Điều trị mụn viêm – mụn bọc hiệu quả | Part 1 |. Tại Hiền Vân Spa – bài 207

Hien Van hello to all of you on facebook and youtube Today we will refer to the same skin he has acne a lot When we have acne we often impatiently seek treatment most optimal and the method of beauty is very divine and fast The cost is cheap, people call it renewable essences or medicine alcohol , medicine north Those are the things that make us beautiful quickly and cheap But it leaves our skin heavy consequences our skin weakens, causing the capillaries and upper epidermis above completely broken and we will get more acne and prone to allergies.Now we refer to your client’s skin why do you know hien van spa.where are you now I live in binh tan district. I know Hien Van through youtube There are lots of spas on YouTube for making acne videos. Why did you choose Hien Van? What makes me believe hien I see how to take good acne from you Have you had take acne in the spa before or have you much had acne that you use medication alcohol? I used to have little acne in the past but after my sister let me use medicine alcohol After that, did you go to treatment anywhere? no Do you examination a dermatologist? I have gone once The doctor said how my skin is The doctor said I have dermatitis You see his forehead is a lot his skin is very thin and weak acne very much and he also has inflamed acne About this cheek, especially the neck Your neck like this if you do not treat it early will cause keloids If we have acne without early treatment will cause keloids In this section, acne is very much hidden and it prepares to become inflamed Very much and deep inflammation For this skin we have to recover very well In this part it has lost epidermal tissue Now his skin is very weak and are very prone to allergies This side is much heavier The skin on this side neck is very heavy We should not use alcohol medicine . When acne we have to clean the face skin very well Then we should find a reputable spa to treat acne and remove acne How do we know if it’s a prestigious spa or not? We should come to hear advice, observe the wings of people working and research carefully Then we should ask how long the skin counselor will treat us When Hien is treated Hien is often committed to have a marked effect immediately after the first treatment Hien often asks technicians how often they are effective Intensive treatment with scars will reduce the condition that the scars are new Certainly will not be bruised because your skin is too weak when the acne is done, it will be a little pink and overnight it will decrease And the inflamed acne may be after a day His skin no longer has good anti-inflammatory properties his skin is pinker than other people’s skin and you see this skin cuticle This is a skin that he uses to medicine alcohol treat acne and he has also been to dermatology .But no results and through youtube he knew about Hien Van spa I asked him why he trusted Hien and he just said he liked how Hien take acne Hien pledged Hien to get acne without swelling red Currently his skin is very hot and swollen due to inflammation His skin epidermis is swollen with Hien’s technique it will decrease after the first treatment with all types of acne Hien is committed to reducing after the first one if you have hidden acne, blackheads will be 80-90% clean This place is now swollen and swollen I’ll come back later if mifh continues it will hurt Now I will move down to the parotid area parotid chin or chin if you do not treat it often it will leave keloid scars As you can see, this place will have 2-3 inflammatory acne If you don’t treat it early enough, it will leave a pitted scar but pitted scars will run under tight skin Can you see these three acne cores? Currently this section is very inflamed Currently this section is very inflamed I’m take the inflammatory acne of he very carefully because if not careful it will break all the capillaries hurt. Hien pledges Hien to reduce dark spots and reduce acne Next time Hien will tell him to face his review ebony fell and darkened If you take acne in unreliable places, then when you go home, it will swell and the acne will spread and it will leave a lot intensive bruise to take my acne it is not swollen so it will certainly reduce the darkness for you The needle is just take acne support so it won’t hurt Hien wants to take the heavy part for your reference For severe acne-prone skin, Hien is committed to reducing the first time treatment You don’t have to wait 2-3 times right after the first time to you see the effect When treating acne on Hien Hien, commitment to effectiveness and safety I’m trying to remove the acne inside You can see how Hien takes acne without swelling It will only pinkish a little bit later and mask will be gone Although your skin is very weak and thin, it still does not swell It is with Hien’s technique most of us take swollen and very hurt The guarantee is to minimize damage and reduce acne and dark spots and healthy skin because when squeezing acne will have special nutrients Helps to restore skin, heal wounds quickly and help with dark spots So after the treatment is complete you rest assured I will have special essences on bruises, anti-inflammatory and acne very well Hien also combines with high-tech machine Hien pledged no matter how severely you are, it will decrease immediately after one treatment if not discount the spa will refund 100% Hien’s cosmetics are completely hypoallergenic Hien pledge not allergy I’m slowly taking each of her inflammatory acne I’m taking it from his neck You know why his skin is so weak?

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