can see I’m talking like ne?ne?ne? It’s not as stiff as like a clay mask, but you know it’s a little stiff And that’s just the banana and stuff So it’s not like, I can actually move around where with a clay mask You can’t even like talk, you have to talk like this with your mouth closed But anyway, so yeah after about a half hour, I’m going to go wash it off and the way I’m gonna wash it off I’m gonna first rub all the like banana off, and then I’ll wash it with like a moisturizing cleanser and then put like either shea butter or Whatever other moisturizer. I have to really lock in everything I just did. Alright so I just washed off the mask and You’ll be able to tell as soon as you wash your face like you can tell like your face feels hydrated And it just feels, it just feels nice and like moisturized you know Just be careful with what you wash it off with though like if you are using like a bad Cleanser then you’re not gonna really notice anything but um Other than that my little small tip is For anyone doing like any mask when you’re washing it off to make that process just a little faster I would recommend buying one of these, this is like the little scrubbies from Walmart, you can get two of them for $2.99 and I love this little thing this is what I wash my face with all the time Whenever I use any type of cleanser or anything it Just, it just makes it really it gets in there, and it’s soft, and it doesn’t like damage your skin Silicone, so it’s really good, so yeah, after you wash just pat dry your face And that’s pretty much it now for variations There are a couple of variations that you can do with this recipe For example if you prefer to have like a leave-in moisturizer, and you don’t want to do like the wash off a banana thing You can always omit the banana and just do almond oil and aloe vera gel And it works really good as a leave-in moisturizer The second thing the almond oil if you want to substitute that for another oil that you like Maybe jojoba oil or whatever oil works really good on your skin, Feel free to do that the point of this recipe is to be effective, but it’s also nice and adjustable, so yeah Try it out Let me know what you think of it in the comments section, if you liked it And if you like this video give it a big thumbs up. I’ll catch you in my next one. Bye

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