DIY Face Mask | Clay Mask for sensitive skin

Hi Pinks welcome to my channel thank you
so much for tuning I am really really happy to see you here again and if you are new I am sindhu here in today’s video I’m going toshare a clay mask that is very similar
to the previous clay mask at that I have already uploaded in my channels you
haven’t watched that video I’ll link that in the description box below so you
can watch it after this video but the difference in this video is that it is for people with sensitive skin in the previous two videos I showed
how to use clay for oily skin and also for dry skin but I wanted to do this
video for people with sensitive skin so everyone can enjoy the benefit of the
clay and detox their skin I’ve already talked a lot about the clay how it helps our skin and if you want to know it you can check it in the other videos but just
in the brief I can tell like this clay is going to detoxify your skin and make
your skin feel so good and pretty sure my sensitive skin pinks out there are
going to love this face mask in the clay mask and using the Indian healing clay
that is the bentonite clay rose water and lemon and pinks my skin is not
sensitive that is why I am adding lemon to the mask but if you have sensitive skin
please don’t use the lemon and just use the clay and the rose water
because lemon is citric and I don’t want to irritate your skin with the
citric acid in it so skip the lemon if you have sensitive skin and you don’t have
sensitive skin you can go ahead with the lemon and the rose water that’s what I
am going to do so let me show you how I am going to mix the face mask as usual I am
starting by cleaning my mixing bowl and spoons with rubbing alcohol I highly
recommend it because to be sure of using a clean bowl and a spoon
I am using a measuring spoons to measure my ingredients and here I’m using half
tablespoons I’m adding about 1 tablespoon of Indian clay now I am
adding more than half a tablespoon of rosewater to it
I use the same plastic spoon to mix it as you can see I did not add enough of
rose water so I am adding a bit more and trying to mix it all good now I am
adding 1/2 tbsp of lemon and I am using lemon concentrate it doesn’t matter if it’s
real lemon or concentrate I don’t mind using both. to
make the concoction more mask like I am adding a bit more of rosewater and
mixing it all together well like a mask I really recommend you to mix it without
any lumps I mixed it not quite really well there are little lumps in the mask
yeah but I don’t mind it now but in the future I’ll definitely try to mix it
without any lumps now the face mask is all ready for the face and I am back with the
face mask and all we have to do is apply it and let’s do that I’m using my hands
as usual when I’m applying the clay mask because you know I can’t use
my face mask applicator because it has metal in it I told a thousand times
but still i am going to repeat it so let me apply it I have applied a thick layer of face mask
just like how I like it and if you like it like a thin layer of
mask you can do that too as I told I like it very thick and as you can see my mask
was little lumpy because while mixing you would have seen like I didn’t mix it quite
well but I would recommend you to mix it quite well and like without any
lumps so it will apply very smoothly onto your face even if it lumps up it’s
not going to affect the face mask or the result it is going to give you I have set a
timer for 10 minutes and I let it dry after 10 minutes I’ll come here and show
you how it looks after this in between when it’s drying I’m
going to do some Insta stories if want to know what I’m doing with my
face and with my life follow me on Instagram and know more about me thank
you so much it’s like hard for me to talk Let me come back here once it’s dry
and good so my pinks this is how my face looks let me give you a close up of how it really look it’s just been like 10 minutes after I applied my face mask and it’s all dried and let me zoom you in and show you how it looks and then
it’s time to go wash my face Let me go wash my face and get back here in a
minute I am back my pinks my face look and like do you want me to
zoom in I think that’s a good idea and zoom in so my face looks after the face
mask and as usual the clay like cleanse my skin so good is really feels
like clean and very refreshing the lemon really did brighten my skin that is how
I feel like the real life light I feel like my skin feels like a quite brighter
that’s why I use the lemon and the rosewater it was amazing it like really
felt really cooling in like moisturizing when the face mask is on because it
won’t be like really really moisturizing but you will feel that kind of soothing
feeling when the rosewater and the Clay is on your skin so I really like the face
mask and I hope my dear pinks you will also enjoy the face mask as always please
do a patch test before putting on any masks not just this one before anything
you can like do the patch test on your neck or on your arm
please try this face mask and let me know how you felt about it in the
comment section I will linked down all the things that are used in the face mask
in the description below thank you so much for watching till the
end my pinks if you enjoyed this video and liked it please click the thumbs up
button please do consider subscribing to my channel and really enjoying doing all
these videos and I am very sure I am going to continue to do a lot more
videos and I am going to work towards like posting two or three videos per week with that said thank you so much pinks and really sorry my little bee is talking out along with me and she’s cute
thank you thank you thank you thank you so much for your support and your comments and
everything I will catch you in my next video until then be kind to one another bye bye with love sindhu

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