Điều trị mụn viêm – mụn bọc hiệu quả uy tín TPHCM. Tại Hiền Vân Spa – bài 241

Hello friends💕 Today, a customer who is treating for the first time in Hien Van, he is in grade 11 His skin is very inflamed How long have you had acne? Acne from grade 10 this year he is in grade 11 Have you had any treatment in the past? you took acne myself, so did you apply any medicine? his acne condition was due to his own take acne and buying topical medicine at home when the acne is inflamed like this it will eat into a drive It feeds through inflammation under the skin look normally you don’t have to have severe inflammation but it’s hidden under the skin when threaded under the skin, the legs acne are very deep and it often leaves pitted scars like this This is an acne skin during puberty, you can refer to this skin Hien often advises parents when their children have acne We should find a reputable spa Let us treat and take acne properly sometimes we go to Dermatology may still not go away when we go to dermatology acne only collapse for cases of tiny acne For severe inflammatory acne we have to combine medication, topical and take acne After take, we must use very good nutrients such as collagen and stem cells Make sure they are of clear origin when running into the skin will not cause any irritation When we choose collagen, good stem cells run into it, which heals the wounds we just take acne It helps cell proliferation fill these holes Bruises are reduced and there will be no scars this cheek is also very heavy This is the result when we take acne at home It has left scars f we go to the spa is not reputable then they are not sure get the multiply acne for him his forehead area is a lot With acne so much, we will treat about two months to two and a half months That’s for sure Now Hien will take acne For this acne skin we will take acne about ten times Every time we take the lumps like this Hien take care of it so as to minimize skin damage to him as much as possible when the skin has acne it will be very weak Who has acne, the skin is also very weak Hien will take to minimize the damage to the skin for a while Hien cannot clean the skin completely It is important that after treatment we do not leave any dark spots and scars and an important problem when treating acne Acne will be noticeably reduced immediately after the first treatment with the way of taking Hien’s acne will certainly not leave dark, scars Clearly reduce acne after each treatment Hien take hidden acne will not swollen, red And the inflamed acne after take it will be slightly pink, and tomorrow the skin will return to normal This is a hidden acne often these hidden acne if we do not take it all will become inflammatory acne and acne calluses with so much acne density if we do not take it clean it will eat from side to side and an entire area has 5 pimple If we miss a lump it do get all inflamed Hien will take 5 pimples for you to see It’s a lot of acne Hien’s way of getting acne will not be swollen, red and minimize the damage It doesn’t hurt much This area is clearly not inflamed But there are many acne a lot of acne very much underneath it a little We have to take it all out Hien cotton lining to reduce force in the hands and reduce hurt After take the baby’s skin will not leave bruises and scars The skin is very thin and weak After removing the acne it will have a hole like this due to the baby’s skin is weak and very deep inflammation Hien will use the nutrients to run in to close and not leave any dark or pitted scars When nutrients go into it will help increase collagen When it comes to puberty, it is important for parents to take care of their children properly less foam cleanser Use a little foam cleanser twice a day to wash away excess oil glands and other dirt on the face When baby’s skin has acne we should treat it soon we should not take acne or buy medicine on our own Hien thank you for watching and supporting🤞💕💕

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