CURRENT FAVORITES! What made the list?! Shampoo,conditioner,leave in,exfoliator,self tan and more!!

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel, so I’m coming at you with a really quick current favorites I’m actually traveling and I am in central, California I’m in the Napa Valley and I’m here kind of on a medical trip for my dad but I am continuing this trip on to Southern California for a vacation and So I have some interesting favorites I literally packed my favorite things and this favorites is going to be pretty succinct because of course I’m Traveling but it is the best of the best of the things I’m loving right now in July flash August and I want to share them with you so if you’re interested in seeing my current favorites short as it might be then just keep on watching so Because I’m traveling to California. I definitely been doing a little bit more Exfoliating than normal I’ve been you know I’ll be my game a little bit and I have a couple that I’m really really loving you guys The first one is the body strategist scrub This one is from comfort zone and it is dominus skin care line. This is so great It actually contains jojoba microspheres fruit acids and extracts for softer smoother skin You put it on and you leave it on for a couple minutes And you rub and those fruit acids dissolve things Now I’m using this kind of back and forth with my claria so that you guys all know that I love The Clarisse de is alkaline This is acid and I’ve never ever had smoother skin my legs the back of my arms smooth as a baby’s butt love the alternating of the acids and the alkaline just a really great scrub and I’m not getting like one time you use it and you can tell how much more smooth your skin is I do not use this on my face I only use it on my body and the one I’ve been using on my face and this is an old favorite But this is my Dermalogica So I get that Dermalogica Therma foliage multivitamin thermopolium this one heats up as you use it It also has alpha hydroxy acids in it, and it has a really really fine grain I use it on my face the heat I’m not sure you know, they say it’s gonna open up the chorus I’m not sure I buy into any of that as an aesthetician, but it feels really nice. It definitely feels nice It has a soft scent of lavender Beautiful, but what it does is it gives you the best exfoliation ever on your face between this and my clearest I’m telling you The skin on your face is just gorgeous now. I obviously use a lot of alpha hydroxy acids I chemically exfoliate a lot but I find that an occasional manual exfoliation just feels really good And it kind of you know just helps speed things along. I love this one if you’ve never tried this, this is seriously Probably my favorite facial exfoliator ever. I have loved this for many many years. It’s so good now Along with the exfoliating I’m self-tanning because I’m off in California. And I’m so white. It’s really kind of scary. I Picked up and have been using this quick tan This is the sunless tanning self tan dry oil this is glorious. This is so beautiful I love it so much you guys so it’s obviously tinted and you can hear you have to shake it up really well and it is a dry oil when I put It on I’ve read some reviews and people said it was sticky I guess it has a little bit of that for a few minutes But it definitely sinks in and then your skin just feels really hydrated and it develops into the most beautiful Tan, the other thing that I find is it actually seems like it has kind of a smoothing effect I used it on my arms, and I genuinely thought that my arms just looked better like not just more 10 They looked better and it could be because of the hydration that you get, you know The moisturization you get from the oil but really really looked good. I think it smells really nice. I don’t end up with that crazy DHA smell I love this and it spreads around so easily it’s very difficult to get streaks and It doesn’t really clean to dry spots because the oil helps kind of move things around really great self tanner now the thing that I’ve been using on my body that I’m loving and I can’t believe I’m so late to this game is The matter this is the strobe cream for your body you guys this is so pretty I’m gonna put a little me hand to see if you can even see it Looks like this it has a pink iridescent to it right now You can use that all by itself. I mean look at the difference, see how beautiful that is You can use that obviously all by itself and it has a really subtle scent. It’s very very beautiful But what I had been doing is I’ve actually been going in with the Vaseline. This is the intensive-care cocoa radiant I’ve been cocktailing the two I’ve been putting a little bit of this and then maybe a little more of this like the combo is 2/3 this to 1/3 this because this is not a very big tube. This tube is 3.4 ounces. I want to stretch it This is not very expensive. So I cocktail them. It is amazing. You still get that beautiful iridescent So you get a little more moisture cuz I think this might be more moisturizing Such a great combo and it really makes your body look really really good and so when I am NOT self-tanning So I don’t have that dry oil to give me the moisture that has been my go-to body moisturizer for everywhere. That’s exposed I love that combo so my firm makeup So I don’t have very much makeup to share with you guys because I have some things that I think are coming in near future As favorites and I’m gonna save them for then I want to use them a little bit more But this one this is the Milani. This is every day eyes This particular palette. I’m blown away by the quality of these mats You’re gonna see this in a couple videos where I tell you that because seriously, I’m blown away It’s ten dollars. If you guys haven’t tried these Milani shadows, you got to get your hands on them. I’m wearing it today It blends out like a dream. I’m traveling so I’m kind of haphazard. It’s amazing. It is very they’re very soft So you do want to tap off your brush, but other than that, seriously, these are as good as any of my high-end mattes I love it. And I love that. It’s $10. Just beautiful The other thing for my eyes that I’m definitely in love with again is my new lash probably on like week 3 or 4 back to using this and I you guys probably can’t tell but I can already tell a huge difference in my lashes My lashes on this I were like going one direction and then go in the other direction and some of them were really short I don’t know what was going on. I was going through something like a shed with this I particularly this I wasn’t so bad this I terrible started using this about four or five weeks ago it’s probably been and I’ve used it before so I know that it works, but I’m starting to really begin to see the fruits of my labor of using this every single day My lashes are definitely at least back to what they should be and maybe a little bit longer and they’re on their way Crazy lashes are on their way because this stuff works like a charm So this is definitely a favorite because I feel like I’m sort of getting my eyelashes back which if any of you have ever been Like, you know had something happen to your eyelashes, you know Your whole eye look doesn’t look great if you don’t have decent eyelashes And so I love this new lash so much hair So you guys all know that I’m loving the olaplex the shampoo and conditioner on this trip I actually had TSA throw away my olaplex. I Was stupid and I had it walking through security I’m not really sure why I had it in my toiletry bag that I always carry on Because I’m afraid to lose my toiletries. You can throw away my whole suitcase, but if I lose my toiletries, I swear I’m it’s not good. So When I got somewhere where I could get some shampoo and conditioner, I’m going to pick these up now I’d use these before but I got the travel size and I was reminded how much I love this one in particular This is by that OGX organics or whatever again, I think it’s organics But it’s OGX you find these in the grocery store. You find them at Target. They’re like six dollars I got the travel size. These were like three bucks. And this is the argan oil of Morocco shampoo and conditioner Holy moly this I’m going back to this when I get home I’m going to alternate this all the time with my olaplex It leaves my hair so silky and soft and takes down the frizz. It smells amazing You can tell when you put the shampoo in it has a ton of slip same with the conditioner Seriously, I can’t believe I ever put this away. I don’t know what happened. You know, I’m a junkie but seriously, loving that shampoo and conditioner the other thing for hair and I have dawn from Dawn like over 40 to thank for this and My friend Toby those two people really Told me about this one, but this is the Sun thumb This is the leave-in conditioner from Sun balm. And as a hairstylist, I really was kind of skeptical about this I’m like really a tanning yourself or you know sunscreen company is going to come out with a hair product. That’s amazing. It’s amazing It’s amazing if you have extensions or if you have dry hair if you of course hair No joke, this is one of the best leave-in conditioners ever I mean honestly all I’ve been using this trip is that shampoo and conditioner from OGX and this and my hair feels amazing it feels Like silk you guys and I just really really love it now I will say with that shampoo conditioner. If you have fine hair, it’s gonna be too much for you So definitely avoid it like the plague but if you have thick hair coarse hair You know damaged hair try that shampoo conditioner and give this one a shot I got this one at Ulta and I think it was like $15 You don’t need a ton in your hair you put it in wet. It’s amazing. It’s amazing to tangler It leaves your hair soft. Be careful on the floor. The spray goes everywhere. You could slip and fall on your Popo So I put a towel down and then spray and I am loving this so much. So that is all of my favorites I have tons of makeup favorites coming your way guys But I really want to put him to the test just a little bit more I want to speak to them a little bit better. But these things were things that I was like, oh my gosh Serious favorites for sure. So I hope that you guys enjoyed this video Thank you for your patience and putting up with this kind of makeshift Bathroom lighting in a hotel and I hope you guys have a great week and I will talk to you again very very soon

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