DEALING WITH ACNE- advice and my experience

what’s going on YouTube hope everyone’s
having a great day maybe “what’d I tell you about wearing that giant ass bet bet you look
like a whole snack” great day I’m back at it with another video and today we’re
talking about pimples so I got two fat-ass pimples on my face they were
actually worse but I took care of business with my arsenal of skin care
products that have collected over the years in the last two years of high
school I was riddled with acne all over my face and that shit sucks man
especially in high school those are really formative years and everyone
feels like you know they have to care so much about their appearance and what
other people think about them and I’ve been there and so I figured in
commemoration of these two fuckers I’m gonna make a video about you know my
experience maybe some tips I have for people who are going through that
experience and how you can kind of navigate that as you you know go through
your own so like I mentioned earlier my junior
year of high schools when I first had my major breakout it was everywhere I was
trying to pop at him which ended up causing scarring it wasn’t a good
situation I remember having a day in high school where literally I felt so
depressed about how I looked I sent a picture to my mom of my face and I was
like look and I got to turn around I’m not going to school today
I can’t face the embarrassment because you know you hear about a lot of people
struggling with acne like it’s a normal thing but then at the same time like you
go to class and everyone else has this clear skin or at least that’s what it
seems like is that the majority everyone has clear skin they’re not dealing with
it and it makes you really self-conscious I mean even when I talk
to people I’d notice their eyes and I’d be trying to say something and then just
be looking down at my face and that’s just suck and it’s something that I had
to deal with so today I’m gonna talk about how I overcame that what I did to
handle my acne and what you can do to keep it under control alright so the
first thing I’m gonna recommend is for you to get a book called the subtle art
of not giving a fuck the basic summary of this book is that you need to be
selective with the fucks you give because life is too short to give a fuck
about everything and yeah you’re probably thinking drew oh yeah he has
all the answers just stop giving a buck it’s that easy well you know that’s not
what I’m saying right like the reality of situation is you might have acne or
pimples on your face which in our society is considered dirty or ugly
which none of that is true by the way you know I tried all different types of
skincare regimens I even went to the dermatologist I had the privilege to go
to a skin care doctor and nothing worked and so I had I knew that I had to change
my perspective because the pimples weren’t going away
and you know it’s a gradual process you have to start thinking about that and
really thinking about what makes you valuable as a human being if people are
hesitant to talk to you or be your friend because of how you look well that
says more about them than it does about you it shows that they put their value
in surface-level traits and frankly I wouldn’t want to be friends with someone
like that give me some give me some all right boom so we talked about the
first sorry about this loud ass train thing about college stations as trains
come all the time so something you have to deal with and so is a key you have to
deal with Magneto we talked about mindset that’s the most important thing
to remember with acne but any struggle is you have to change your perspective
you can’t let other people’s opinions of you dictate who you are right all right
so now that you heard my pep talk let’s get practical so the first product I
would recommend is african black soap by shia moisture this was a lifesaver for
me it didn’t you know completely heal my acne or clear my face but it was a
staple to the road of clear skin i did it morning and night he’s just like a
bar of soap that you rub on your hands and you lather your face with you want
to be light with your face I would recommend the acne org skincare regimen
promotes just being really light with your face and being minimal with the
products and so the only other product that I used besides the african black
soap was another moisturizer so it’s called the african black soap problem
skin moisturizer I’m a fucking fiend for the african black soap I love that shit
it worked for me and so I just used the soap and then I put the moisturizer on
after that and that’s it I kept it simple and slowly over time of being
consistent with that my face cleared up now you know as you can see I
occasionally get the occasional few pimples but I’ve learned to accept that
you know obviously I try my hardest to get them off my face because it triggers
me every time I get a new one I feel like I’m gonna get a big breakout again
but really you know what I want to leave you with is just to find a simple
regimen that works best for you and that comes through trial and error and to not
give a fuck you know who cares what people think
your life is too short to have your pit after other people’s opinions dictate
who you are just be a good person genuinely care about other people and
that’s gonna take you way further than having a clear face but you know being a
dickhead so thanks for coming to my TED talk thank you for watching today’s
video and I’ll catch you with next time later

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  • Love your vids!

  • When we turn 30 we just stop think too much about those small things and start to feel so much more confident about ourselfes. I wish I could say it to my teenage version back them.

  • It's easy for you talking like that because you're a good looking guy with an attractive face and body and maybe you got/get/will get many positive feedback during human interactions (friendships and love) but it's not the same for everyone. In my case, i'm very ugly and i've been bullying since i was a child at school (elementary school, middle school and 1st year of highschool) just for the way i look. 9 years of nightmares and loneliness. I never had friends and now i suffer from social anxiety and avoidant personality disorder. Having some pimples in your face is not a disaster. Your face isn't badly reduced, In fact, I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that you look like a model. You can consider yourself really lucky!

  • How many times a day did you wash your face with those products? And btw I love the vids

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