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Hello, everybody so today. I wanted to do a skincare Q&A video because I know what if you guys have a lot of questions So I officially asked you guys on my instagram at about Liah Yoo which if you don’t follow I highly recommend you guys to do so because I find Instagram the most convenient platform to Giveaway products So currently I am giving away one amore pacific cream fluid I know a lot of you guys wanted to try that out stay tuned for more future giveaways And I’m kind of utilizing Instagram as a blog as well because I just like writing things I received a lot of good questions that I wanted to answer One of the most commonly asked questions that I get over time is my opinion on this little guy Derma Roller So Derma Roller is basically a little page roller looking thing that comes with various scary looking micro needles There is a treatment called micro needling which is supposed to induce Collagen production To repair or improve these skin textures if you do have pitted or kind of indented Acne scars You are struggling with skin textural issues or if you do have very stubborn high pigmentation it can Definitely help. once your skin gets kind of injured or once It’s kind of wounded in any ways your skin naturally produces Collagen to repair the damage So that’s the mechanism of how your skin rejuvenates And how your skin repair is basically there my rolling or micro needling forces that process it is creating micro Injuries inside the skin layer which is the Dermis layer I see a lot of studies regarding professional micro needling treatment But there is still a lack of studies or conclusive data that can support the efficacy or the result of at-home Derma Rolling if you are struggling with severe indented scar issues I would highly recommend you guys to visit a professional to get a micro needling treatment Otherwise if you’re just looking for something to you know enhance the absorption Of your skin care products at home do a ruler like this. It can really help. I haven’t used this yet however I just someone who kind of keeps everything until I actually needed and my skincare product are working well as it is right now, so I just don’t really see the point of Incorporating one at the moment but definitely share your experience down below in the comment box so my opinion on cleansing devices including the Foreo Luna or Sonic Brushes will I do not have a conclusive of opinion on it I am a person who believes in more gentle cleansing methods So I stick with double cleansing I asked a lot of specialist and estheticians about their opinion on cleansing devices But they all have different opinions to be honest like one was saying it’s not really hygienic because the Bristles can contain a lot of Bacterias another insufficient was saying that it can be very harmful and your skin barrier because it’s basically physically Exfoliating your skin every single day, so using moderation. I guess I guess you would have the best answer for me for me I would recommend you guys to try out a cleansing oil cleansing balm or any kind of first cleansing you would be surprised by how Effectively, and gently it lifts off every traces of your makeup go to the gentle route first and then if you don’t really see or if you don’t really get along with that kind of double cleansing method then Clarisonic or any kind of Sonic brushes can be Effective, so the next topic is something about over Exfoliated skin which can be a thing So this is one of the reason why I always Always advise you guys to stick to one active at a timer. I do not really like the concept of Layering different very very potent active ingredients in one routine like there’s only so much that your skin can handle And when you are playing with chemical exfoliant you really need to be cautious So I highly recommend you guys to start with very low drink so let’s say h a about 5% and then build up from there however you don’t really need to use it every single day it doesn’t need to do the only routine that you must use there’s really no point of going to 30% to be honest the over exfoliated skin experience redness and inflammation, and they have this really extraordinary Shininess on their skin that’s very very different from the glow and healthy radiance that they exude. It’s more like the shiny disc Coming from a very raw and thin skin incorporating chemical exfoliation in a very healthy Manner can nudge the cellular turnover into a very healthy right however a lot of people can be very greedy, so Yeah listen to your skin and when your skin is over exfoliate drop every kind of active ingredients like retinol retinyl and Vitamins and all that’s really concentrating on hydrating moisturizing with good ceramide and also essential Fatty acids you need to reduce the amount of Cleansing or the Contact with cleansers as well during that period So really protect your skin like a baby Stearic acid has became one of the most skeptical ingredients that a lot of you guys tend to Steer away from because it’s known to be a pore clogging It has a common denigrating of two out of zero to five when it comes to these kind of comedogenic ingredients I need to say that it’s not really universal I have a lot of wood drivers with deric acid, but it never really happened to be a problem with me so It really comes down to your individual skin experience these kind of colors integrating or these kind of everything grading system Can manipulate a very Aggressive or kind of dangerous black and white perspective towards single ingredient ingredient to Avoid so do Laurel Sulfate, it’s in a lot of Cleansing products it is a cleansing agent. It is a through gentle it’s basically something that can irritate your skin that can strip away your Natural moisture, which is your lipid barrier that you want to protect as much as possible in order to have a very healthy functioning skin barriers. Alcohol and skin care products is it good or bad? it can be good or bad. So when it comes to being nature’s alcohol or ethanol so when that ingredient is present in the first few ingredients in the ingredient label and that happens with a lot of cleansing waters, toners and a lot of Mattifying products to basically dry up your skin So that’s when I would stay away from alcohol on the other hand a lot of products can contain alcohol probably in the middle or the end of the list that’s when alcohol is used to formulate the product to enhance the stability of the product enhance the Delivery of the active ingredient, so that’s what I would compromise with denatured alcohol and there are fatty alcohols that a lot of people actually mistaken to Consider as one of these bad kinds of alcohols So these fatty alcohols are basically emollients to moisturize your skin So they’re completely different groups different groups different groups of alcohol. I’m sorry the Consistency and formulation, so when it comes to using any kind of active ingredients I would want it to come in a very fluid a watery thinner and very runny consistencies The more fluid it is the more absorbable it is and the more penetrative all it is to the skin which also guarantees that You’re getting more out of the active serum that you’re using a good example of comparison is the ordinary hyaluronic acid Serum And the me odd MMHC both are made by the same group They’re both based on thionic acids the ordinary comes in a very stylish gummy texture on the other hand me odd MhC is very very runny It’s very watery so as soon as you apply it you will notice that your skin Literally drink stuff with all the juices you kind of noticed that you’re getting more out of the same Ingredient that you’re using another question that I found very very interesting was that does your skincare plateau? Does it stop working at one point and your skin can build like a certain resilience toward with the same product that you’ve been using for years and years I think this kind of can happen or with a lot of active ingredients If you look back to remember when you first started using like Aj and Dha and retinol waves and retinol products These products can deliver a very dramatic difference in a very short period of time and you might be expecting the same dramatic result with consistent use But there’s really so much that your skincare product can deliver in upgrading your skin. Whatever you’re looking for it But that doesn’t mean it’s not working anymore It’s working in a very very subtle way another thing that can be happening is your skincare product Oxidizing your skincare products from the moment you open it it degrade it can lose efficacy and it might not be the same because it’s not as fresh as you just opened the product and especially it weighs a lot of moisturizers that come with a lot of antioxidants it can degrade very very rapidly with Aids or Packaging so that’s why it’s always the best to have airtight container and UV protected Especially use of the product as soon as possible I don’t really have fancy Vanity because I just have too many products to store everything in a very pretty and organized way But I try to store it away from direct sunlight in a very kind of dark shell nothing really fancy But it just works last but not least pre-gym and post-gym Skincare Routine I haven’t mastered this yet to be honest I know a lot of you guys are concerned about over washing your face Or you know Jamming in the middle of the day doing you take up side makeup and what not I do think it’s best to Take your makeup off remove your foundation at least that way your pores don’t get clogged by all the makeup and sweat and grinds that build up together and create this like party of Addition I actually do think the best way is to work out Immediately as soon as you wake up. I wouldn’t even wash my face I would just throw on a cap, would go to the gym And do whatever it needs to do and then come back home shower And do my morning skin care team if I need to the gym in the middle today I would take off all of my makeup off and then do all the double cleansing and I would have moisturized but I would Hydrate my skin with essence toner a serum or whatever I wouldn’t put on any kind of a occlusives product And then I would gym and then I would rinse off with water and then I’ll follow up with my evening skincare Routine I hope you guys enjoyed the Skincare Q&A Edition do check out my instagram at about Lia you I have so many giveaways planned and I need to give out so many products because I Accumulated a lot of products to be honest and hydrate yourself because summer and it’s really draining my energy out of it So stay healthy, and I’ll see you guys soon

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  • There were so many questions I wanted to answer! Some are saved for dedicated videos in the future. Thanks for your support as always, #palmpalmfam is the only reason why I research, study and learn! 😘🌴💚

  • Another great video! Thank you for answering all these questions. I would love your take on eye area skincare.

  • After watching your video on the Amore Pacific creme fluid, I was skeptical and a little turned off by the price but the idea of a light fluid texture that boasts the nutrition of a cream, I bit the bullet. Oh my gosh, it's amazing! Expensive, but amazing! Thanks so much~

  • Hi 🙈i love your videos , i learn so much of it.
    I wanna to ask you about vitamins, which are the difference from vitamins ? like vitamins C or Vitamin B .Because i dont understand so much about it. What should i be aware of it of i wanna to incorporate some kind of vitamin in to my skincare ? When you can use it ? Like everyday or two days of the week ? ¿ in the day or in the night? And which products shoudent be mixed with vitamins?

    Please i'm so like soooooooooo confused:((

  • Hi 🙈i love your videos , i learn so much of it.
    I wanna to ask you about vitamins, which are the difference from vitamins ? like vitamins C or Vitamin B .Because i dont understand so much about it. What should i be aware of it of i wanna to incorporate some kind of vitamin in to my skincare ? When you can use it ? Like everyday or two days of the week ? ¿ in the day or in the night? And which products shoudent be mixed with vitamins?

    Please i'm so like soooooooooo confused:((

  • Can you please make a video or a post about alcohol? Like which are the fatty types you mentioned, more details etc? I have a hard time choosing if I have to buy a product or not, looking at all those alcohols in the ingredients list…

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  • May I ask for the most name of the most common fatty alcohols? I don't want to avoid them in the future if they can do good for the skin.

  • hi Leah! I know dermarolling is such a controversial topic in the skincare community, but I just wanted to share my two cents. for me personally, I dermaroll about once a week and the results have been wonderful. mostly, I feel as though it's helped me better a lot of micro wrinkles that were starting to form on the face and I suppose it will help prevent future ones. i use a .5mm roller from amazon that's super cheap! this is a skincare "trend" that I've actually fully adopted because of it's efficacy on my own skin.

  • is it okay to wear sunscreen indoors if im just in front of a computer screen and there's no window near me? Is it possible for artificial lighting to damage my skin?

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  • OK. I bought the jojoba oil, hemp oil and tamanu oil and I bought the PYUNKANG YUL Essence Toner and I got a bbcream with zinc oxide. I have cystic acne and very dark marks from previous acne. so it's hope all of these products help!! I will let you know in 2 months time

  • I just used my first derma roller and my skin turned so red it looks sun burned I'm not sure if this is normal or not but imma use a moisturize and wait for the redness to go away

  • I have heard that dermarolling can be an unadvisable method for healthier skin due to the actual method of rolling. With the needle, it is not a straight and simple in and out motion of the needle but a slight dragging within the skin before coming out, causing numerous gouges throughout the skin. This is why so many people recommend the use of a dermapen rather than the dermaroller. The dermapen is much more clinically sound for collagen and skin firmness in the long term.

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  • This is really off topic but I wanna know if there are any other products that lighten really extreme scarring bc I bought the ordinary products you used which was the niacin amide and the magnesium cream. I've been using it for about almost a month and a half and I don't see a difference 😭 I've been using the rosehip oil in the mornings too. If there are any products you'd recommend for really stubborn and extreme acne scarring on the cheek area id love to try it out!!!!! Thanks 🙏🏻

  • Liah. I need your help very very bad. T.T

    I just did my dermapen treatment at a spa. Its been 3 days already. But my skin is starting to break out just after this dermapen treatment! I contacted the lady who did the treatment and she said i should not do anything about it and i cannot use any skincare items while downtime! Is having breakouts normal after doing this treatment? She also recommended me to use sunlotion everyday.

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  • I just found your channel and I've been going through your videos religiously for the last few days or so, and I must say this is the most informative content I've ever come across. However I was wondering if you could do a further video on hyperpigmentation? There seems to only be one so far. I have little to no acne but my skin (especially cheeks) is constantly red and warm so I have to cake on foundation to cover it, and even when I'm home resting it doesn't get better. Are cooling gels a hoax? Should my sunscreen be even stronger or is less more? Are there any face packs that can help this issue?

    I'm starting to give up on ever having a "normal" skin colored face at this point. 😔

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  • Dermaroller: I used it for a year, I couldn't see a difference – btw you can't use it too often, otherwise it won't have the time to heal up.
    Mia 2: I felt that it was too harsh on my skin. I used it for two year, I feel like my pores got bigger between the before and after pictures that I have, but there might be other reason too.
    PMD: I know you don't talk about it in your video, but I feel like it's one of the devise that worrked the best for me.

  • thank you for another very informative video!! I have so many of your videos to catch up on but I'm looking forward to watching them all soon because I always gain some new tidbit of skincare knowledge 🙂

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  • Hi, Liah! This Q & A video helped me a ton! I also have a question for you: recently in my skincare routine, I've been using the CosRx pimple pads, Benton Aloe BHA toner, and the Cosrx BHA liquid because I've noticed that blackheads have been appearing constantly this summer. Using these three products one after another, is it strong enough to be overexfoliation? My face has always been more on the oily and inflamed side, and I'm not very sure if it's caused by overexfoliation. Thanks so much!

  • oh my god I've been doing many things wrong!Thanks for helping!

  • What brand of concealer do you use? I'm looking to switch to a new concealer soon

  • You are very knowledgeable little lady. I just wanted to touch on the topic of GYM skincare–tough one! I personally rinse my face and apply squalane. When I get home, I keep it simple and use organic honey as a wash. Then I apply my skincare. This would not be an effective method for someone who is acne prone. My skin tends to be normal to dry and is not acne prone. I do wash my face at night and use a Dew Puff maybe once a week to exfoliate.

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    I like that you seem to know a lot about skin care but your videos tend to be long and monotone with no interesting visual attractions so what I recommend is instead of just talking in monotone, maybe you can film the footage of what you are saying you do. That would make the video more interactive. Another suggestion is that in the info bar you can list out at what minute you talk about what because this is kind of a random questions video. Your channel has several of these type of videos. I find it annoying that I have to listen to the whole video when I only really wanted to know one thing.

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  • ma'am i don't know where you took your chemistry class but denat alcohol is methanol not ethanol

  • 아유님 영어만 한다…

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  • Where can I buy a dermaroller in Seoul? I don't really want to go in a clinic.

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  • I just hope you wont start "recommending" certain products just to get sponsored. I love your advices, I thought you were going to recommend the derma-roller like some youtubers out there.

  • Hi liah! Im thinking of getting the blithe pressed serum but the top few ingredients contain butylene glycol and silicones 🙁 wld that be okay? Im trying to get hybrid products for many reasons so i rly want to get it! Im eyeing on the crystal ice…? I have dehydrated oily and textured skin.

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  • So nice, first time I saw a beauty youtuber who has acne-oily skin the same as I am and also watching u is not boring at all. So fun and helpful 😊

  • You are just a soft-spoken, charming powerhouse of knowledge! I love your content and your delivery and could listen to you all day. You're so young (compared to me!) but your knowledge base is encyclopaedic! I also really love your gentle, cautious if-it-ain't-broke-don't-fix-it approach…..very commonsensical 🙂 Much appreciation XO


  • Your last question helped me out so much! I live two hours away from my college, which starts at 8, which means I leave home at 6. This means I wake up at 5 am, rush to get ready and head out at once. Sadly I can't fit in a gym session in the morning how much I want to, and my only option is doing it in the evening. I don't really wear makeup except for a kohl pencil (not even mascara) and I'm also trying not to wash my face too much since I used to do it around three four times a day earlier and after watching your videos I realized I wasn't helping my skin at all.
    About an essence or such that is hydrating, would pure rose water work? I've heard its a very natural toner.

  • Hi Liah! Do you have any vitamin C serum recommendations to use after dermarolling? I'm thinking of Ti'am Csource which is 20% vitamin c.

  • This video helped me sooooo much. Thank you – my skin is so much better❤❤❤

  • One time a toner said alcohol free,but it had an asterisk after it, so I checked it in the ingredients list and it said it had denatured alcohol🙄

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  • Please check out the Lierac hydragenist and mesolift! What’s your opinion! Greetings from Greece!

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  • I highly recommend rosehip seed oil for acne hyper pigmentation and if you have oily skin. I started using it and my skin has stopped being constantly oily!

  • that sodium ingredient contained in cetaphil😭I've been using it for a year,,, sometimes it give a good reaction to my skin,sometime it breaking me out,, I'm just give up searching for cleanser,nothing work🌚

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  • With an at home dermaroller (i got at Tjmax) its actually pretty good. I put light pressure and the pinkness doesnt concern me bc you cant hurt yourself from it! It gives lots of blood flow so i see my discolored pigment from acne (mild) it would fade faster but use in moderation. Id only use it on my forehead. I did every where but if theres no issue with the rest of the face theres no need to.

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  • I love you videos and always listen and o your advises and I see my skin improving ,however I wanted to make a comment about dermalollers ,do not recommend order them on Amazon without knowing that it's made with real needles and not metal round platforms that have ends looking like needles which can be very damaging to skin….i ordered one from Amazon and before I did anything with it I found Amber G,she is specialist in dermarolling and makes her own rollers with real niddles and she explains everything and she even opened ones she ordered from different places and all of then had metal blades not real niddles so I did the same with mine and guess what it had same round metal blades,what a disappointment,so I highly recommend watching Amber G before you buy your dermalollers or do any more harm to your skin…hope this will help someone….

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  • everyone : listen to your heart
    liah yoo : listen to your skin

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