Điều trị mụn ẩn – mụn viêm hiệu quả |Acne Treatment|. Tại Hiền Vân Spa – bài 195

Hien Van Spa hello all of you on youtube, you on Facebook Today, Hien would like to share with you a case of a customer after five treatments at Hien Van Spa Today is the sixth treatment Your skin condition is very severe, a lot of inflammatory acne, acne, cysts eat deep under the skin. With this acne, you cannot find a good treatment site, it will leave a lot of scars Customers have taken their own acne at home In the beginning, you had hidden acne, you bought acne cream, dark cream of unknown origin In acne cream, acne treatment of unknown origin contains a lot of lead, corticoid in excess of the allowed level When applied to the skin cream will thin, peeling, reducing capillaries You are invited to see the skin of customers before coming to Hien Van Spa for treatment Customer skin has many acne cysts that feed deep under the skin The skin has been heavily infected with corticosteroids and is no longer resistant Some dark acne has left pitted scars After five treatments at Hien Van Spa, the client’s skin was quite beautiful Hong Oh! After I was treated at Hien Van Spa, how do I feel about my face? yes! I feel much healthier I see smooth, shiny skin Now you continue to get Hien Hien acne! There is some hidden acne we need to get rid of. After the acne treatment is complete, if the skin wants to get rid of acne, the customer must use the non-micro needlepoint therapy When healthy skin hidden acne will protrude unkempt in the skin A few times ago this part of the client got a lot of acne Now acne is 80% clear Guys, if you have acne, you should not take acne yourself at home Do not agree to buy creams and topical medicines There are many places on the market that sell ice cream with very appealing names, (speedy acne cream …) The price is very cheap, makes the skin white … Where Hien is treated, the acne decreases darkens, scars decrease after each treatment When you have scars, it will be very bad and scar treatment for a long time, very high cost This client skin currently has very few hidden acne Although the skin is out of acne but still very weak, customers must support the skin about 3 months to be healthy. This is a cystic inflammation that has not yet reached all feet The cyst inside is still hard and not squeezed out yet Can you see it? This place has a very large acne this acne is taken again, this acne has not been deep inflammation Hien thank you for watching the video if you find it useful, please live, share, and subscribe to Hien’s channel to see skin conditions

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