Dilated Pore of Winer Dr. Pimple Popper Extractor Test | Auburn Medical Group

turn right you might one of the one of the doctors with better distribution for apartment okay oh good I still don’t have my voice I’m still I still have my cold Gary people will recognize you from other videos why do you keep coming back no it’s just these things that you have that they need to be taken care of and you’re so good with the camera so I feel like a pincushion if all right so you have this it’s a dilated poor of whiner which is actually a benign essentially a type of black head is what it is most similar to they don’t have to be messed with it all but sometimes you like getting rid of them so we don’t charge to get rid of them because there’s people enjoy watching it and so we like put them out on the videos it looks so scary let’s see if the dr. Sandra Lee dr. pimple popper comigel instructor can get this out look at that here let’s take it out to you can you guys got to excuse my voice I’m still getting over a cold and I’m sorry to expose you to my cold here but that was a really cool extraction of that dilated Porter whiner ok so now you’re a little lighter then you can show your wife the video and it’s a graveyard ok thanks for watching if you guys want to see more than just what we have on the YouTube you can be on the patreon like booboo Kitty and Lindsey antwine just by clicking on the link if you’re not subscribed already please subscribe and I know Gary you’re going to look at the youtube channel right yeah till next time Gary mark bond dr. mark long till it all of you to stay in good health

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