Điều trị mụn ẩn – mụn bọc hiệu quả (part 2) |Acne Treatment |.Tại Hiền Vân -bài 192

Hi all, Hien shared a video of part 2 of the girl with corticoid-infected skin after taking acne at home and applying whitening cream of unknown origin. A whole drive has become a very hard cyst. Hien will take them one by one and take them slowly, For customers to apply and take 3-4 times This acne doesn’t look inflamed, but inside there is a lot of pus All cysts must inch open and then add nutrients to make acne This pimple is still full of pus inside, but today it’s just that Hien will take the inflammatory acne for you to see Hien will take these acne will not leave a little dark, scarring for every row This is a lump close to the eye but we still have to take, this one is very difficult Hien is having to rotate all sides to get acne Hien is having to rotate all sides to get acne

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