DIY face mask for instant brightness

Hi Pinks! welcome to my channel. My face is not looking good, it’s like very
dull and I am really not happy with it. I don’t know what to do, but I have an idea. Yes! I am going to use foundation. No…no…no..I am not going to do any makeup
but I am going to use it as a face mask. You can use any foundation. All you will need to do is just apply your
foundation liberally on to your face. Don’t be scared, because this foundation is
your’s and you have used it it’s not going to irritate your skin, it’s not going to clog
your pores and I think you already love this foundation so just apply it all over your
face even on your eye lids. Yes! I am going to apply it on my eye lids. And….that’s it…… No I am kidding! Just using your clean fingers spread the foundation
all over your face don’t leave any area even your lips. Cover all the parts of your face, and even
your neck. I don’t know why I didn’t apply it on to my
neck? Next time I will. So what so ever just apply it and have fun
with it, Just keep applying it covering all the parts of your face just like how I am
doing. I think I look so scary? plastic?….oh I don’t know! but….don’t
I look pretty? Please let me know how I look with this face
mask, but no mean comments…… Have fun with it. So, after 10 minutes you can wash your face. It’s been 10 minutes. I am going to wash my face with this cleanser. You can use any cleanser, there is no particular
cleanser. I am using it because I received it in my
VoxBox from Influenster. So, I will wash my face and get back here. Soooo…..Look at my face……It’s really
bright and looking so good. I am really happy about it. I am just spraying rosewater on to my face
so you can see I don’t have any makeup on my face. I am just dragging the napkin on my face,
I usually don’t do this but for the sake of this video I need to do it. Because I want you to know that I don’t really
have any makeup on my face. So….with the dragging the napkin has torn!
but still you can see the napkin is all white and clean with no makeup on it. I hope my Pinks you really enjoyed it knowing
that there is this technique you can look fresh and good without any makeup or anything. If you like this video, please do click the
thumbs up button, and also subscribe to my channel. And I’ll catch you in my next video. Until then be kind to one another, bye bye
With love Sindhu.

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