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We’ve got some nice spa music for you, my friend Yeah, we can definitely take care of that for you today mr. Guy All right, no more patient talk first you need to sterilize that area Okay, good idea This is how you get rid of boil Some people call Benny the boil sucker and others do it on their own and called their friends to help I Do believe you’ve taken some muscle relaxers so relax that relax that sphincter relax the sphincter my friend relax Doctor Brittany’s an ass she will take care of you I’m gonna put a little pain relieving appointment on there. It’s got a little lidocaine It’s going to help the patient All right, that sucker is ready to pop No I’m gonna clean it first, but I’m telling you it might burn So so let me tell you something before you pop it touch it around and feel it. You know, I give up Yeah, where’s where’s the majority of it? Yeah, it is yeah, okay No, you’re doing good listen you’re good Any might get those ready Yes, mr. Guy Calm down, we’re gonna have to sedate you man Before we poke it So a little blood There’s gonna be blood. Okay, we were to start to see puss. All right, that’s ready. Maybe there you go Cecil Go ahead and pop it go ahead and All right, Andy Now you need to go deeper than that bread go deeper Thirteen I not to move Andrew hold on. Let’s see you battle. He’s put it back in out though Man you’re lucky you have good friends Oh, here we go Yeah, you need to go deeper with it, yeah, we’re gonna have to pop it more and ER you’re gonna need Oh Andrew or five minutes into your procedure fist Yeah, squeeze inside doesn’t hurt. Okay, we can give you an me give you some socks to put in your mouth the bite Are you ready? Go deep Hold on I Don’t like hearing a bride Not like it should if you would have slept with the bacon on there last night like I told you to we’re going to drawed it to a bigger head and Really been ready for today Do you an apartment more I’m too afraid to step down more you want to problem Alright, yeah, okay you pop it and then I’ll go back to eating Well, he’s touching his needle he’s just gonna pop you okay, and then I’m gonna take over squeezing again How you holding up He’s gonna poke you farther than what I did so squeeze and er I Was too scared. Alright one two, three poke Okay switch Are you ready? I Really don’t feel that that’s the area of the head. I think I think he created the area mouth I Know I was wondering that to you and you were really trying you’re supposed to let your body creat the area of the hood so we may have to poke in a few more areas I’m thinking poke in a different area because nothing we got all the white that’s gonna come out of that area All right, come on a little bit, but that’s not the area I think you might see him but I had bacon on it overnight. The bacon went to drop the area that we needed Squeeze your hand, I’m gonna find I’m gonna go for the middle. I think the middle right there Yeah, I don’t think that that’s the oh Man they got something there. I’m gonna go in sideways. This is gonna hurt a little bit and We got to pop it Oh, yep, I think that’s gonna help okay Now you see how it yeah here switch I think we need to go deeper Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, hold on and err – Bert keep it you got

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