DIY Face Mask | How To Get Clear Bright And Acne Free Skin

Who wants a Skin full of acne? No One Everyone wants a acne free fresh and glowy skin Right! Hello friends Welcome back to my channel Hope you are all doing well Today I’m going to show you a DIY Face Mask If you are suffering from acne or if you have lots of acne scars on your face This face mask is perfect for you This DIY mask is suitable for all type of skin So let’s see How to make this DIY face mask Let’s see what we need to make this face mask Red split lentils powder or ground red lentils Also know as Masoor Dal Red lentil powder will cleanse and soften your skin nourish and keep your skin oil free to prevent acne Aloe Vera Gel Aloe Vera will help to reduce acne wrinkles and fine lines It moisturises skin and reduce sun tan Yogurt Yogurt will remove acne scars and fight with acne Turmeric Powder Turmeric powder is effective in the treatment of acne It has antibacterial properties that fight pimples and breakouts to provide a youthful glow to your skin Now I’m taking 1 tablespoon of red lentil powder 1 tablespoon of yogurt 1 tablespoon of aloe vera and a pinch of turmeric powder I am mixing all the ingredients to make a thick paste I am going to apply this mask with a normal foundation brush or you can apply this mask with your fingers Now I am going to tie my hair to make a bun and I am going to apply this mask all over my face Whenever you are applying this mask don’t forget to apply on your neck area After applying the mask wait for 15 to 20 minutes or until the face mask is completely dry While you are waiting please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t done so already Also, please don’t forget to share this video with your friends and family Well my face is completely dry Now I am going to wash my face with The Body Shop Tea Tree face wash This face wash is suitable for oily and acne prone skin Now I am done I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial Please don’t forget to Like, comment, share and subscribe to my channel You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat All are Shahnaz Shimul Full recipe is given in the description box below or you can check my blog So see you all in my next tutorial Until then bye

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