now what you’re about to see is hideous
it’s disgusting please put your food down or don’t watch
this video actually turn this video off now you not really want to see this cuz
if you want this is this how long gets hurt no I’m no one’s died enough and
this is just disgusting stuff turn off now because what you’re about to see is
gonna scar you for life you’re never going to want to eat dairy or meat again
every time you’re going to bite into a piece of cheese you’re going to remember
this this video forever so if you want to keep eating cheese and stuff up that
animal fat and lard turn off the video now just hit hit the button just go
watch something else on the phone now which you know chained awesome so let’s
go watch something else is you don’t want to see this so here we have a guy’s
his friends I’ve got the rubber gloves on and got the scalpel out to get this
meat and dairy sisters to his back now watch this oh you see it squirt replay
replay this is disgusting oh my god that’s hideous I’m about to vomit
if you’re still watching look this is disgusting and that’s that’s cheap oh my
god oh my god that is cheese man that is dairy that is beef fat out of your back
beef fat on tap that is hideous that is hideous that you got it this
guy’s got a good friend I wouldn’t do that
it still come on oh my god it’s still oh oh that is hot like it’s still coming
out oh my god it’s on his back he’s got beef fat on his back now that my friends
is why you don’t eat meat and dairy you

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  • that is not meat and dairy it is a impacted sebacious cyst made of sebum the natural oil your body makes whether or or not you eat meat to moisten and keep your skin flexible and dead skin.vegans get these cysts just as often as meat eaters, perpetuating this misinformation only detracts from your cause. If on the other hand you actually believe your body takes dairy milk adds renen to it then takes the curds, compresses and ages them to form cheese, you're not nearly ans intelligent as you need to be.

  • Not even your video a**** re post why do people do that

  • delicious

  • You're an idiot!

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