Hey guys, it’s me Sylvia! Back with another video and as you can see, I’ve got a new little setup going on here! thought I would try it out for this fun rainbow themed video. You probably saw this coming if you watched my previous video. I mentioned my new equipment. I hope you guys like it! I know I do, I love it so much. But lets get right into the video. Today I am going to be testing out a really really cool looking but kind of weird face mask. Now I think everybody… My eyelashes are stuck to my bottom lashes.. Okay, Better I think everybody loves a good peel off face mask especially if it gets off all the gunk out of your pores. I mean who doesn’t like that, it is oddly satisfying to watch and if you’re doing it on yourself, I mean you just feel cleaner and more hygienic after. So when I saw this like rainbow face mask going around and it was a peel of mask I was like okay I have to try and then I saw what it was made of and I was just… Ugggg.. even more intrigued. So basically the two ingredients are glue and paint. Yes people, you heard me right. Now I wasn’t that surprised cause I did do a previous video using glue and activated charcoal mixed together and it works pretty well. I will leave an info card over here if you guys want to watch it after the video. But when I saw it in like rainbow form I had to like try it myself and test it out for you guys to see if it works but of course I have to add a disclaimer I mean I don’t really know what this stuff does to your face i’m not a dermatologist. So that is my disclaimer if you try this out and something happens to your face. It wasn’t me. I’m sorry. just take precautions. Okay? Just realize you are putting glue on your face It is what it is. So kets try it out. I’m really excited. So hit that like button and this should be a lot of fun and of course if your’e not subscribed to my channel, I drop 3, I can’t even… 3 videos a week now, so if you want to see those just go ahead and hit that subscribe button so you will be notified when I drop a new video. Without further a do lets get on with this craziness. So apparently all we have to use is the Elmer’s School Glue and it is non toxic so thats extremely important cause you know, you dont want to be putting some toxic stuff on your body, but I don’t know if i still trust that. Like that is still questionable and apparently all you need to mix with it is some paint, but I got the washable kids paint to make

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