Điều trị mụn ẩn – mụn bọc hiệu quả (part 1) |Acne Treatment |.Tại Hiền Vân -bài 191

Hien hello to all of you on youtube, and on the facebook Today, Hien would like to share with you a very good case of inflammatory acne. customer skin has very severe corticoid , thin skin, weak, clogged all pores. Cystic ulcers have become cysts. When treating cysts we have to use a high-tech machine to shoot at each acne head. then using the Swiss non-metallic method Dr remich to help increase cell proliferation, gradually multiplying calluses and cysts. Actually, seeing the skin of Hien customers is very painful. Hien advised all of you who have acne to get treatment early, do not allow acne to become cysts, Find a reputable spa specializing in acne treatment to treat Find a reputable spa that specializes in treating acne to treat to get the right treatment and have the best regimen that suits your skin. If you go to a reputable spa with no expertise, good experience, the consequences after acne, face redness, after three to five days will be dark and pitted scars. Please take a closer look at the client’s skin From the outside, nothing is visible, but the inside is very hard and hard Customer skin has used a lot of whitening cream The entire veins of the blood have emerged, the capillaries have dilated This skin is very weak, very severe Corticod infection The inflamed acne and Hien once taken away is absolutely no swelling, redness and no scars These are very severe skin lesions My dear! How long have you had acne? Yes! I’ve had acne for 2 years Hien Van Spa ensures that after each treatment is remarkably effective Acne technique of Hien will not leave swelling, redness, scars You see a lot of latex inside, but it’s hard For this acne Hien must take slowly to avoid damaging the artery walls If you try to take it will damage the vascular wall, causing more bottles, leaving bruises, scars Acne takes a little at a time and slowly Each time you squeeze the acne, you will get less likely Please watch part 2 again tomorrow. Thank you so much

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