DermTV – Accutane Cures Acne (with Side Effects) [ Epi #46]

Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] and welcome to DermTV. Accutane cures acne. It’s very simple: Accutane
stops oil glands from making oil, and if oil glands don’t make
oil, you can’t have acne. Accutane is one of the miracle drugs of the
21st century like penicillin and cortisone, but unlike those other drugs,
Accutane does not save lives. But it certainly does change them. Accutane,
in curing acne, also elevates the poor self-esteem and poor self-confidence
that accompanies acne and thereby changes lives in many different ways. Accutane, like other potent medicine, has
side effects. But there are really only two that we need to discuss today.
They concern pregnancy and the alleged causation of depression. Any woman that becomes pregnant while on Accutane
unfortunately must terminate that pregnancy because Accutane
will cause a deformed baby, however, a month after finishing Acctuane,
the pregnancies will be normal and the baby will be normal. The controversy surrounding depression is
much more difficult to conclude. The medical studies are inconclusive. Certainly
anybody that is a candidate for Accutane and has a history of depression
or is taking medicine for depression should consult with the physician
who is treating that depression. But I know one thing for sure:
Accutane stops acne. Bad acne causes depression, and as far as I’m concerned,
Accutane relieves depression. So if you have severe acne, consult with your
dermatologist because Accutane may change your life.

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  • @dermTVdotcom finished ma accutane treatment.. been 4 weeks off it!!! no sign of acne!!!!! thanks a lot for that advice!!!!! sholdve long shown appreciation..

  • The fact is.. Ive been on accutane (on for long periods and off for a bit) for 2 or 3 years now.. And I still get the odd pimpil / acne when on it…

  • @christie121 yo man thats so weird i recently starded taking acutane and starded feeling back pain as well especially when i lie down my back is really stiff for a while

  • I want to ask how long the outbreak will last?
    im on 20mg of roacc per day and on the third week now. the problem is the outbreak is very crazy, mountains of pimple. Im a bit worried whether this is normal or not, because what i saw on webs and other videos, they only have a little worst but mine is pimple covering my face…
    I really need to know how long this will last.. thank you…

  • I have moderate acne, how long do I have to stay on accutane?? Or at least the general amount of time?

  • i was on accutane but 2 months later my acne came back! 😐

  • @nrp510
    Yuup. That's part of the side effect 🙂 But don't worry.
    And can u plz tell me how it turned ut, cuz I'm taking accutane pretty soon.
    And, I'm nervous

  • i have severe acne and its horrible , i wish everything could just be love and happiness and acne never existed

  • Accutane was the best thing I ever did for my skin, I was so depressed when I had acne I never looked anyone in the eye and always avoided photo's, when I went on accutane my mood lifted and I became a lot more social..completely changed my life

  • hey I'm going to a dermatologist in a couple weeks, how long is it before they let you start taking it? I only ask because I heard first you need like blood tests and pregnancy tests and stuff

  • @whyteoleander I'm 99% sure that won't happen

  • @xSnoweyexp sounds like you need a new doctor :p

  • I took accutane 10 years ago and it was the most horrible thing I've ever done. I was only on it for about a month and a half. My eyes and lips got really dry and here I am 10 years later and my eyes still get super dry all the time. While I was on it I got really bad pain in my bones and always felt sick. Also the doctors and pharmaceutical company Roche always say it doesnt cause depression but they lie. I went crazy one day and almost committed suicide. For me it was a horrible drug.

  • It is true that accutane certainly does chance lives, as it did mine about 15 years ago now. My acne was bad, so I was thankful for this drug. However, three years ago it was discovered that I had herniated cervical discs on three levels. It was quite severe and almost paralyzed me. Thankfully, I had surgery and am back to normal now. I'm unsure if it was the Accutane or genes (or both), but should people having taken this drug maybe have scans of their spines every few years?

  • hey would working out while on this medication be a problem, like would it affect anything? pleas someone msg me ASAP

  • is accutane okay for 13 year olds?

  • @armyman736 im not saying abortion is good but under Accutane the abnormalities are internal like a heart with holes, lungs misplaced and even babies with bended skulls, yeah bended babies heads.i know you mean good but whats worse to let a baby suffer or to have never existed.

  • Accutane is poisonous to the human body.

  • @astreetmonster0 well at leat the baby would have some happy moments too! It would meet its parents and people that love and care for it. If the baby is going to die then so be it thats the way god wants it. But at least let it have a CHANCE to live!

  • @MegaGlamStar i would say so im 16 and my deramtologist said that accutain is great and she would have prescribed it to me but she wanted me to try a pill and cream first so i can get a discount on it i have very mild acne and im just barely starting so yeah id say it is

  • how fast would accutain work on mild acne? Like its not terrible just basically on my forehead. And after your done with it can your acne come back?

  • He,y Im 15 and have a appointment with my dematoligist on Nov 25th, about prescribing acctuane to remove my acne. What can I excpect on the first appointment? And what are the more common side effects to this treatment?

  • Are the 2 side effects you talk about the most common? Should i not worry about the rest?

  • thank god they make people be on birth control now.. abortion is terrible

  • Accutane is chemotherapy drug and causes same effects as other anticancer drugs. One most important is that acutane causes hair loss and skin thinning, because it kill all fast dividing fells.
    So you will get rid of acne and develop baldness at same time. Not so good.

    However I don't see any reason why it is necessary to take it orally if you can use topical solutions without any severe side effects? Especially if cost is very low that way. Unfortunately skin thinning still possible.

  • hi does acctutane permantley stopped acne

  • @armyman736 um ur pretty much making a person have to suffer with deformities by doin that so yeah its selfish to force them to have to live that way. (im not saying i have anything against people with deformities but im sure it negatively effects their life)

  • why doesnt this guy mention chrons disease? im pretty sure its one of the side effects and for sure the worst one.

  • @911reza How is it going for ya with accutane? I'm so scared to take it cuz I don't want to be bald and I'm scared that it gets much much worse before it gets better, and I don't wanna lose my girlfriend cuz of this, please help me. thx
    I 'm male 19

  • What about the itchy red bumps all over my body and my bloody stools! These on the video arn't the only serious side effects.

  • @colby033 they only stopped prescribing it under the name "Accutane" I'm taking accutane now but it's called 'Claravis'. Same drug, different name.

  • @7Sul7 just have a wank…

  • I took Accutane and now I have secondary benign intracranial hypertension. The most painful thing ever. Unbearable head pain. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG.

  • My biggest fear is that once the cycle of Accutane is over, the acne will persist once again. Is there any insight on this?

  • I'm 17 years old and I took this medication 7 months ago, I'm on my last 2 weeks on it, my blood tests did so well that the doctors were proud of how healthy I was that after the 5 month I did not have to take anymore blood tests, the downsides that I have gotten were the dry lips, the dry lips are the worst ones but after 3 months you get used to it idk why people are bitching… And yeah you do get sad especially when you have nothing to do, so I do suggest that if your a couch potato or don'

  • Or do not go out as much to not take this drug as it makes you feel pretty lonely and sad at times. I train in boxing which is why I was so healthy, to me the results outweigh the risks and it was worth taking this medication, feel free to message me on aide effects as I know they're scary.

  • word of advice to get through the mediation…. Find a hobby! and also if your not sure of the medication try it and see if you wanna keep pushing through.

  • Ive heard there are all kinds of lawsuits against the company that makes acutane because there were serious side effects with some patients… have u heard anything about this and if so can u shed some light maybe?

  • @astounded85 all the tv adds on this stuff is bull. I have had friends and I myself am going on it tomorrow. The only side effect they had was dry lips.

  • @jjweew YES YES YES!!!! there are some videos on youtube where some people show their before and after pics of bacne usign this treatment and the results are amazing. 🙂

  • @xSnoweyexp Hey, I know how you feel. But, you should see another doctor and don't take no for an answer. I'm 23 and FINALLY I'm getting on acutane tomorrow morning. Hang in there!!

  • @sweetpickles87 Hey thank you for your reply, yeah well thats great that you finally can do something about it !! I hope it will work for you I mean come on we are living in 2011 , we are curing cancer , we are cloning elephants and chewbaccas and we can't even find a cure for some stupid pimples !! yeah right !! I'm going to find another doctor, I'm using really good products right now and you can barrely see it but its still there so I just wanna get rid of it !! keep it up.


  • @xSnoweyexp Okay, so I did go to the doctor and they had to do a urine test then had me sign a ton of paperwork. In three weeks I get my blood drawn. At that next visit, I have to do another urine test they will write me a prescription. I have to answer questions online, then FINALLY I will be able to get the prescription filled. Then, I have to be on it from 4-9 months. But I am excited as it is a cure. Let me know what your doc says. Have you tried doxycycline?

  • @prettysmilen Yeah I will…I start on March 7, so send me a reminder if I don't write you about it.

  • @prettysmilen alrite thank you am going for my accutanc treatment this month my skin is getting better but still will need a few months course to help clear it up

  • Yes accutane really works….i was on it for 5 months and within the first month my acne was gone….

  • Simple thing to not getting pregnant on accutane. Abstanence 99.99% affective 🙂

  • @rey2best totally agree im on accutane now hope it gets rid of my confidence killer acne

  • i dont have cystic acne, but id still rather die than have my minor skin problems. i havent eaten sugar in 3 years because it makes me break out. Sugar here i come!

  • Is he using jedi mind tricks?

  • @rey2best Mate the only side effects I got was dry lips, and not even bad dry lips. The side effects were so minimal i don't understand why everyone makes a big deal about it

  • I was prescribed Claravis (isotretinoin) recently and I took my first pill yesterday right after dinner around 9 p.m.. Later in the night I had woken up around 4 a.m. with painful stomach cramps, bloating then I started vomiting. Has anyone had these symptoms after one pill? I don't want to stop so early, but I also see that it says discontinue or call your dr. on the packet if you have those symptoms. Should I be concerned?

  • is it ok to take accutane without doctors prescription? rply asap pls…

  • @supermodelist – No way is it ok – Even if accutane were safer than it is it would still be a bad idea to go looking for it anywhere else than from a docs prescription. Without the prescription how do you really know its accutane anyway?

  • @TheGscale – those side effects are common and mild compared to whats been reported in the past and should stop after treatment

  • hey im 17 years old, male. I've been on this for 170 days now and havent had hardly any improvement at all. i weigh 100KG and have taken 5,300MG so far. How long should i stay on this until i know it just wont work for me?

  • @sagitaria1185 take it with a meal

  • I have more red scars than pimples, I just have 3 pimples and my dermatologist told me that I have to take roaccutane… Can Roaccutane remove the red scars too? I want a clear face, I don't want a face without pimples but with a lot of scars. u_u Please answer me.

  • i have acne on my right cheek and it has been 4 months now.. i squash out the whit head when ever it comes…what should i do.i use tree tea oil and neem …its still not working

  • dr hii
    i love ur videos…. i am on accutane and my acne is so much better infact honestly its pretty much gone.. and i DONT have depression, it took my depression away actually.. i am thinking of having a baby soon , but i still have 3 more months on accutane, u say i should be off it for 1 month , hmm i have lost 2 kids in past so i am very cautious.i will see my dermatologist and gyn/obg too..
    thank you so much 🙂

  • Accutane changed my life. I haven't had a pimple since my second week of accutane and with no side effects other than dry lips. My confidence has sky rocketed and it's been the best thing I've ever done.

  • You should really mention other side effects about acutane such as back pain and joint pain. Moving into week 5 of my treatment I doubled the dose of acutane and I felt the results right awaay.

    After playing a soccer with a lot of pain in the joints of my left leg I could barely walk or put any pressure on my left leg.

    I'm sorry but for any athletes or people that have an active lifestyle I would not recommend acutane at all.

  • accutane worked for me i am on 5th month for half dose, i think that full dose can be a bad idea because the side effects are much worse, i felt the side effects on half dose were annoying but not as annoying as bad skin

  • @IceYourPimpHand
    are you experiencing those symptoms today still?
    and stiff joints as in you cant walk normal?

  • @IceYourPimpHand
    ok thanks,
    and im going to guess that accutane actually cured your "depression" lol?

  • @IceYourPimpHand wait r u saying ur joints are stiff all these years after taking it or they just were when u were taking it

  • THANK YOU people need to start listenjng to a professional like you instead of stipid lawyers who want money

  • @lotusfaisal ok no, what are you talking about lost 2 kids? don't have a kid….just don't

  • @GrillinMahToast ..i lost kids due to a rare disease way before roaccutane. 🙁

  • @BrAnDeN6o22 wait till you finish

  • finally someone who knows what they are talking about.

  • @BrAnDeN6o22 nah im stil on it, but mines the same as yours, not much oil anymore, but i still get some acne. but then again im only about a month in. it'll be all good soon 🙂

  • @NOREEND13 Accutane has a very, very low chance of causing depression. My dermatologist has never had a patient get any of the very severe side effects, so most people would just be getting the benefit of higher self-esteem. I've been taking it and I know it has improved my self-esteem greatly. Women who take Accutane are required to use two forms of birth control and are given a pregnancy test every month. As he said in the video, after you are done with the treatment having a baby is fine.

  • pregnancy and depression. what if i am a happy dude?

  • can accutane make birth control not work?

  • Just quited Accutane because of that horrible blur side effect.I'd rather see my acne than going blind and know that I don't have acne :X

  • Question: After the use of Accutane, will i be left with dry skin?

    I have moderate-not exreme- acne.My doctor sugested isotretinoin , but since my acne is not THAT severe, i wouldn't want to risk to be left with dry – wrinkle prone skin.

  • i had this and got often sad…but my dad gave me weed so i was good

  • @hahahahaha4565 word.

  • Accutane was the best thing that ever happened to me. I feel sorry for those who had rare but severe side effects, but that doesn't mean it doesn't help millions of others like me who suffered with acne for years. If you regularly do check ups with your doctor with blood tests, etc you'll be fine.

  • The idodine foods etc yu mentioned that can sometimes cause it okay to eat them even if they do because yu are on accutane?

  • @Raptor89994 That side effect was from Accuran that I had taken instead of Accutane/Roaccutane.. I continued with the treatment and now am acne free! So nope i ain't a coward…

  • @hahahahaha4565 haha for real i was thinkin about doint tht too

  • I've used accutane for 7 months under consultant ofcourse and left my face acne free for roughly 3 years, now almost clear but lets say one pimple a month or less. it doesnt leave your skin dry, it will get back to normal within two weeks and it yet doenst heal the scars, just acne free for few years and some say permanent.

  • @jtupac98 mmm i think I saw erectile disfunction on possible side effects list…might be wrong

  • Im starting accutane tomorrow. But for the people who think that 367 depressed people that was not proven to be linked to accutane, out of the 7 million cures is bad then don't take it. Have a puss filled disgusting face 🙂

  • Im off of this crap, I feel depressed and with headaches thats not me.

  • @jtupac98 i told this to my self, im on accutane now and this is my third month, and i'm so depressed, and i dont like talking to people any more or meeting with any one, not until my acne goes away :((

  • @MrKillerserial seems like ur at ur worst month. dont give up ull c some differences starting next month.

  • How long after finishing accutane can you go in the sun?

  • Accutane changed my life. Took it 6 years ago and still my entire body is acne free

  • Thanx man, and yeah its getting better, thank god :))

  • ive been getting really bad canker soars on accutane, is this normal.. PLEASE HELP

  • i was on extremely high doses of accutane/roacatanne for over a year, i wont lie, it does make you a little moody, BUT it got rid of my sebaceous cysts which were causing immense depression, so all out in favor of the stuff

  • Is it real that accutane can stunt growth?

  • accutane definitely changed my life and if anything alleviated depression. My skin continuted to get better ever after i stopped taking it – to the point that people started asking me if i wore makeup. pretty awesome considering only a few months earlier my acne was so bad that it was starting to cause scarring.

  • As a teen, cystic acne made me lose a modeling contract, be depressed & stop going to school. Accutane got my life back on track. Clear skin gives confidence. I graduated college and law school, and became a healthcare attorney. It's great that companies & physicians still provide this drug

  • This video gives a balanced discussion that deal with the positives and negatives about Accutane.

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