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Hey guys welcome back! Today’s a highly requested
video. I’m going to show you how to press loose mineral foundation. Specifically I’m
going to show how to press the Lucy Minerals Original Foundation. This is a very moisturizing
mineral powder foundation. I know that sounds crazy but it really is a moisturizing mineral
makeup. It almost feels to me like I’m applying a liquid foundation. It does not dry out my
dry skin. So I’m kind of in love with it. This video is not sponsored in any way, shape
or form. I have spent a ton of money at Lucy Minerals. I originally found out about Lucy
Minerals from the Reddit subforum Indie Makeup and More. And they had posted about Lucy Minerals
having a sale. So I bought some of their product during the sale, figuring well, if I hate
it, you know, at least I didn’t buy it full price. I ended up loving it however when I
first went to apply it, it was so heavy / full coverage, when I did it right out of the jar
I was like, well I need to find another way to apply this foundation because the coverage
is great, it feels great on the skin it’s just too much coverage for me. So someone
suggested pressing it. I started looking into how to do that. The first time that I pressed
it, by dumb luck, it turned out just fine. I originally pressed it into this It Cosmetics
container, which I don’t know if you can see it but it’s really pretty, it’s like a white
with iridescent pink shift. You can see how much I have used (hey ma, I hit pan!). So
yeah, that turned out ok by dumb luck. It did darken it up a little bit because I think
I used too much preservative and pressing medium. But I decided at that point that I
was going to find the PERFECT way to press it. So I’ve actually bought a total of 7 jars
of foundation in my quest to find the perfect way to press this stuff. Most of the rest
of the pressings that I’ve done have been failures. You can see this one totally cracked,
was hard, too dark, and was unusable. This one is horribly dark. This one, also not great.
So I had all of those failures. However, after failure after failure, I kept researching.
I finally decided that I should try doing it with fractioned coconut oil. And THAT was
the winner! So I mentioned that the Lucy Minerals Original Foundation is sort of like applying
a liquid foundation in powder form. It’s almost creamy. I think that’s because of the ingredients
that they use. They use a lot of ingredients that I have NEVER seen used in a mineral foundation
before. It also has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties, making it great for rosacea and
redness and sensitivity, which I have all of that goin’ on. I’m going to go ahead and
tell you what tools I used. I’m also going to list all of the products that I used in
the description box below. So please be sure to check that description box. You can also
buy compacts but you need to buy the tins. I bought a bunch of compacts and didn’t buy
tins because I didn’t realize they were sold separately. I also repurposed some of my other
compacts that I had. Before I began I sanitized all of my tools with 70% alcohol. And the
important thing is that you let those tools completely dry before you do anything else.
So for the last foundation that I pressed with the coconut oil I repurposed this Laura
Geller foundation compact to put it in. It turned out pretty well! I’ve already made
a dent in it. I used 2 teaspoons of foundation to 2 teaspoons of a bunch of other stuff.
I’m going to list out that stuff and again it’s going to be down in the description box
as well. So my mixture that I made right here was about 50% foundation and 50% glowy and
make it press better, which I really like. However, if you want more coverage do about
75% to 80%, maybe even 90% of the foundation and the rest glowy stuff. And while you don’t
have to use any of the hilite powders, I do recommend that you use the Nylon 12 and Satin
pearl. Just so that it will press better. I’m of course going to show you how I did
all of this so you can see step by step the exact way to go through it and what it should
look like. I mixed all of my powders together in one bowl. In the other bowl I mixed together
the fractioned coconut oil with a few drops of the Cap-5 preservative. Next I did the
most important thing, the thing that took the longest, I added the liquid mixture literally
drop by drop to the bowl of powder, stirring with the mini spatula and the tooth pick.
For my foundation it took 130 drops of liquid. It may take more or less depending on what
your powder combination is. But do it drop by drop. And it’s very important. You’ll see
why. So I added this drop by drop and mixed it up. When it balled up I would use the toothpick
to get it off of the spatula and mix it up some more. You can see here, it’s clumping
together on itself. Part of it starts to look like when you make cookie dough and part of
it’s starting to look a little bit like clumpy wet sand. It’s sticking to itself. It forms
like these little balls. It’s worth it to take the time to go slow and not use too much
liquid. Ok you see how it looks right here? This is when I knew it was the right texture
to put into my compact. I used the spatula to spread it out in the compact. My camera
kept shutting off during this process, which was really frustrating. The texture here is
much drier than in my original pressing or my fail presses, which were all much, much
wetter. I used a pressing ribbon and a large round pressing tile to press it down. I pressed
pretty much as firmly as I could. The way I knew that this mixture was perfect and not
too wet is that it didn’t really stick to the pressing ribbon. You did see a little
bit of moisture on the ribbon but you did not see the foundation sticking at all. It
really pressed down nicely into the compact. This dried down pretty fast for me, less than
24 hours. I felt like it probably would have been safe to use at that point but I waited
a total of 48 hours before I tried it out. When you do a more dry press like this, the
product is obviously ready to use faster. Also, it didn’t darken or change color like
my previous ones. So I’m really happy with how this turned out. I know how I’m going
to tweak it next time because instead of doing 50% foundation 50% glowy stuff, I’m going
to do 75% foundation and 25% glowy stuff. I am currently wearing it right now. And also,
just for fun, I ended up pressing a sort of even more glowy highlighter. This is probably
60% glow 40% foundation. Because I wanted to see if that would work. And it did. But
this is definitely for a more sheer day. If you have dry skin I think that you should
definitely check out the Lucy Minerals Original formula because it’s basically made for normal
to dry skin that’s sensitive. They also have a formula for oily skin so that if you have
oily skin you can still get an anti-aging foundation or one without any of those ingredients.
Anyway I hope that you found this tutorial helpful. Please be sure to let me know what
you think in the comments below. If you like this video give it a thumbs up and share.
And if you haven’t already be sure you subscribe to my channel. I make new videos weekly. Thanks
so much for watching. I appreciate your time!

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  • What a cool DIY! Thanks, Phyrra!

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  • Ooh thank you so much. I've been wondering how to do this. I've been using Lily lolo mineral foundation in porcelain for years because it's the only foundation in any formula that matches me. do Lucy minerals make lighter shades than what you are wearing? the formula sounds interesting.

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    As a fellow very pale person, can you tell me where I could find a super fair long-wearing powder foundation for a combo/oily girl with lots of redness?
    I apologize if you have talked about this topic before!

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  • Hmm, I have a sample-sized Lucy Minerals foundation. I actually thought it would be the worst of my mineral foundations to press, due to its unique formula. I use coconut oil to press my eyeshadows. I just hope it wouldn't give my oily skin any issues if I used it in a face product.

  • Hi!! I wanted to ask you 3 things.. first, does the powder lose coverage? maybe you said it but I didn't ear it🙈, second one, does it end up 'creamy' or it dries to be totally a powder? and the last question, doesn't it grow any mold as the time goes? sorry for so many questions😓

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