DIY Honey Facial Mask / Armenian Honey Beauty Treatment

Armenia where culture and ethnic groups of East and West intersect. If you walk the city, you can see Wow!! So many beautiful women! What is the secret of beauty? This is a very popular beauty salon. What we learned here is a popular course using
honey. It stimulates blood circulation by using sticky
honey to stimulate skin tension. It improves metabolism and seems good for
dieting. It feels like my body has become warm and
the skin has come alive. The honey massage not only removes body stiffness
but also moisturizes the skin and makes it supple. Relationship between honey and beauty. We visited beekeeper Srem in Northern Armenia. Honeybees collect nectar from various flowers
in the surrounding area. Honey shines, its sparkling and looks delicious. Srem: Yes, this honey is extremely tasty! Recently my daughters are using this honey
to apply as a face pack. Could you tell us how to make the honey pack? What? Are these a material? It looks like you are going to cook. They squeeze onions and parsley with this
cookware and squeeze further and use the extract. Add plenty of honey here and flour and
mix well until creamy. They painted this on their faces and waited
15 minutes. Just wipe it off. How is it? It’s very good. You look good too. I feel so good. Father’s love and honey create the secret
of beauty. My daughters use my honey to try different
kinds of face packs. When they sold the honey facial packs at student
trade fair, they were sold out very quickly. Armenian Honey Beauty Treatment
The best beauty gift from bees

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