DIY | Baking Soda & Lime Face Scrub | FADE ACNE SCARS! Euniycemari

so I’m doing a patch test I’m going to
keep this on here for about like a minute or so when I suggest doing this
before applying to your face anything that you’re not sure if you’re
going to have an emotional reaction to us they do a patch test first before
replying to your face so I’m going to see how this goals and then I’ll come
back hey guys great news for me here so i’m
going to be doing a baking soda limit scrub for my face because you guys know
that this is my acne is somewhat under control like i said i still get
breakouts if you see my recent on any updates I still get break out of course
it happens but I don’t get them as often and not as bad as they used to be now that I kind of have that under
control and now I can kind of focus in on my actual scarring that I have now
I’m not going it’s not too bad it’s a little little scarring not that bad so i have are a few scars here i think
this but my face has definitely more scarring in this on my face I mean
people have a certain amount of scoring starring here as well because my cheeks
are where I mainly break out so that’s mainly where I have my scarring so I’m
going to go ahead and show you guys how I make this and how I apply it now this is my first time trying to
baking soda method and limit I’ve heard a lot of things about it and how it
really does help to fade a little scars so lets you have his goals I did do a
patch test on the inside of my arm right here and didn’t have it reaction to it so that is good instead of using a lemon I didn’t have
anybody to have a lime so I’m going to be alive to spoon and get a couple of
scoops of the baking soda out not a lot because i’m not going to use
this on my entire face just on my that was a lot right there – I’m but just on
the i’m just going to use it on the portions of my face that I have this
garden which is my cheeks and then I’m just going to take a limit i’m going to
squeeze it into the baking soda yeah and I’m going to mix it up ok yeah yeah the thing about this other the pace is that I don’t want it to be
too runny nor do I wanted to be too thick I wanted to be a nice consistency and I
think this right here is a little bit through money for my liking for what I
want it to be so i’m going to go ahead and add some more baking soda ok so i think i’m happy just a
consistent theme which are one it is like a pace more so it’s not too wet
it’s just more like a paper i can just put on so we’re going to go ahead and
I’m going to show you how I apply this yeah ok the final thoughts on doing it for the
first time um I don’t know how to feel i think i will give it a try a little
bit longer to see if it really does make an improvement in my skin I’ll just stay tuned to see another
video to be I would do a follow up video on the
speaker really doesn’t prove my skin or anything so yeah thanks for watching going into
story and i will see there’s a little video bye

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