DermTV – Does Perfume Cause Acne [ Epi #177]

Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] and welcome to DermTV. Hello, I am Dr. Neal Schultz, and welcome
to DermTV. One of the most interesting questions that was asked in DermTV
Live is, “does perfume cause acne?” Well, the reason it is so interesting
is because most people with acne know that anything they put on their
skin has to be labeled either water-based or oil-free or noncomedogenic,
and most people know that perfume actually is derived from essential
oils. Perfumes actually are blends of different aromas that are derived
from essential oils and the essential oils are extracted from different
plants. When those essential oils are extracted from the plants, they come
in a form that is very volatile, which means they can evaporate somewhat.
Those volatile essential oils are then dissolved in mostly alcohol,
which of course evaporates. And, in fact, most perfumes are over 90% alcohol.
So, when you apply perfume to your skin, the alcohol completely evaporates
and a lot of the volatile essential oil evaporates, and the amount of
oil that is left as a residue on your skin is so tiny that it is just not
a meaningful amount in terms of causing clogging of pores. So, if you have
acne or if you are prone to acne, you can still enjoy your favorite perfume.
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  • good to know 🙂

  • That is an interesting question. Thanks for the video, Dr. Schultz.

  • Thank you for the information.

  • great video as always

  • Thank you Doctor. At some point would you discuss Latisse. I am currently importing a generic Latisse from another country and having the same results I was paying about 100 dollars for. However, I am going to get a good eye check up with an eye doctor just to be sure everything is OK. I am an RN burned out with insurance companies taking us to the cleaners so i started to look outside out own country. Canada sells Finacea over the counter and one does not need a script and it is the same.

  • This is an interesting topic. ^^

  • @frugalbeauty The root cause of acne is an excess production of oil. I believe that no one with acne should use any product containing oil or undergo any treatment in which oil is applied to the skin since either of these circumstances can only aggravate the acne. And while it is true that "like does dissolve like" in terms of solubility, why risk aggravating your acne when you can use emulsifiers to remove your oil which themselves do not contain oil.

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  • @TheSwiftyProductions maybe you're just allergic :/

  • Every time I use perfume I get a breakout on my neck and jaw I really don't know if I believe this because as soon as I stop using perfume I NEVER break out!

  • What is he saying???

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