Điều trị Mụn Viêm-Mụn Bọc Hiệu quả Tại Hiền Vân Spa ( bài 230)

Today, Hien will continue to treat you with very large acne in this area (Do you remember Hien posting a big video about acne in the cheek 7 days ago?) Hien advises those who have acne to treat acne early acne should not spread and recur many times And don’t let acne form cysts Let’s see his skin This is his first acne capsule Can you see it? his cystic acne is very big it decreases by about 50% to completely remove this part, Hien had to squeeze all the pus and blood inside after the end of inflammation, Hien will use the nonmetal method to restore this skin so that this skin can restore all new cells so that later acne does not recur and helps skin not to darken and not spread acne anymore Can you see this part? Last time Hien take it and today it has decreased a little bit We see his other cheek in ipad is his image before treatment There are many cysts appear and now his chin is greatly reduced have been greatly reduced, and the hard cysts it takes time This part of him has dropped a lot This part of him has dropped a lot, haven’t you ? This is effective the effect Hien Van spa brings to customers Today is the fifth treatment Now Hien will take acne for him Hien will take near the cystic acne His skin is very thin very thin Hien needs to take slowly His skin is very thin even though he has a very good skin care, but to restore it We must need time maybe 3-6 months his skin can look like healthy skin like everyone else’s Hien doesn’t know if he has used any acne medication before but his skin is really weak There are always small acne around acne inflammation Last time this acne was very big anyone who has seen the video before will find it very loud Today it has dropped a lot compared to last time For this acne we have to take slowly It can’t be taken quickly It doesn’t matter whether it’s difficult or not, Hien just needs the cooperation of the customers It is important for us to convince our customers support and cooperation with treatment For Hien, there is nothing difficult just need customers to cooperate with spa treatment Can you see it shot no It shoots even on the shirt you hold the camera It’s not difficult at all, It is important whether you have treatment or not and you must follow the treatment regimen that Hien offers You must follow the treatment regimen given by Hien Van Spa because for successful acne treatment it has many elements workmanship, techniques and cosmetics and support methods for better skin recovery Last time, Hien took it in the upper section Today, Hien will take it at the bottom inside is the pus it is getting necrotic Today his skin has greatly reduced down a lot compared to the previous week Today is exactly one week he came back Hien will take slowly When acne has decreased, Hien will combine with nonmetallic method so that this damaged part can regenerate new and healthier cells Now we still have to take away Let it reduce inflammation this Acne today Hien only take come here Hien will take the other parts now we will go down to a smaller acne cyst This is part the skin with hidden acne When customers reduce inflamed acne, hidden acne will appear Do you remember this customer? Let’s wait and see the final results after 4 weeks acne inside a lot This is also a cystic acne Hien is taking acne around it Hien often says that there are many hidden acne around cystic acne When take acne it is important to find its head We have to take it slowly You can’t use a straw to remove it so it will leave a scar Today, Hien take it here only when his skin starts to get better we will see black pimples like this in the pores It stays inside because when the acne is inflamed we cannot see it inflamed acne covers these black spots This is also a cystic acne Hien just took it out little by little, you can see his skin is very weak and thin Last time here was a big acne cyst now it has decreased These are multiply cysts This is a big acne cyst If any acne is soft like this it will be very quick but most of it is very hard You often ask if the cyst is not soft, then how That’s the hard problem For experienced spa people they will know how to soften acne and how to get acne so you don’t leave scars His skin is very thin very thin The skin on his nose is also very thin His skin is so thin because he had used any medicine before, Hien don’t know I guess he used very strong bleach so weak skin Weak skin often acne deep under the skin his skin is so weak that Hien gently squeezed acne really fragile remove the acne it lays back a very large hole so after take acne we must run nutrition Hien’s acne take today will not go away because his ability to heal is very slow His skin is very badly damaged so making the acne pop up is also slower It’s done, guys Hien thank you for always watching and supporting hien💖💖 Let’s wait for his final result after 4 weeks😍 Hien Van thank you all very much💟💖

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  • Wow, what a difference you have made clearing his face. Great job. ❤️❤️

  • Many people were criticising your technique on this gentleman when you treated his skin last time…I think you have done an amazing job to reduce the inflammation and clear his skin!
    Well done 😃
    I’m sure this man is feeling much better about his appearance 😊

  • I so can also tell how you have listened to all our feedback and thank you for labeling , for answering the questions before we asked them 😂. So yes we will be patient for 4 weeks. I personally didn’t doubt your ability but wow 🤩 what a difference to last time. Incredible achievement. Thank you for sharing his journey. Best wishes. Alex

  • Amazing job Hien!!

  • Another amazing job and thankfully he came to you! He must feel so much better too. 💗💗👍🏻💖🇨🇦🥰

  • You do such amazing work! What a difference in this young man already! Love the English subtitles!

  • That's craaazzy! The amount of improvement is mind-blowing. Congrats on an amazing effort, Hien. 🙂

  • The core came out and she just left it there. Very bad popper

  • Looks really dehydrated, those lip splits are severe.

  • Ohh the poor young man ☹
    You have helped him a loy and will continue to help him improve.

  • You need to use bamboo tubes to get poisoned blood out

  • The treatment of Hiên you respected was wrong. I believed in Hiên and was waiting for this video. I am proud that the skin of this young man is being treated beautifully. Tears come out My eternal friend Hiên💕

  • I cannot find the other treatment, anyone know the link?

  • Crazy and Amazing! That guy is so lucky to be in your good hands!

  • So much improvement in such little time – great work!
    Hien, why are some cystic acne hard and others soft?

    Thank you for your wonderful video and amazing job as always.

  • This is such an uplifting video, Ms. Hien! Your client's skin is REALLY improved and I know he's feeling a whole lot better!

    Sending thanks and ♡ from South Carolina to all of you.

  • Thank you Hien for showing us the before photos. You do amazing work. Lucky young man to have you to take care of his skin. 💘💘💘

  • The ends do not justify the means – this client is lucky that this amateur treatment is, so far, helping – the esthetician seems to sincerely care about the patient – sad her education was so primitive!

  • Amazing improvement. Cannot wait for another followup

  • Wonderful work, dear Hien ! I'm so happy to see how much he has improved. 😃💗💗

  • 👏👏👏 Fantastic results already! I have a question: Why are his lips so dry and sore? Is it from the acne medicine?
    Thank you for sharing your work. 🙂💜✌️

  • Why do you keep squeezing the pimple until it Bleeds? And Bleeds? Does this really help with the healing? It looks like it puts a lot of trauma in the area to the skin!

  • Is amazing the results ! You are masters of masters !

  • Black acne ??? 🙄🙄🙄🙄 it’s a blackhead

  • Great job. I was expecting more debris to go flying but the dude looks so much better and I bet it hurts a lot less.

  • E eu gostmuito. De ver ja estou até menos de pressivae menos ansiosa só tenho a grade ser

  • E eu gostmuito. De ver ja estou até menos de pressivae menos ansiosa só tenho a grade ser

  • Needs Accutane.

  • It would be nice to see it from start to finish

  • Wow👍great work!!! Live the video

  • What a wonderful improvement!😊❤️

  • Amazing difference!!!!!! He must be so happy👍👍👍

  • Such a huge improvement Hien. His bottom lip looks extremely painful. Well done my friend, have a fantastic day.👏🏼👏🏼🥰🥰💓💓💕💕

  • A before and after! And an explanation for the plan of care. This is what’s missing from these types of videos

  • Thank you so much for explaining the process with subtitles. Greatly appreciate all you do for us and for your clients.

  • Have a nice day! Thank you for sharing

  • This is what Agent Orange has done to Vietnam.

  • Dear Hien, you are remarkable. Your unique combination of expertise and kindness creates a safe place for these especially vulnerable clients. He seemed much more relaxed today. We are sending him lots of good energy. Peace.

  • 🌟Hiền tôi rất vui mừng khi gặp lại người đàn ông đẹp trai này! Anh ấy trông thật tuyệt vời! Bạn đã làm rất tốt!👏👏👏

    Hien I am so excited to see this handsome man again! He looks amazing already! Great job!

  • Thank you for the awesome translation…so much nicer to watch💕

  • Great Work Ma'am 👍 glad to see them com back for follow up with you. Totally enjoy your work. Thanks for sharing this with us 🤪

  • You are so professional and you are so fastidious. I’ve been following him and it is amazing the change in his progress.

  • Question:
    You have referenced a non metallic treatment a number of times. Would you please explain what that means?
    Also, at your convenience, would you explain the other steps for acne treatment at your Spa and hone care?
    Are there steps for cleansing, tropicals, oral medications, supplements, and you mentioned stem cells?
    Thank you.

  • Wow. The difference in this lads skin is fantastic. You do wonderful work. 😘

  • You are so professional!! Showing before and after and explaining! Very clean!! Love your work!! Your the best!

  • get that man some chapstick

  • 🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽

  • What a difference, cant wait to see it when your finished working on him love the before & after pictures

  • This brave young man should be told that he was made by God/Buddha/Allah perfectly and in the creator’s image. His birth skin color is the same as the color of the One who Creates. Please teach him not to try to lighten his skin; he was perfect from birth. Peace.

  • What an excellent job!

  • I understand much better after this video how you treat cystic acne and why you sometimes have to extract a cyst over 5 – 6 times.
    Thank you for sharing your work and knowledge. 🌹

  • Good job on face, but he has a chronic dehydration going on. Lips and skin texture give it away. Needs tons of water.

  • Thank you for English subs. Thank you for the before pictures, it really helps to see the progress of the treatment. Thank you for the good quality video.

  • Beautiful video! Thank you for not putting the gunk on your gloves. Thank you for the frequent glove changes/wiping off. Thank you for using fresh cotton/gauze and not waiting until it's soaked with blood & pus and all nasty.

    THIS is how popping videos should be! So clean!

  • Thank you for the English subtitles. Very kind and thoughtful of you.

  • I can't believe you're using a syringe as a pimple popping tool. I can't believe people are watching your videos.

  • Do you have two channels?

  • There is such a difference in his skin in such a short time period. Good work. I hope he continues to get better. 😊

  • The young man must be happy with the great improvement to his skin so far
    I know, Hien, you and your staff will help him achieve healthy skin
    Look forward to seeing his healing

  • Wonderful progress! If expelled correctly the skin clears up quickly. I would love to see the expressions of the naysayers! You are far from a pimple popper! You are transforming his whole complexion!

  • This is why you are my favorite person on YouTube to watch!! His skin is looking so amazing because of you!!! ❤️

  • Wow, like I've said it before… you are the best!

  • What an amazing difference! I hope people read your detailed explanation and realize that you do indeed know what you’re doing! People need to stop the negative comments. You’re amazing! 👍😍

  • Hein, I am blown away by the incredible improvement in this young man’s skin! You are a master in your field! I know he must feel so much more self-confident! Hein, sweetheart, don’t listen to those few who criticize your methods. They are just misinformed cretins who enjoy trolling! Bravo to you for your fine work, my friend, and bless you always! 😘😘👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🌈💯

  • There is a virus at work here. 😷

  • AMAZING difference. He must be thrilled. Great job and ty for sharing. I just wish there was subtitles or something. Lol.

  • He is lucky to have you care for him!

  • Please look forward to the results of this customer in 2 weeks.

    thanks everyone

  • Offer that poor kid some chap stick.

  • Ban phước cho bạn Hiền vì quá kỹ lưỡng và tỉ mỉ trong công việc. Khuôn mặt của người đàn ông trẻ tuổi này trông thật tuyệt vời và bạn có thể nói rằng anh ta hài lòng bởi nụ cười của anh ta mỗi khi bạn hỏi anh ta một câu hỏi. Bạn có bất kỳ cơ hội chuyển sang một kim mới sau khi làm việc trên khu vực bị nhiễm bệnh của mình trên má phải của mình? Tôi nghĩ rằng tôi nghe thấy rip quen thuộc khi bạn mở gói. Nếu bạn đã làm điều đó có thể là một cái gì đó bạn muốn hiển thị trên video của bạn bởi vì nó cho thấy bạn thực hiện công việc của mình một cách nghiêm túc và sẽ không lây nhiễm. Bạn và những người máy ảnh của bạn làm việc rất tốt với nhau và luôn cung cấp cho chúng tôi những video chất lượng hàng đầu. Người theo dõi trung thành của bạn ở Mỹ, Merrie

    Bless you Hien for being so thorough and meticulous about your work. This young mans face looks amazing and you can tell he's pleased by his smile every time you ask him a question. Did you by any chance switch to a new needle after working on his infected area on his right cheek? I thought I heard the familiar rip when you open the package. If you did that may be something you want to show on your videos because it shows you take your job seriously and are not going to spread an infection. You and your camera people work so well together and always provide us with top quality videos. Your faithful follower in America, Merrie

  • Is there a video of the previous treatment?

  • Hien, you are the best! I love to see your heal these people and I love to see their pleasure at the results you achieve. Thank you!🌺🌺😘😘❤❤🥰🥰🌹🌹😍😍⚘⚘

  • Híên, how many channels do you have? I think I might be missing one but can't find it. If you have a new channel will you please post the link? Thank you so much!

  • Amazing 👍🏻😍

  • Medication would help and ultra violet light.

  • I really like these video's. I like that she explains what she is doing and why and what it will do for the skin. Also I like that she puts English subtitles. Helps me understand.

  • Noticeable improvement Hien! I am really looking forward to the next videos!
    Great work as usual! Blessings!

  • This video will shut the negative commenters mouth now.great work.

  • What a horrid thing cystic acne is ,she has worked miracles on his face it looks so much better now ,he MUST be a “little in love “ with appreciation for DR .just saying ,I know I would if she cured me !

  • Are you going to keep blabbering all through the entire video?
    Why don’t you shut up and work?

  • His before pic looks painful.

  • Cracks in lips is a red flag that you need a B-complex vitamin. I can't wait to see the miracle you did with this young man's skin! You are doing God's work, Hien.

  • Brilliant Hiện, what an amazing difference!

    This is the comment I left after you posted the first video of this young man

    "Hiện my friend, this is an amazing video & I think it's very brave of you to share it because it's not something we see on a regular basis. Some people will be sceptical that you'll be able to help improve the clients skin & I can see by some of the comments that this is the case. This must be very upsetting and frustrating for you, however many people including myself who have watched your channels for some time are confident that your treatment works. So ignore the negative comments for now, all you need do is to post some before & after footage when the treatment is complete to prove the doubters wrong"

    I'm so glad you proved all the sceptics wrong

  • Poor painful face.

  • Great difference I his skin well done ✔I'm wondering if this young man is on Roacutane it would explain the really dry lips mine were like that when I was on it for my acne ??!!!!!

  • His left cheek looks like it hurts. Bless his ❤ I'm asking because I don't know, would drinking more water help him?

  • Well, as it turns out, your friend here is only "mostly" dead. "Mostly" dead isn't "all" dead. With "all" dead there's only one thing you can do. Go through his pockets and look for loose change.

  • What an amazing difference!!! I love seeing the before and after pictures and cannot wait to see the follow up pictures in a couple weeks! You are changing lives and your customers are blessed to be in your loving care!!

  • Greatly appreciate your teaching.

  • I love your videos but please don't cover up the pops with the cotton, that is best part and we can't see them.

  • This is bullshit stupid woman you are a DR?

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