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Cocon Salon De tan video De tan model: Roja Beautician: Deepa Before starting the de tan procedure, remove the ornaments if any, cover the hair with towel and apply head band. Subscribe to Cocoon Salon for instant updates Before de tan: Clean the face with normal water cleansing is the first step in de tan procedure at parlour. Use any gentle cleanser. Use makeup remover if the skin has makeup. Do gentle massage with cleanser Before applying de tan cream, face should be clear from impurities clean the cleanser from the skin De tan cream / Tan removal cream De tan main step: Apply de tan cream on the face or desired area with a brush You can apply the de tan cream to neck and ears as well. Be gentle and make sure products stays external. Apply rosewater pads to the eye as it helps fight under eye wrinkles. Leave the de tan pack for about 15 min. de tan pack will be dried so use some water in hands to wet the skin and do gentle massage with de tan cream on the face. de tan cream will be little sticky, so use some soft-edged object to remove the sticky de tan cream. clean the de tan cream completely from the face. Please subscribe. Thank you

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