Cure pimples with home remedies II घरेलु नुस्खों से मुँहासों का उपचार II By Roma Bali II

Hi friends, this is Roma back again with the instant solution of problems of your skin. One more method which will surprise you and it is available at everyone’s home. If you have pimple or any skin allergy Or if you have some prickle on your face which happens in winter So, may i tell you that what is very effective on that? Yes, waiting is over and now i will tell you this This, yes that means paste Apply the toothpaste on your problem area with this you skin will be cool and relived. Because it has mint which is cooling agent and that you feel on your teeth while brushing. Similarly it will cool down your pimples & skin. So, try this & if you like this video. Please comment in our comment section & subscribe this video. Thank you for watching this video. Bye…

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