Different Types of Pimples

all right so let’s talk about the
dreaded pimple I mean sometimes we’re going out we have a big event and lo and
behold Shazam you get that pimple and it’s in an area that you can’t stand so
define a pimple for me so a pimple itself basically what it is it’s an
overproduction of oil, bacteria, dead skin cell debris that basically clogs up the
hair follicle now pimples there are many different morphologies which I think
we’re gonna touch on later but basically that’s that’s the overall definition and
there are different types of pimples we have a graphic to show our viewers what
kind of pimple you might get so let’s see these fabulous pimples
there are whiteheads those are ugly blackheads and the next one is papules
right pustules nodules cysts so define those for me obviously which one is more
serious than others definitely the nodules and cysts tend to
be more serious those are the ones that can lead to some significant scarring of
the skin but most commonly patients will present with the blackheads the
whiteheads the the papules which are those like those red inflamed ones or
sometimes gonna be a little bit tender and why do some people get let’s say
whiteheads over blackheads and vice versa okay so it really all boils down to the
size of the pores so when a patient gets a blackhead basically what’s happening
is that that hair follicle has a large overlying pore so when the hair follicle
is clogged up with the oil and the bacteria and the dead skin debris it’s
basically a chemical reaction that’s occurring so when oxygen is is hitting
those are hitting what’s in the hair follicle it causes an oxidation process
to occur which is causing all the material to turn black it’s very similar
to like when you cut an apple and the apple sitting out in the air it turns
brown and a white head basically the hair follicle has a very small overlying
pore so oxygen is not entering through that follicle so it’s not causing the
material to turn dark but ultimately they have the same the same content

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