Điều trị mụn viêm – mụn bọc hiệu quả | Part 2 |. Tại Hiền Vân Spa – bài 208

Hello everyone this is part 2 of friend yesterday His skin acne is not big but there are many acne Hien would like you to consult this skin and advise you not to use medicine alcohol to peel acne treatment This is the consequence he used medicine alcohol to treat acne The inflammation is very severe multiply acne his just keeps getting inflamed It is very hard I’m trying to get this very hard multiple acne out because his epidermis is no longer elastic should multiply acne it’s hard inside can’t come out and his skin is very weak you use medicine alcohol how many times? I can use it once when we have acne we should not take acne on our own It will leave bruises after that our skin will become inflamed and very weak Especially those you want quick treatment, will look to use medicine alcohol also known as treatment acne regenerating essence They will break your skin very quickly You can see his neck have severe acne He has acne very heavy bone next to his jaw his acne is very much very much and hard His epidermis was gone You can see his hidden acne is very much So Hien cannot take it all at once and have to get it again later and now his acne is very hard This is in the neck, often acne in the neck area we should not rush treatment because it will leave white keloid scars that are very obnoxious It will leave a keloid scar Luckily, this customer of Hien doesn’t have one If we remove acne incorrectly, it will leave a keloid scar This is the inflamed acne he has pry out It’s very big but Hien will not leave him any dark spots or scars After finishing, Hien will have special nutrition to run into the skin To restore skin it will not leave scars or bruises This is a very severe skin inflammation resulting from use medicine alcohol so his skin is worn away and so thin When acne, because we want to cure quickly, we have to use medicine alcohol, thus leading to skin erosion and very weak skin This is a skin for those who are acne reference when we have acne first thing you should clean your skin first, then find a reputable spa to treat acne and should not buy treatment drugs on your own because if you don’t have the technology and expertise it will be inadvertent; your skin will be damaged one of his pimples, which I have to press three times to completely clean The important thing in treating acne is that we have to take clean multiply acne very hard This acne is small but it is very hard Now we will take at the forehead Can you see his skin is very weak? You may find it very hard and difficult yo take acne because on the surface of your skin is no longer elastic when it loses its elasticity acne cannot come out so it is very hard Often those who use medicine alcohol , medicine north Acne is really hard to get If you’ve used medicine alcohol, most acne is very difficult to take . Do you feel right? it is very deep inside For this skin if we take it improperly it will burst the entire capillary and it will leave pitted scars very quickly so for skin like this we need people with good expertise reputable spa to have the appropriate treatment regimen If you have a few hidden acne, just take 1-2 times to finish Hien thank you very much for always watching and supporting Hien😘💕 Thank you very much and see you again✌ Hello everyone 😋today is Tuesday morning In the mornings, Hien will have rooms like this for your students they will practice Diagnose skin condition and practice take multiply acne In the morning, Hien and my top technicians will accompany them Because Hien morning doesn’t have many customers😋 Hien will make time for her students Please take a look at his skin he has only been treated once but has greatly decreased Today is the second time you take acne After take acne you see acne has decreased by how many percent? more than 30% How do you feel this practitioner take acne for you? There is swelling red no And this customer friend …. he’s 13 years old and you can see every morning the students will practice In the morning, I can spend more time with my students and when any customer is very heavy, Hien will come to the room to treat acne Mostly I teach my students in the morning often in the first day Hien will closely follow And now they are better This means that the simple ones they can take all Only those that are really heavy will ask Hien Now they can lead guests into the room and complete the steps, according to the process of acne treatment They don’t need to ask me the basics Although she is still a student, her technique is very good and also increased the speed of take acne faster Slow down a little bit in the morning they will learn about acne treatment, in the afternoon they will review bye everyone😊🖐 subscribe and press the bell next to it🔔😘

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