Death by Pimple Popping?

– Have you ever received an email from dear ol’ mom warning you of something that could harm you, or worse, kill you? Kind of like this email from Rachael’s mom in Tulsa, Oklahoma saying, “Saw this and thought of you.” “If you pop pimples on your nose,” “you can get a brain infection and die.” (audience laughing) The article that Rachael’s
referring to is a viral link referring to a triangle
of death on your nose. According to the article, there’s a triangle of
blood vessels in your nose that connects directly to the brain. If you pop a zit in the triangle, it could be curtains for you. So, is this legit? Well, here to set the record straight, we had to go to the Queen of Pop herself, dermatologist Dr. Sandra
Lee, aka Dr. Pimple Popper. – Hi guys, Dr. Sandra Lee here. You guys also know me as Dr.
Pimple Popper on the internet. When it comes to pimple
popping, I’m your source. Have you heard before that maybe popping a pimple on your nose could kill you? Well, technically yes, but
the chances are slim to none, and so let me explain. In medical school, we learn about this triangle of death in gross anatomy, and this is a space right here, extending from our upper lip to the root of our nose right
between our eyebrows, and we do know that in this area, there’s a more direct connection
to the cavernous sinus. This is a space right in
the middle of our head that contains a lot of
important blood vessels and a lot of important nerves. If this area gets infected,
there is thrombosis, there is swelling, and
this can actually lead to paralysis, blindness, and even death. However, due to today’s modern medicine and our use of antibiotics, it almost always never gets to this point. So the moral of the story
is don’t pop your pimples. Let me pop ’em. – Thank you, Dr. Lee. – [Ordon] Very well done, Dr. Lee. – Well, and she makes a really good point, which is that is something you
do learn in medical school. Whether or not any of us
have ever actually seen it– – I’ve seen it. – I haven’t. – Your nose and throat, I’ve seen it, and more typically where there’s more going on infection-wise, related– – Have you seen it from
popping a pimple, though? – No, no. – That’s why, I’ve seen it too, but I’ve never seen it as a
result from popping a pimple. – No, and typically
they were sicker people, immunocompromised, that
were more set up for an infection to go out of control. – Right. – [Stork] Well, and I
will say the wonderful takeaway here is if you go on your face and you’re poppin’ pimples aggressively, realistically you’re probably
not going to die from it but the scarring and other
things that can occur from it, it’s just not worth it.

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