Diminishing my boil/cystic acne OVERNIGHT at home

But this, I’ve never had something like this
appear on my face before. And look at all this! Like! It’s all on one side so I’m thinking that
this is from not washing my pillowcase. Because although I still have acne scars on
this side, I don’t have any pimples at the moment. But over here, I’ve got like a bunch of stuff
going down. And it’s actually reduced since the first
day that this appeared. These were a lot worse. They were more than just, like, what appears
to be scars. So, um, The first two. Well, yeah! So today is technically.. ok let me start
over. Hello! if you clicked on this video you either
currently have a boil and you’re trying your best to get rid of it, or you’re just curious
what this nasty thing is here on my face. Well, either way I’m gonna show you guys what
I am currently doing to reduce this get rid of it make it go away. And, you know, hopefully it works. So I first got this about 3 days ago. Today is technically day 4 of me having this
on my face. I got it, it appeared on Friday and today
is Monday. Well, I’ve been cleaning it with this Hibiclens
soap every day. And I’ve also been using dial gold on it to
try to reduce the size and make it burst on its own. And I’m gonna be honest with you, I did squeeze
it on two separate occasions. Because I just really wanted it to go away. And when I squeezed it, it actually got worse
and it started spreading all up here I could feel it. Like I was like all of this was swollen and
I couldn’t even open my mouth. Like I still have a hard time opening it. Because it feels really tight right now but
it’s not nearly as painful as it was in the beginning. So, what I did last night (because I just
couldn’t take the pain anymore) I researched how to get rid of boils (haha) quickly and
at home. Because the last time I had one, it was on
my head and it was so painful that I went to the doctor and had him cut it open and
squeeze it out but I just couldn’t take it anymore. I just couldn’t take it anymore. So what I did last night, um, because I don’t
want to go to the doctor and have him cut open my face (the hair grew back although
it wasn’t supposed to, it grew back, um, but I decided to just try to treat it myself). So This is pretty darn painful! Can’t even, it hurts! And it’s so, you see? It stretches up to here and comes all around
here. It’s so bad. Yeah so I actually took that video last night. Alright so it says here that onions have antiseptic
and antimicrobial properties that treat boils and thus drawing blood to the infected area. So when I used it last night, as you saw in
the video, it was like all spread around here and it was swollen and very sensitive and
tender. Well, I slept with the onion on my face last
night and I’m gonna show you how I did that. Probably until about, I’m sure there’s a way
to wrap it without covering my mouth like this, but I mean, the boil is right here. It’s right here! So, I don’t know I guess I could have gone
this way and it might have been better. Should I try that? Let’s try it. Cause this is how I wore it last night, and
I was having a hard time eating and drinking for the rest of the night after I took a shower. Alright, let’s see. Let’s try it this way. Straight over the head. Only thing about that is well it als it actually
helps it to uh, Like I said, come to a head and burst. So you don’t want to reuse it before washing
it. Definitely, wash it. So we’re gonna take it like that. I could have put my hair in a ponytail. I didn’t think about any of this before. Hopefully this stays. It doesn’t feel as tight as it did the other
way. I didn’t go to medical school so I don’t know
how to professionally wrap a bandage. This isn’t working! I feel it sliding. I need to get a more secure starting point. Alright! Let’s start back here. Then let’s go down. That may be better. Make sure I don’t get them kinky curls. Alright, there we go. Yeah baby. We done wrapped the head up. MMkay!That is better! Even though I still can’t open my mouth as
much. (hahaha)We’ll see! If I get rid of this before tomorrow you guys
this will be so perfect. Let’s see what happens.

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