Dermatology Days with Dr Pimple Popper

Muhibur Rahman BulBul (normal voice) Make sure I’m not hurting you. Okay, I’m just mak[ing] sure that I’m not, I know… Patient: A little bit. I-
Dr. Lee: That was…that hurt? DR. LEE: I thought you jumped there. Sorry.
PATIENT: A little bit. I know. A little underneath sometimes it may need numbing DR. LEE: If I- If *you* say a little bit, that means a lot, though, cause I know that.
PATIENT:DR. LEE: Cause you’re tough.
PATIENT:I’m gonna put some more numbing under here. This goes underneath a little bit, so a little bit of a pinch maybe I just don’t wanna inject into the cyst so much, ‘Cause that’s when it squirts me but… DR. LEE: Now it’s okay. It’s true.
PATIENT:But now it’s okay, ’cause since I already made a little incision there it won’t squirt me so much. Okay, I’m gonna give it a little squeeze now. Just to see if I can get it out. Yeah, there’s a cyst under there. Gonna push against you. See, there’s a little thing we got under…am I hurting you? No, right? Okay. Just gonna push against you here. See if we can’t get it.
PATIENT: (inaudible) If you just sit, I’m just gonna push against you. Just don’t move. Don’t fold over, I guess. Which it looks like you’re not going to. I’m just gonna lift up and see if I can squeeze it. not really. And again, not hurting you? Okay good. Just seeing if I can get some of that cyst. We can get it all. Right? Still not hurting? Okay good. This time I’m using a little curette to see if I can scoop it here. So I know you’ve had this squeezed before, and the thing is, it’ll keep coming back as long as there’s cyst contents there. Why did you want to get this removed anyways? Does it really bother you? PATIENT: I’m tired of it.
DR. LEE: You’re tired of it? PATIENT: I’ve had it for years and years. DR. LEE: (puzzled) Cause, you, what makes you I’d think that it’s back here just kind of hanging out. It’s not really doing too much. PATIENT: In some was, as fat(?) as I am, DR. LEE: (definitive) You are NOT! Uh huh. Do you think, do you feel like people are seeing this? PATIENT: And Iknow it’s about that line. DR. LEE: Do people point it out to you? No? Yeah? Oh, I see. ButI will tell you,t his is pretty small and pretty insignificant. So Ihope that this gets rid of it. I do think it looks pretty clean but… Sit up a little bit more, Imean straighter Yeah, there it goes, just so that make sure. It was pretty small. But I believe you that it gets bigger. Try to take out the ltitle punctum so Oh, she prorbably looked forward to that, huh? Do you think so? PATIENT: But then after what I went through… DR. LEE: It was? PATIENT: And it was draining on my bed DR. LEE: Yeah, sounds like it was inflamed then. It got a lot smaller after that, though, huh? So two little stitches here, most likely, and we’ll take those stitches out in 10 days. Gonna do it straight up and down cause I think that’ll Less stretching of the scar It’ll be just a little fine line there

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  • Dr. Lee, I removed a milia myself right under my eye using a needle to rupture the skin (a bit rough way but only option I had). Now 2 days after its quite sore and ofc red on the area. Not sure if there's still some residue in there. But is it normal for it to take some time to heal? And being sore when under the eye?

  • to much make up..

  • Love the calming music! 🎶

  • I want to see the patient next door with the access you mentioned to the 2nd lady. I want to see that drained, I know you don't like them but I love to watch those lol!!!I'm gross and can't stop watching these I have for years but now I do it a lot. I think there are a lot more on you tube now though, but I think I've watched most of then hahaha!

  • Dr Lee can I be your assistant pls?

  • When I read 'Thank you for watching', I thought, "It is over already!?" LOL

  • Dr. Lee, I want to let you know that I stumbled across a channel that is based entirely on stolen content from your videos. It's called dr pimple popper channel.

  • And… the curette makes two appearances in todays video.

  • Dr. Lee, I'm Brazilian and I intend to become a doctor BC I love biology, taking care of people and this kind of things… hahaha I want to know what's your "specialization"? (Idk if this is the name given in english but what I mean is like the area in Medicine you decided to work with like dermatology or pediatrist) I'm a popaholic and I'd like to be like you 😁

  • I like you

  • I do wonder why people bother having these tiny cysts removed.

  • Does anyone else think the video quality has gone down lately? Like the masked man video was so hard to see what was happening!

  • Why is it nesseasary or important to remove scar tissue?

  • I could seriously watch this aaaaallll day!
    Also Dr. Sandra seems to be such a nice lady and fun to hang with.

  • I thought the last lady was for sure coming in for Botox injections in her forehead to remove those lines. Especially since it wasn't a "pop" video but rather a day in the life of video. But I was wrong. Maybe she'll get it done next time, cause if there was ever a candidate for it we have our top nominee

  • Does anybody else feel queasy when Dr. Lee stitches up the hole?  That an the numbing needles!  I have to cover my eyes!  The rest of it is amazing!  Dr. Lee is gorgeous!  I love her voice!  So soothing and relaxing!

  • First cyst sucked. Very Unsatisfying.

  • Found a dr pimple popper channel with all your videos uploaded a week ago!

  • there was mention of an abscess O.o please tell us did you film it >< really hope so 😀

  • FYI the milia camera work was out of focus… So not very satisfying for us viewers. Thx.

  • lmbo there's nothing there!

  • video not good at all

  • C'mon Dr. Lee. That little micro ice cream scoop (curette) is AWESOME!

  • DR. SANDRA LEE…You are the skin whisperer…I have watched your videos many times and sitting here in my home POW. AN EPIPHANY!!!! You are your father's progeny, the gift of storytelling is not easy..but you learned, at your father knee, unaware of how much of an impact his stories inspired your talents….You have taken the Latest technology & used your gifts & degree into tapering your audience. Your patients, Your YouTube subscribers/watchers..I truly believe you belong in a classroom, (you already are on YouTube) but a True Professor of Dermatology because your passion & love of skincare is apparent. That is what makes a true professional, the drive, the passion to treat, heal & keep your patients coming back is a rare gift. Our fathers in life are GEMS…Right..?…Your father has his shrine in your office, as I heard on your videos, of his Fishing Adventures. While your father's gift of story telling and entertaining his patients with his Ukulele was happening, he was also subtly educating & shaping his little daughter (YOU) into the SKIN GURU without you realizing! Never Forget your father…They are here & one day gone..Happy Skin Popping/Healing!

  • I removed a Milia from roght of nose today,I get them quite often,hve always poked a ,tiny ,hole before trying to remove.

  • What is that? how does this happen!!! omg

  • The song I play over and over in my head while watching ur videos!!! "Look at me, I'm Sandra Lee…Amazing skills in dermatology…I won't go to bed til these cysts have all bled, Look I'm Sandraaaaaa Leeeeee!!!!!!" To the tune of Sandra Dee of course from GREASE!!!!!

  • You mentioned that the patient in the next room had an infected abscess. I was hoping to see that on this one. Will the video for that be coming soon?

  • When do you use a punch for a cyst rather than making an incision? Does it depend on the size or do you just feel like doing one over the other somedays?

  • am i the only one who thinks the way she stitches people up is so elegant? I love watching it

  • What happened to Mr Gold? Can't you at least give an update? Did you finish his nose?

  • Hi Dr. Lee, so my my mom always tells me not to pick at my whiteheads, but sometimes they are just so evident it's hard not to! So I was just wondering if there was a way to do it without leaving scars? Because sometimes you just need to do it! And also what do you recommend patients do after you extract blackheads and whiteheads to prevent them from reoccurring? Thank you!

  • I hope we get to see the abscess patient!

  • Love her video but when she starts digging into the holes from the punch… that gets me. I'm ok with things being taken out of the body… but don't put things in it lol. even just the numbing needle gets me sometimes

  • The last lady needs to come back! ❤️

  • I hate that new tool. I haven't seen it do anything cool yet. Hoping to be converted though.

  • There is a new channel Video Copyright from Dr. Sandra Lee. Called Dr.Pimple Popper and it says your 9 year old did the art.
    Unless I hear it from you I won't watch!
    Do any of you know about her making a new Channel? It's all old even new 2016.

  • I hope you had a good day today Dr. Lee!

  • Ah,the curette again. I think we love the curette so much because we see that it's scraping absolutely everything out of the hole. We see that any possible remaining tendrils of sac or sebaceous material is scraped clearly OUT of there and we have that holy feeling of" THIS CYST IS NOW COMPLETELY OBLITERATED" or as the adorable creepy medium in Poltergeist said "THIS HOUSE IS CLEAN" after the demons were exercised. Unlike THAT situation, Dr.Lee really HAS completely removed the pesky problem, for our entertaining and satisfaction. God Bless Her!

  • #1 Dr. Sandra line: "I'm not hurting you, right?"

  • am i the only one who gets slightly disturbed whenever a cyst or a large blackhead leaves a hole in the skin?

  • I used to not be that into watching the cyst procedures, but I think they are beginning to grow on me.

  • You sound a bit coldly/sick and run down! Hope you're okay xxx

  • She teased me with talk of an abscess😔

  • how does the numbing work???

  • Oooh am I the only one who gets squeamish about the curette? I can happily enjoy every other part, it's just the miniature icecream scoop that gets to me!!

  • Wish the video was a little clearer for the latter part (the face). It looks like you were using digital zoom. Either way thanks for the videos. I find them fascinating.

  • How do you decide when to use the hole punch??

  • Yeah curette

  • I love that you know "On Top of Spaghetti" that's just awesome lolol

  • Am I alone here or is the first woman too vain? You couldn't see the cyst and Dr. Lee didn't get anything but the core of skin from the punch. Then, when the after pic shows, it's a crusty spot that looks worse than if she'd just left it alone.

  • you should do a video montage of all the pops that were bigger than expected!

  • Whats the difference between millia and whiteheads?

  • So happy to see the curette!!

  • There is that cuerette lol Thanks for the little pops

  • I never watch with volume's always muted💁..
    Is that weird

  • I swear I love when she uses the curret

  • Dr. Lee has the best bedside manner. She's so sweet.

  • she is literally goals!! and p.s. stop making people feel bad when they say that Dr. Lee has inspired them to become a dermatologist! jeez

  • Uh oh .. Summer's coming. That means skinny tees & tank tops etc. All of us Dr Lee fans & weirdo's will be out in force searching for cysts on backs. Better wear shorts with pockets for your hands when standing behind a back screaming to be picked at. Leave your Comedone extractors at home when going shopping. 😍

  • I've become a huge milia fan. Weird.

  • Gaah! Why am I so hooked on this channel?!

  • You sound a little stuffy girl! Maybe allergies? Hope you feel better!! ❤️

  • my birthday post

  • Omg at 7:00 I got so excited. Infected abscesses are bae. Lol

  • CYST PUNCH AND A CURETTE?????????? IS IT CHRISTMAS? Or has my birthday come early?

  • Did you ever use a punch and get the entire cyst in the punch?

  • Does the punch tool remove flesh?

  • I have. lipoma on. for head. but. no. pain.

  • Dr. Lee you have some imposter channels popping up out there.

  • Meh punchs…glad there were some nice blackheads too 😍
    Btw, is the curette sharp on its edges?

  • I need a comadone extractor

  • Dr. Lee, how many cases of surgical sponge, do you go through in a year?

  • I am addicted to punch biopsies. I think we need more of them, Dr. Lee. 😉

  • Looks like your camera quality has gone down 😕

  • ahh she's the best stitch giver man who give me my 7 on my eyebrown was so sloppy didn't have them tight at all. and it took almost an hour!

  • That first cyst was so disappointing.

  • You are an amazing Dr . You have inspired me to go to school for dermatology. Thank you for the motivation Sandra ! .. Oh and just a thought , I think it would be a lot cooler if you maybe recorded with a better camera that can zoom in.. It's just that your videos are kind of blurry some times . Much love 🙌❤️

  • my fav is 5

  • Did you attend a community college before going to Drexel University to get your medical degree?

  • This reminds me of Big Back Blackhead and hopefully it's all gone!!

  • Just curious. Most of these were quite small and not something many people would bother to do anything about. Have you ever refused to remove something tiny that is harmless and almost invisible?

  • FINALLY! !! A woman without upper lip hair. 👍👍👍👍

  • Dr. Lee is truly the loveliest woman! I don’t care how crappy my day was- a night of pimple popping and all’s good with the world!

  • So these patients pay her for these procedures, office calls, ect, and for millions of you tube views?

  • Is it just me or are milia unsatisfying for others too?

  • Yes they punch a hole in the foot for plantar warts. I know im late, but yes that is what most docs do.

  • Mumble mumble mumble…not hurting you, RITE??!! More mumble mumble mumble(i could just backhand her lmao😂)mumble some more bfor she realizes 32 seconds of digging n pushing has passed n shes not yelled..IM NOT HURTING YOU RITE!!?? Never waits for pts response lmao just mumblles n digs some more…mumble..mumble mumble…im NEVER HURTING U!! Nothing sharp rite??!! Mumble BACKHAND lmao m mumble more smh omG this mumbling maniac LMAO mumble some more NEVER HURTN U RITE!!😧BOOM!! Another backhand!! Smh lmao😂 oh i dropped ur growth on the floor LMAO not hurting you rite…nothing sharp? Lol mumble mumble lol

  • Time to re-watch the older ones for my Friday fix!!


  • Si sacarse las espinillas es asi cuándo sale una persona de hay le han de poner sangre unos bien pero otros se pasan Juana

  • Bitch u put a hole in the back for wat? Just 2 charge nothing came out.

  • Amazing how some of us can spot a stolen video of yours a mile away… just makes me so angry.😖

  • I literally be eating grapes, candy, drinking smoothies, eating all kinds of stuff watching these videos lol 😂

  • I LOVE IT!!!

  • What exactly is a “back facial?”

  • Went to my 6 month appointment with my dermatologist and he had to remove one of my dozens of barnacles and he came in wearing goggles! He says he did it because he needed the help with his vision. His nurse said his eye was >splatted< by a patient's mole that was on top of a cyst! LOL

  • It seems like Dr Lee is implying that her patient shouldn't be getting that cyst removed, because she "didn't know" it was there. I don't care for that , or a Dr saying that,but realky, as is want it gone, too. It could grow, etc.

  • Should of used a bigger punch.

  • And here’s a LITTLE numbing…👩🏻‍⚕️❤️💉+💉+💉+💉👩🏻‍🔬=🌈❤️🌈😍🌈🙏👍

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