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Hien Van hello to all of you on youtube Today, Hien will continue to live stream referencing a pathology This is from Dak Lak Previously you also taken acne beside Hien once and today is the second treatment and she decided to treat the package in Hien Currently her acne has been greatly reduced Although not all but the inflammatory acne has decreased a lot She arranged her work to go to Hien Van spa for treatment before looking at this skin I will analyze this skin a little bit Let those who are in condition Acne skin like this need knowledge What to skin care This is a pathology before treatment she got a lot of inflammation After taken it once, her skin was better How many percent reduction acne do you see? about 60-70% Acne is now down But for treatment leave it completely definitely I need to clean and restore the skin.Hien often said If the skin is weak, acne will recur and it does not definitely You need to have a reasonable treatment regimen She used to have pretty much acne.Hien will now show you the image before the treatment Today is your second treatment Treatment by package This is a previously inflamed acne very much both hidden acne You see it’s not inflamed but if taken incorrectly, it will sink and form a scar and we all don’t want to have pitted scars Acne can be treated within 1-2 months and will go away but if we have severe pitted scars, it may take 9 months or 1 year as fast one 6 months this is the region There are scars cheeks on this side This part it a lot of acne You see this part If we take good care of our skin this part will greatly reduce scarring and no one wants to scars themselves For this skin we should first clean skin well Use cleanser twice a day and do not use sunscreen When this skin is acne we absolutely must not use sunscreen The more you use the sunblock, the more clogged your pores will be and use little foam cleanser and safe and you have to have good nutrition dab to enter to restore the skin and must have acne medication again Acne medication is something we definitely must have When you apply anti-inflammatory, you have to taken acne When you take acne, you have to find a spa or a dermatological hospital It’s very prestigious and depends on where you treat. For example a spa or a dermatological hospital near where you at them likely have good acne techniques or knowledge of treatment You should send skin in those places so that you can be assured of treatment and care if not take all the multiply acne I always say there is no medicine If you drink or dab it, you can solute of acne. We have to get it after getting rid of acne We have to have good serums Can you see this acne?Not taken yet has left scars This whole part Those are very weak skin areas With Hien’s techniques, Hien will minimize Scar for her, minimize the way to not be scarred This part is empty inside you see blood and pus very much and inside it there are looking outside is very normal a lot of pus and blood inside with Hien’s technique when Hien took it,Hien restrict how it does not break the vascular wall you see pustules a lot Hien just how to minimize the damage but I have to limit it and get to the right technique Many people will use bamboo tubes or glass ampoules to suck out the blood bruised when you suck up all the blood bruise, it will rupture all the way to vascular wall and very deep damage should take slowly so that it has regeneration and it will help you scar Can you see pus? You have acne and pus very much and this acne pus is the cause formation of very fast pitted scars So we need a good technique When treating, you have to follow skin care and treatment regimen with Hien it will be more effective Acne like this I will take away end otherwise taken end multiply it will inflammation up Many of you will ask Hien:Why not take all blood the bruises here If you try to get it, it will hurt very deeply That acne can’t Get clean in one go Must take one more time Hien will dab nutrition treatment helps regenerate Then I will have anti-inflammatory medicine This bruise will gather slowly and make new cells stronger Hien once again is completely over You didn’t pry it out, do you,so it doesn’t hurt much yes What month were you last treated? about six month we should not arbitrarily pry Your inflammatory acne decreases by 60-70% Now Hien needs to get all the pimples hidden inside I need to have good recovery nutrients dab for healthy skin When the skin is healthy, acne will not recur If you have acne treatment package on Hien Van You follow skin care exactly like spa guide Hien will definitely get rid acne of about 80-90% of acne we can’t get rid of acne 100% when you eat hot spicy hot or hormonal changes There will still be less acne do you feel right so you can’t get rid of acne 100% If the inflamed acne are healing like this eat Young skin should be very itchy Can you see it?I just lightly flipped it out very easy, if you touch hand and pry it it will hurt she pried a lot so her skin is like that It inflates inside a lot and she didn’t pick it up so it didn’t hurt and inflamed much during treatment we shouldn’t squeeze pimples arbitrarily Especially you have hidden acne but not inflammation This is my skin for your reference Now she needs definitive acne treatment If we finish the treatment and the skin is weak acne still comes back a lot we skin care very well The acne is very long you see acne when applying medicine it gathered Hien goodbye and see you again🤞💕 Hien continues to get it for her after the livestream ends bye bye every one🥰🥰

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