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Non-metallic helps pores shrink you treat end all acne but its big pores are prone to oil you can easily get acne again When treated with nonmetal it helps deep clean, shrink pores She has very large pores due to long-standing acne like this lump it is about to become a mole Her skin now has only hidden acne In the past, her skin was inflamed a lot Now her skin is very soft and not as hard as before Now her skin has only hidden acne, but it is very deep below due to her long-standing acne leading to open pores It’s still inside When we remove all acne inside it will not darken, acne spread But there are Hien pimples that haven’t been taken away inside, for Hien’s technique, taking it is not swollen, leaving intensive With Hien’s technique take, it will minimize damage to the skin Hien always tries to get acne to make customers’ skin the safest minimize damage, when taken skin will not leave bruises or pitted scars Currently her skin has regenerated very well already but her skin is still a little weak After acne treatment we should use the nonmetallic method to restore and regenerate whole new cells to make them healthier We do not get acne again When our pores get smaller, it will condition and work better when pores are large we become susceptible to oil and clogging This acne is deep inside These are hidden pimples that are very deep It doesn’t look inflamed but it is hidden deep inside These are hidden pimples that we have a hard time seeing it has a little bit inside We have to get it out so it doesn’t bottle up If you do not take it will swell and bottle These are hidden acne deep within the skin These are the pimples it clogs in the pores Usually large pores will have acne like this, often called acne bran If you have big pores we have to treat it If left untreated, it is easy to get acne breakouts again After treating acne, you should treat pores pores are related to oil glands so we are prone to acne This is a acne callus, Hien today just nudged it slightly Hien has not take the acne inside This is inflamed acne It looks very normal on the outside We are acne treatment, We have to look out for acne like this It’s still inside, Hien will send her home to apply medicine Like and support for Hien💕🤞, Hien thank you very much😘💕 Wish you all have a nice day🍀🍀

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