DIY Charcoal Blackhead Remover Mask

Sorry about the audio: hey guys welcome back to my channel it
is Micaiah here and today it’s a DIY friday so for today yeah why you can’t guess it has
something to do with the face this way bare-faced it is going to be the
charcoal blackhead remover mask I’ve seen it all over Instagram I
promise you look all over instagram i’ve seen so many YouTube videos but mine is
going to have like a different spin to it because instead of using activated
charcoal i’m going to try a regular grill charcoal I looked it up its ok to use on your
skin it’s not going to hurt or anything but i’m not going to see if it has the
same effects so if you’re interested in how this
video turns out just stay tuned all right guys let’s get right into the
video hey guys the items needed to make charcoal masks are very simple and all
agile mind that i had so i have three or four classes go check right here then you’re going to want to have never
you’re going to also need 11 to you charcoal just one I choose just one once
you’re going to need the Elmer’s glue this kind of the world watchable cool blue looks like that you’re going
to need one block dad then i have to paint brush the only one
I didn’t see like two different supplies better and then you’re going to
need a small containers to put the mixture of the blue and the charcoal
together and then I have a role of me for child not at all I just have a sheet fold in
half and then also i have a board and i have any work around here and I don’t
want to do it morning marble table ok so like I said all the
sides and I thought home if you have to go out and buy any of us it’s not going to be the accident so let
me show you how to make the struggle mass in our guys easy ok so I’m going to first start by taking
my charcoal and eating my paper towel and wrap the charcoal inches let’s wrap it up that being here and take your coffee
cultures with the paper towel with the Charlie and wrap that in the filters
then you’re going to take your plastic back and the charcoal inside so are right now and I want to make sure it’s time to
make sure that guy so none of the stuff without and that is my guess step 1 alright guys so how I’m gonna
take the boxes a candid camera bring it down great well done – tough enough for blacking out ok guys so I have a golfer camera for a
little bit because when I was pouring with rain i noticed that it was still
kind of Club be so I had a smash it down but I’d i started about three spoonfuls
of the charcoal and I put inside of the bowl so but if you’re back just before I
suggest you forward to those tiny little holes because the tiny holes allow for
the not be clock to get in there which I learned that I kept going but yeah so
that was step 3 started before you think I’m so step four is fine when you get to
Elmer’s clip we’re going to take your number little air going to pour it and through
the charcoal mix like so you should have asked you like to listen to but I feel like this is going to take a
long time just like a good squeeze it out so I’m gonna be quick and efficient and
i’m going to do the youtubers that never did that did
you know this has been a cat if you make it look so I’m going to pour it up much
faster and then you’re going to take your brush with service which I feel
like this will decide within the patient and I wanna okay you guys this is kind
of thick you don’t like it because it should be
like more of a to b substance or clip hear the noise not going to get a job ok so i got i like water down a little
bit I was not looking right so I’m going to start lying to me how
that goes i’m going to use a mirror so I can see
when i’m applying it buddy let’s see i’m a little sketch jewel it doesn’t feel bad work it’s just not as black as the most
peoples are really like a great color and try you don’t want to apply it on any part
of this here because that’s going to hurt to complain ok so now that i’m gonna finish applying
this mask i’m going to let it sit for 30 minutes until you how long you guys say
is already drawing and I’m like and you are times in my mouth so yeah this is what it looks like a big
bear this but yeah I can feel it drying so that’s true i’ll get back to you guys however long it takes to drive all right ok guys so it’s been about an hour and a
half I’m really having a hard time moving my
mouth so I’m not really ridiculous so you get a 2 hour and 30 minutes so
yeah so I’m already started feeling like the things around the bottom but i just
want to sit back to back days of it so I’m just going to fill this mask all if you love me love me but you never let
me calm the University no it doesn’t hurt when
you take it off girl click this crap ok guys so I’m almost taking off
celebrate Nicholas I know what you’re talking about you yeah ok so now sorry I’m trying to think what up now we’re going to go get a warm towel
just to get off all the excess that’s like the left on there so i’ll be back talent my face off ok alright guys so I don’t work out I’m
just going to wipe off the excess stuff helpful tips now that is all and I promise you it
feels so good my skin feel like I don’t know those like Titan but then like it
feels like a got like a lot of stuff do you sing like it feels like I’ve got a
lot of stuff out of it it also what like me which direction
your face which i like to use a separate worlds or below haha i can put the lease
down that’s what we have a link for the
website because it works so good it’s good for dry skin and burn still as you can see using a grill
charcoal can work as well the witching grill if that truck works as well so no
need to go out and go spend eight dollars go online to find that stuff
because it works just as fine so yeah this one this DIY it was a
thumbs up it will sketch in the beginning of us and all great but thanks
for watching my channel hope you like my video hope you guys
like date it is we go thumbs up if you enjoy and leave
comments down below you guys tried to how it works out i like to know alright thanks for watching bye

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